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I’m just imagining the despair of playing that card on 4 mana and your opponent killing it. Then you playing keeper of the vale for a total of 8/15 stats sigh

No it counts as one but it does benefit equally from additional movement buffs

Technically it kinda does count as two usually but I’m not sure if it’s costed as 2 tiles. So i’m not sure if by reducing a unit’s movement if it would eliminate diagonal movement at a certain amount.


Diagonals are considered 2 tiles for movement, but considered adjacent for attacking. Remember that boss that could only move 1 space?


Hey @mebler92 just wanted to discuss the new mechanic you presented Delay. Sounds fun and the cards you use as an example are viable but I feel that Delay is a shorter way to say: Opening Gambit after (X) turns do this… I think that Delay would be more interesting if another factor was required to activate the card’s effect. For example: Delay should be able to be dispelled and if the minion was removed the effect should not happen. This allows you to create more powerful cards in the future even if it makes the first card you suggested obsolete. Also, It would be nice to know by “turn” you explain witch turn, yours or the opponents or both? As it is now I am somewhat confused with this part. Furthermore, there should be a number displayed above the minion or somewhere else stating how many “turns” are left for the effect to trigger. Lastly, can Delay also work with spells and if so how would they appear in game?


Triple Agent
3 mana
neutral 2/4
Sentinel: minion summoned
This minion, the minion that transformed this, and a random friendly minion gain +2/+2.


Wrong thread? xD


I wasn’t sure where to put it


I don’t like discout and damage being given at the end of a turn. No inevitability. What do you think about making it at the start of a turn?

Also, I think it (hot potato) should cost 9 mana to be played, when discounted. Thus I’d have it’s starting cost cost raised to 21.

A straightforward buff to healyoar, don’t you think?


The damage is at the end of each turn, so your opponent will take the damage if you pass the potato.

I chose 20 cost purely for aesthetic reasons. 21 is the better number mechanically. I don’t know exactly what I want to make the potatoe cost since I want it to realistically become castable but also punishing enough to want to replace.

I’m not sure how well this can fit into Healnar. Even they might struggle with 12 additional damage over 4 turns. I should probably raise the cost, since this could end the game by 7 mana.


Hehe, just think if this artifact will be a possible choice for grincher



I like your ideas very much!

What happens to cards you replaced into? Nothing?

I’m kinda confused with the purpose of a card. Could you clarify, please?


I suspect this is designed to dilute your opponent’s deck, creating potential dead draws. Mechanics like this are typically hated, but I personally love em.


Yep, that card’s a deck manipulator. Putting 6 dead draws in your opponent’s deck that they can’t replace around is super annoying, but youre sacrificing hand space and 2 mana in the short run. Definitely a more control-ly, grinding card.


Nothing: that way it has fringe applications in a Replace deck. Stronger draw than Divine Spark, but only if you manage to do something with the cards given to you.


There could also be

Type 4: Search x = Draw x (at the end of turn). Why add the replce mechanics at all?


I’m not sure if you mean draw in addition to your normal draw or your normal draw is guaranteed to be x. If it’s the first one, it generates card advantage. Whether it’s the first or second, the card can’t be used until your next turn. I used replace because you can use the searched card the same turn, replace is unique to duelyst (or at least isn’t in most ccgs), and I’m interested in other cards with replace synergies, like white widow, kron, and aethermaster.


I meant additional draw producing card advantage.


Well that changes how to balance it. It’s a valid design, but I was interested in replace because it’s unique to duelyst. And type 1 search could allow some more situational cards to see play. If a card is useless in certain matchups or scenarios, putting search on it can make it useful more often because now it can search for something that covers its weaknesses. Like a minion removal spell that searches for a rust crawler so it’s not a dead card against artifact reva or sajj. The other search types can also help make situational cards more useful, but not to the extent type 1 does.


Found this topic thanks to @oranos and reposting 2 my ideas.
Both cards are more about mechanic then exact numbers, so details are up for discussion.

Malicious Intents / Abyssian / Spell / 4 mana

For each Husk you summoned this game, deal 2 damage to enemy General and 1 damage to your General

  • IMO, this is more of “if I can’t win, I’m taking you with me” rather then a finisher, but I think it goes well with Maehv’s self-damaging style.

    To make this spell lethal, you need to manage surviving 39 selfdamage (or 35 if you consider doublecast).

Armor of Spikes / Artifact / 4 mana

Whenever your General takes damage, deal that much damage to the enemy General

  • Honestly I don’t know how to name it or which faction to give it to, so I named it the first I came up with. I feel like it fits into several factions; I’d say it will be good for Maehv, but Aby is my main, after all.

    I think artifact like this would be interesting because of its utility - you can equip it to try to delay some face damage or you can use it to directly damage the opponent or just to break their equipment.
    And if directly attaking the enemy General, it will work like +2 attack.

    I was told that 1:1 damage is too much, so it may be halved or limited to a fixed amount.


T1: crypto
T2: blood mentor
T3: BBS, mystic/herald, BBS
T4: BBS, mystic/herald, BBS

You’ve got 8 damage in your pocket for 4 mana the rest of the game, with 4/4 body blockers everywhere.

More crypto’s and the new mentor give you an insane amount of BBS usage to increase that lethal threshold. The healing from mystic, herald, void pulse, and the new neutral with build 2/ heal 5 can all keep your health up so that the self-damage is negligible. And there’s even more healing than that.

This would be a hard sell even at 7/8 mana.


Now replace T3 & T4 with the following:
T3: BBS, Walls
T4: BBS, BBS, Walls
and you have 4 3/3, dealt 6 damage and have additional 2 damage on hand without taking a point of damage yourself. I don’t think what you described is the best play possible.