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There was acttually no reason for me to think it does depending on your text.


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Let’s discuss.


Too slow Imo, I’d rather just play more artifacts instead of this guy to eat removal.
Maybe in Songhai with protocol but otherwise I can’t see a use


It is a Songhai card. Would decreasing its mana cost and increasing the artifact attack buff to +2 help?


Yes, that would make it extremely playable


Nice, Artifact Songhai needs more love. I’m also going to adjust the stats so that it doens’t have too much health.


Persistent +2 atk for every artifact is a bit too much, imo.

But I suggest giving it 3 atk.


It’s actually more than that, as the effect stacks. +2 attack per artifact, then +4 attack per artifact, and so on. Maybe it is too strong; I should make it cost 5 mana again.


@darkjovo I fixed it to cost 5 mana now; do you still think it’s too strong?


Kintsugi Kaiser’s Ability is just too strong, it might as well as be a 7 mana 3/3 with that effect (similar to reliquarian) to balance. The ability to continuously repair artifacts and more importantly give +2 attack per artifact is scary.

Assuming an optimal reva artifact build which usually means bangle, cyclone mask, and some alternative artifact, on turn 8 with my version of the minion + assassin’s protocol, you can deal 28 points of damage in a single turn ((2 (raw general) + 6( 2 per artifact)) times 2 (celerity Bangle)).

Any lower, it might be game breaking, giving songhai a clear advantage and being better at what usually vetruvian is suppose to be good at.

In addition, I don’t know if you taken into account that the effect stacks so if your original Kintsugi kaiser survives and attacks again, it might be a +4 atk per artifact.


You should understand, Songhai artifacts (excluding Relic) aren’t that powerful offense-wise. 3 artifacts including Bangle would surmount to only about 7 increased attack, and even with Celerity, that’s nowhere near being able to deal 28 damage in a single turn. And yes, the effect does stack, but only if both the Kaiser and the artifact survives through another turn, which is highly unlikely.

Furthermore, even if this card seems too powerful at face value, it still wouldn’t have an edge over the average Vetruvian Mythron deck. Combos consisting of NoSE, Gifts, Maelstrom, and Tears are much stronger and immediate while Artifact Songhai lacks support overall. Late-game minions alone wouldn’t make an archetype without any early-game plays overpowered.


Apparently, the submission deadline for the Card Design Contest is already over. Why is it irrelevant all of a sudden?


I prolly should have been more precise with the time. In my timezone (UTC+2) it is still the 15th of the month. And I always close the submissions on that day at 8 p.m. (so about an hour and a half left).


I see. Where I live, it’s already an hour into the 16th.


I honestly don’t know where i got 28 damage per turn when looking back on it now. I think I assumed two procs for Kintsugi to get 12 damage total from each set of artifacts.

The point is I feel that each faction has a niche its suppose to fall into. Vetruvian’s is Artifacts, obelysks and dervishes, and strong but dispellable minions. Songhai is usually burn spells, ranged minions (and general), and movement based minions and spells. Kintsugi has the potential to rip one of vetruvian’s identities off its face and distort what defines a faction.

I mean, whats the point of playing the original Artifact Vetruvian when its over shadowed by Artifact/Movement Songhai.


This combo sounds absurdly situational and impractical. It requires 3 equipped artifacts, a 5 mana minion, and 2 spells, and enough mana to play the combo. That’s an insane amount of preparation even for Songhai standards.

I see what you mean here, but Artifact Songhai is indeed an existing archetype, albeit an extremely niche one. There are plenty more examples of Artifact decks in other factions as well, such as Titan Brome or Stun Vespyr Ilena. Furthermore, I don’t think this card would necessarily be a good fit in Vetruvian, which already has many ways to protect artifacts, such as Iris Barrier, Obdurator, and Imperial Mechanist.


Let’s discuss!


Its honestly way underpowered.
Lyonar focuses on minions heavily, so you will have a hard time sticking in specifically worldcore golem or saberspine alpha to guarentee a good pull, and you just used 8 mana to give your opponent an op creature, because when it is their turn it will be able to attack, but you cant do jack until the opponent has an entire turn to take advantage of you


You’re right. I was considering to make it transform only your minions into Champions, but that really goes against the spirit of the card. Then should I make it cost less mana? I think 6 or 7 would be enough. I’ll also nerf the Champion a little to balance out.