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Essence channeler is supposed to be the intensify Lord. I considered adding intensify all of your other cards at the start of your turn but that seemed too op. Each time you play it it makes your other cards better, eventually intensifying 3 times without other synergy cards like mirrorrim.


i would suggest clarifying the “choose an enemy minion” bit as an opening gambit or something… unless the enemy is freed from the effect upon the quinces death.

im pretty sure elkowl and grailmaster cant get forcefield

wouldnt that put all the panddos in your own deck? :thonk: think about it. nearly all panddo cards are about giving your opponent one. which would be given the intensify, then give YOU a panddo in your deck which you would then have to draw and play to put some in your opponents deck.


added opening gambit to the effect thanks for the feedback :>



The random Drakes will be Ice Drake and Whyte Drake, and a third token Drake I will additionally design just to add to the card pool. It’ll probably have a 4/4 stat line and an Infiltrate/Vespyr related effect. Thoughts? Feedback? Should I submit?


My bad :blush: Then it can not gain forcefield!



Why does that remind me of astral crusader…


I feel that this may have a little too much RNG involved. It either screws up your opponents plans 90% of the time, or gives them something way too epic. Alternatively you may either get a dead card or some really cool shit. The way I see it there’s no real incentive to play this card. Also is it a faction legend neutral legend or both?



Doom 2.0? :sweat:


Maybe? :crazy_face:


I really like the concept but everything seems way too overstatted. Maybe if the snowflakes were 2/2 or 1/1


Alright, I’ll nerf the stats. How does 1/2 sound?


Idk, do what you want with it.


I really like this card!


Thanks! Should I submit?


Definitely, very neat effect. I’m imagining this in a control vet deck with Iris barrier and burden of knowledge


updated. i welcome any criticism.

Taegon’s Gamble
Songhai legendary spell
2 mana
Intensify: Give an unexhausted friendly minion and an enemy minion (+5) backstab, and flying. Change the wager. This spell costs 1 more to cast.

When the stakes are raised, the effect of the spell improves. insert sick animation of dice rolling.
1st time: the card text.
2nd time: Pull some things to your general

Alternate text:

Both generals are LODED

3rd time: All minions attack enemies nearest to them.

Pro’s: You get a super buffed minion, that you can use. It’s cheap the first time. However, there is much to be lost. The first time, the enemy gains a similar advantage as well. Shift the board up a bit. Just like lodestar, both generals pull the closest minions enemy minions towards them(use at own risk). Last time, the spell becomes a finisher.
BTW, the text is removed and replaced each time it intensifies.


Does the third effect also have the second and the first as a part of it?

Then it’s completely random, depends on what is being pulled and what not. It may finish opponent, it may finish you, it may do almost nothing. Strange decision…


wow i did not notice that. But it isn’t supposed to give the effects of the last two intensifications. now how to update the text…