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Yes technically that combo would be 14 damage for 6 mana. Now that I think about it mirror meld would make way too many broken combos so maybe changing it to two mana would be better as it the combo still works but would make it come into play at 7 mana meaning you’re starting to go into the late game which the deck you’re playing this most probably doesn’t want to be a part of. The idea of the card was an alternate chakrin avatar that couldn’t stay in the back and needed even more careful management of cards (mainly spells).


think about it this way. do you really want the baconator combo to rise again?

this + saberspine seal x2 + mirror meld = 24 damage at 7 mana

songhai spell rant

yes its an alternate chakri avatar, but it has the same amount of stats and its cheaper. its like comparing katara to kaido assassin all over again. sure its less threatening on its own, but thats not what songhai does. its way stronger than chakri because of burst potential and besides, there are 9 spells in songhai that are 2 mana and under that trigger this cards effect. its trivial to activate its effect and it has rush to immediately capitalize on those +2 PER SPELL buffs. its just ridiculously OP at that point.

[details=abyss nerf rant]
do all you old timers remember when nightsorrow assassin got nerfed from a 3 mana 4/1 rush to the pathetic thing it is today? apparently a rush minion with 4 attack was too strong and then fusion decides that “hey i think a 1 mana rush minion with potentially super high attack is a great idea. now lets give it 3 health so it survives the massive face hit that nearly OTKs the enemy general. let them deal with the leftovers and then ill just play another one next turn cause thats fair.”[/details]

you could say its a little too strong.
at the very least drop it to +1 attack.

you could even call it a scholar or mystic instead of an assassin and make it draw cards instead of gain attack and rush


I’m sorry if I stirred up some bad emotions. Since that idea clearly isn’t going to work how about some thing like this
No idea what to call it as of right now
Songhai minion
4 mana 0/5
Backstab(5) . Can’t move around generals

Just thought of this . Idea is to help backstabhai and possibly make a deck aiming to kill general win this and hamon blade seeker with zendo as their win con. It can move through enemies so it can more reliably get to 6 mana to help get zendo by controlling the board. It would have to be used with kaleos BBS or other Songhai moment spell to get it in the right position.


I like the idea but only 5 backstab damage isnt enough for a card that 1) cant move near generals 2) has 0 attack 3) costs 4 mana. Why would someone decide to play this card instead of Katara for example? cost 1 mana no restriction when it comes to moving around and can do 4 damage. I suggest you increase the damage if you want it to see serious play and not be just another meme card. Example: Nameless / 4 mana 0/5 Backstab (7). Cant move around generals. Honestly even with this change its too slow and is only good if you are near the general so you can place (or teleport it) behind him AND have an inner focus on hand. Basically a 2 card combo that sometimes deals 7 damage. Sorry but I dont think this card is viable :disappointed_relieved: But I could be wrong so dont stop trying to improve it :wink:


maybe if you made it give other minions backstab??

what about this
kaido weaponsmith
4 mana
OG and DW: nearby friendly minions gain backstab(3)


The thing is, according to @fispan [quote=“fusion23310, post:996, topic:2756”]
It can move through enemies

It’s a less mobile flying backstab unit (seem familiar?). The zero attack still sucks though.


I really like the idea of a minion that gets better through dispel! Silence decks here we come. But, this concept needs some work (and a quick spellcheck on the name ;)) because If you were to dispel the Exorcist it would lose Flying anyway. There’s currently no way for it to éver have Flying! Maybe look for something else. A lot of potential here though!

Another excellent idea, but I wonder if it’ll be too tilting, and too easy to manipulate in Abyssian decks. Sacrificing this thing or even doing so multiple times seems like it would be a great way to stall for Variax while further invalidating board-centric strategies. In short: is this an enjoyable card to go up against? You might be happy if you’re playing Faie, Cassyva or Reva, but otherwise probably not. Just something to think about. I actually think this’d be okay as a Lyonar Structure because Lyonar relies so much on board presence and they have ways of destroying this thing; it might help push Artifact Lyonar.


Hey, thanks for the feedback, fixed the problems and will probably do my own critiques…


@tsevech, that seems like a mighty card indeed, until you realize that structures can’t attack. It’s essentially a tile blocker


So for my submission

I was thinking of making it so that the sudz spawn would proc every time soapy moves and make it so that It would benefit Songhai pet decks (and fits with their moving mechanics). Since it’s pretty weak as it is right now, I’m thinking of making it spawn 2 sudz rather than the one so that we could get more value.

