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Guess I have mistaken it for some other contest then. Thx for an answer.


the intensify is that each time its played it increases the amount it takes from enemy minions each turn so the first would steal 1 each turn the second played would steal 2 attack each turn so on and so forth


It is technically valid. But should be clarified that cannot siphon off more than what attack is…like Munch.


That would be the art contests, you’re thinking of.


Well cpg seems fine with it :wink:


That card also refuses to leave.

He wont leave my room.

Send help.


Intensify support cards that come to my mind:

Neutral Arcanyst
1 mana (1/1)

Intensify: Put 1 copy of your BBS into your action bar.

Neutral minion
5 mana 5/3
Opening Gambit: Put a Minor Reflection in your action bar.

Minor Reflection.
2 mana neutral spell
Whenever you summon a minion from the action bar this turn, summon a copy of it nearby.

Winter Stillness
1 mana Vanar Spell
Stun your general. Whenever you play a card from your action bar this turn put a copy of it into your action bar. The copy costs 1 mana more until the end of a turn.

Guys, I can’t decide what to post, please help me! I want to see all 3 in the game :slight_smile:

  • Soul Keeper
  • Reflector
  • Winter Stillness
  • Your design is shit, go away and shut up there.

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And I also actually appreciate constructive critisism :slight_smile:

EDIT1. Winter Stillness was too broken with mechs. Changed that.

This thread's title has finally been decided on

Here’s my submission, critique at your leisure pals.


Hey m8. Your card is immediate infinite value.

Since Intensify activates whenever a minion is summoned for ANY reason, the second plagueling summoned actually summons another 2 -> each of them summons 3, and so on until game crashes.

EDIT. Also each intensify effect must have a number.


Hm… I was under the assumption that duelyst would not allow multiple triggers from the same instance (hence why other infinites do not work).


As I perceive it here the problem is that instances are different - cause the minions are different.


Your minor reflection can also go infinite. It would be better to let it trigger from summoning out of the action bar.


Oh, I meant from action bar, but didn’t specify that. Thanks for catching it!


Taegon’s Gamble
Songhai legendary spell
3 mana
Intensify: Give an unexhausted friendly minion and an enemy minion (+5) backstab, and flying. Raise the stakes. This spell costs 1 more to cast.

The effects

When the stakes are raised, the effect of the spell improves. insert sick animation of dice rolling.
1st time: the card text.
2nd time: adds “ALL minions and generals will not counterattack till your next turn”(cost of spell still increases)
3rd time: adds “both generals are now geared”

Geared: When a general is geared, ANY damage dealt to either general, is also dealt to both generals.

The lore, and ideas behind it's creation

Taegon was the Songhai general defeated by Consular Draug btw. RIP TAEGON. RESPECT.
Anyway, the guy got stuck in a terrible position, as Draug decided to conquer the Songhai, along with Lyonar. Needless to say, it did not end well for Taegon. He asked for help, and but he didn’t get any.

Pro’s: You get a super buffed minion, that you can use. It’s cheap the first time. However, there is much to be lost. The first time, the enemy gains a similar advantage as well. The second time, you have a lot to gain. or Lose. You might completely screw up the other side’s placement, or you might just cut your own throat. Third time, both generals wager their life. You could tie the game if you’re down some(The very first card in the game intended to tie things.) Spirit of self-sacrifice everybody. IDK if that’s even useful, but there’s probably some way to break this shit. But I’m done typing.

Please do criticize it as you see fit. Thanks!


Any criticism is welcome!

Scrapper Trapper
Neutral Minion (Rare)
3 Mana 3/4
Intensify: Shuffle 1 Trapezoil into your deck.

2 Mana Spell
Dispel a space. Draw a card.

Bad Panddo
Songhai Minion (Epic)
3 Mana 3/2
Intensify: Your opponent summon 1 Banddo nearby their General. Return this minion to your action bar at the beginning of your turn.

Token Minion
1 Mana 0/2
This minion cannot attack. At the end of EACH turn, deal 1 damage to your General.

Neutral Minion (Common)
2 Mana 4/4
Intensify: Increase roping time by 30 seconds. XD


each turn as in each player’s turn, or at the end of each of your opponents turn?


Both player’s turn. (reminiscence of spinecleaver)


Scrapper Trapper
Besides the - kinda crappy - name, I like this one. The effect has no immediate impact, but then again, the minion is almost perfectly statted.

Bad Panddo
Do I get it right that Bad Panddo itself returns to your action bar? Because then, this minion is hella strong. Once Banddos are summoned, the opponent can do little to nothing about them, the exception is Abbyssian with all its sacrifices. But I like the concept a lot.

10/10 would play this :wink:


Just bouncing ideas around here:

Celestial Paladin
7 mana, 7/6
Intensity: gain +1/+1 and cost -1 mana.
Intensifies when replaced


Thanks for the feedback.

Scrapper Trapper - yeah the name is crappy, just put it as name folder for now lol. Yup, its doesn’t offer immediate impact like lightbender and emp; that’s why I lowered its cost to 3 mana, give it Rare rarity and given its ideal 3 stat minion.

Bad Panddo - This minion has some weakness given its great effect.It gives you none board presence (since you get back at the start of your turn) considered given opponent a minion and given its weak stats force you to play defensively to protect it. Nevertheless, this minion enable hand advantage, enemy general’s ping and maybe enable manakite drifter (tribute to Ki Beholder + Battle Panddo + Spinecleaver). Anyway, at least opponent can use Banddo as block bait since it can be attacked. Maybe I should increase its rarity to Legendary.

Memelord - powerful stat, increase decision’s time for thought and BM and 2 mana minion. Whats not to like? XD