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Are we talking about Fae now? Those walls can be easily removed through either dispel or field wipe, or you can just avoid them. There’s interaction.

With damage based on number of 4/4 summoned, it does not care about what the opponent plays (except if it removes the mentor, which would slow it a little). It’s essentially backing up and playing solitaire.


We are talking about other possible plays with your suggested draw, and Faie is one of them (I think Ragnora can get even more from it though).
Plus, if you mean keeping Mentor on the field, that would be 3 Husks, not 4. And there’s a bunch of ways to remove Cryptographer before turn 3 and Mentor before turn 4, leaving the opponent with far less Husks and field presence then you say.

i cant help but think these cards would feel really bad to play

Crimson Chambermaid / Abyssian / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (3/1)
Opening Gambit: At the end of your turn, place a 6/6 Horror in your Action Bar.

this card is just plain bad. sure it puts a 6/6 in your hand… but it only does it once, after its already too late to use or replace it. not to mention that horrors cost 6 mana for a vanilla 6/6 body. thats just a worse stormmetal

Twisted Overseer / Abyssian / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (3/6)
Provoke, Unlock(8): Summon 2 4/4 Husks nearby.

this feels more like a lyonar card than anything else. just feels bad and slow in abyss

Gruesome Experiment / Abyssian / Epic Spell / 3 Mana
Deal 4 damage to a minion. If it survives, transform it into a Horror

again, this doesnt feel abyssian. its more like a vanar or magmar card. abyssian has a grand total of 1 card less than 6 mana that had more than 4 health so you cant use it on your own guys. its just plain worse than punish and other removal

Switchlady Cruell / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 4 Mana / (4/4)
Frenzy, Unlock(6): Summon 3 1/1 Wraithlings, Unlock(9): Deal 2 damage to a random enemy minion for each friendly token minion.

so does each unlock stack? cause if so thats really good. even better if it summons the wraithlings before it deals the damage. this is what a good unlock minion looks like

Seek The Chambers / Abyssian / Legendary Spell / 6 Mana
Draw 4 cards. Transform all minions in your Action Bar into 6/6 Horrors.

i think you looked at koan of horns and thought “abyss can have that too” except that your entire hand is 6 mana now and you cant play any new cards. then you mill cause your hand is a literal brick. maybe if you changed it to husks instead it could work. but as it is now, rite of the undervault is better than this.

i appreciate trying to add more horrors in abyss, but horrors from hand are just bad.
maybe if i have time later i’ll review the other factions stuff


Damn, were horrors 6 Mana? I was so sure they cost 3, since fiend was 2 Mana 4/4. My bad, will specify in post what the intent was.


So there’s a new Card Design Contest coming up and this is the kind of design I’m interested in figuring out:

(It’s meant to be a Neutral)

It’s meant to be a pay-off card for Intensify decks that trade early advantage for late game reward. What do you think of this idea, and my approach to it? How often do you think a typical Intensify deck would be able to trigger it in a game? I don’t want the condition to be too easy to fulfill, of course.


I think right now, it is a pretty strong card. I would expect Intensify to trigger at least 4 times until six mana, at which point you would be able to drop this beast which can be a mass removal with frenzy and rush. I would maybe go down with the attack 1 or 2 points. Interesting idea though!


Lyonar got lifestream


The idea is very nice but this paticular minion is a little op i think. Most of the time you will have something like a 6 or 7 mana rush frenzy. Thats a flashed and fortituded makantor in one card.

What about a minion that heals and buff your general for everytime you intensified? would allow you to come back big and smack something with face but doesnt blow em out immediately.


4 times was my assumption too and 6 mana for this would be overboard for sure. I could increase the cost by 2 as well to keep the “bomb” level impact for this card. What do you think?

Legion is good but if the Lyonar player is able to summon it four times without losing then they should get a big payoff to end the match because something is clearly going very wrong for the opponent.

I forgot to mention that I was trying to make it a Neutral card. Do you think that’s too ambitious? I agree on the OP part because even as an 8 Mana minion it’s still good. I do like your suggestion as well for a Lyonar-specific card. Zir’an didn’t get much love this time around so something like that would be cool. I’ll think on it.


The Paladins of the Sun are Elyx Stormblade, Grandmaster Z’ir, and Peacekeeper.

There wasn’t much of a design process behind this card; I only wanted to make something really cool and flashy. Overall, this card itself is extremely weak for a 7 drop but can be downright explosive when Intensified. Although a few Ironcliffe Guardians are decent, what players should really aim for are the 3 Paladins of the Sun. Let’s discuss.


@halcyon98 @beelakor
I know what your card is supposed to do, but to clarify the effect, you should change “a” to “1”, as technically, only numbers are increased with Intensify.

@degenerator Immense Pressure
I really like this idea, however, there are some unanswered questions to me. As it is phrased now, Opening Gambit is only as long Intensify, as the minion is alive. Would it then shift back to the original Opening Gambit or would the increased number stay?

@thematsjo Sunforge Ascension
Holy shit, there is a lot going on with this card, but I love it. It seems balanced and the effect is super interesting!


Ok, I see what you mean. Thanks for pointing it out.


Yes of course once the minion is destroyed or dispelled the effect will disappear and everything will revert to normal. Note that any minions whose opening gambit keyword turned into intensify will also revert to their previous state.

Here are some cool combos:
Immense Pressure (I.Pr) + Mirrorim
I.Pr + Any Mech with Mechazor Progress
I.Pr + Bloodtear Alchemist
I.Pr + Zyx
I.Pr + Timekeeper
I.Pr + Calculator (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
I.Pr + Keeper of the Vale
I.Pr + Theoblue
I.Pr + Abjucator
and so many more…

Also minions that target enemies for (example Crossbones) can now target multiple enemies.


Well in this case, the minion seems pretty underwhelming. I mean, you have to play the same card with Opening Gambit aka Intensify at least twice to get any noticable effect while Immense Pressure is alive :thinking:


If the effect was always active I think It would be too strong. Now you have to plan any combo you have in mind before playing I.Pr. Futhermore, If I.Pr dies you can simly play a second copy and the effect will continue from where you left of. Example:

Immense Pressure + Bloodtear, Bloodtear deals 1 damage,
Immense Pressure dies
Second Immense Pressure is played along side another Bloodtear, Bloodtear deals 2 damage to one or more targets.


This is my entry (kinda). What do you guys think?

Deep Salvager
Neutral Minion (Common)
2 Mana (1/2)
Intensify: Refresh 1 exhausted mana crystal.


Broken as hell in a deck with high draw and low curve. Nevertheless, the fact that it is neutral means everyone gets to be broken and by everyone I mean vanar.


As I recall previous contests allowed the posting of several cards but then a poster had to specify which one is for the contest. Is it OK this time, @attheedge?

I just suppose I’ll post smth more inventive later, but I don’t won’t to lose current card either…


Thanks for the thought.It just warming up ideas thought i not gonna use it for card design concept…welp, back to drawing board…


I am pretty sure this was never allowed. :thinking: However, until the deadline, you can edit your submission as often as you want and you can also post your other ideas here in the Design Hub.

@cold52 Parasitic Quince
I am not sure if this card is a valid submission, as Intensify appears to be basically an Opening Gambit that ramps up over time. In your case, it doesn’t look like that, or am I misunderstanding something?

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