I thought of having it spawn 1 sudz at the end of the turn originally due to the possible snowball accessible via buff(spells), but I realized that it would still be too gimmicky for standard play. The spawning through movement also fits the soapy theme and the 2 sudz spawns are meant to provide counter plays for the opponent ( a battle pet won’t attack if it doesn’t have attack to begin with. And the opponent could just as easily play a minion or general next to the minion to stop the sudz spawns) as opposed to an end of the turn spawn which doesn’t do much and is guarenteed at least 1 proc.

I’m not sure if anything I do would bring it out of meme territory, but I hope to bring it towards a usable state.


the change to move activation would give you some options and make it more dynamic since there would be a reason to play crimson coil, and it could be a reason to finally pick kaleos over reva. its a good idea to make it spawn 2 minions. Theyr just 1/1s and the main body is a weak 0/2. The stats are just too bad and the effect not good enough to justify play over things like katara or bloodtear without the extras.

Im trying to find problems with the card because you mentioned songhai but im not seeing any. Not to mention its super counterable with the gemeral able to clear it and provoke minions to counter its effect.


It’s a strong effect indeed, but it’s the only way to see a 0-attack card being played in Magmar :slight_smile:

The faction privileges high attack minions to enable Natural Selection and Plasma Storm. So it’s strong, yet balanced by this major drawback for Magmar.


Vetruvians cosmic flesh + 2nd wish combo, one of lyonars many buffs, something fortitude by magmar, barring Vanar, there are many buff spells/mechanics that would allow soapy to deal damage to an enemy minion for free. Yes it’s vulnerable to general hits (and spells and dispells), but when buffed, it doesn’t feel too good to hit it with your generals limited health pool.

What I’m worried for is that it becomes obsolete after a general or even a minion is placed next to it.


Aight, so im a Magmar boi myself so here’s an idea for not just a whole new card, but a new Magmar expansion
So here’s dat lore stuff, Pirates, illegally using Boulder Breachers in the Stormmetal mines breach a hole to a cavern. Inside this cavern ancient and uncontrollable creatures live. From giant insectoid, the brains of this underworld, to massive war machine beasts.
General: A big bug guy, with armor that looks like it is made of bits of Boulder Breachers, and a spear headed with the Breacher drill.
BBS: summon a 1/1 Larvae, with the ability to be attacked by it’s own faction.(this will make sense later)
I haven’t designed an alternate general but the keyword that many of the minions would be "Consume"
Consume would activate a specific effect(ie: gain +2/+2) when the minion destroys another minion. The Larvae would be used as either a last defence meat shield, or more effectively used as a sacrifice for the other beasts.
Call the expansion: Ancient Hunger


Nice idea but how about you give Larvae rush instead of…[quote=“corsairus, post:1007, topic:2756”] the ability to be attacked by it’s own faction(?)
Also consume resembles deathwatch a lot. Did you mean that the minion with the consume should kill to get the buff? So that’s why you can attack your Larvae :thinking: As for a second General how about a hive queen that looks like a Wasp? And for a BBS: “steal a minion that cost 2 or less for this turn” (of course it has rush). Maybe instead of cost it should say 2 or less attack tell me what you think.

What do you think about this? I just made it!!! :grin: Hope you like it


I think the bug thing isnt colorful enough or distinct enough(besides the robo arm) to be a general. The solid dark brown just isnt very appealing


Yeah I think you are right. I need to use brighter colors next time. But I’m still new to this so hopefully I get better. :slight_smile:


@owlington The only Opening gambits that can be skipped are the ones that allow you to choose something. Skorn, Frostbone Naga, and even Dustwailer all have opening gambits that activate upon summoning. So no, Bound excorcist wouldn’t be a 5/11 on summoning, but rather a 0/6 until dispelled or killed or buffed.


Yes but the ability to dispel him next turn makes him op. His ability to limit your opponent’s movement is good enough as it is (I think he can’t move diagonally if he moves only 1 tile which is op by its self). Just like owlington suggested you should decrease his stats. Then the card would be great and balanced.


Why would you be packing dispel specifically for that? Even players who run Hamon don’t seem to run dispel for it even though it still hurts them to keep it undispelled. But I get it. 0/6 at 4 mana are technically the same stats as portal guardian, but benefit from dispels rather than most of everything else (unless you buff it)…

Is it really true that diagonal spaces are counted as two?

Eyyy, 1000 boiz