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Thanks for the critique :smile:! I like your numbers, as the reason I bumped the cost, was due to the three attack, but at 2 attack on the tokens, the 5 Mana 0/4 statline works well.


That’s just crazy :smile:. But I think your idea could work :thinking:

Ok so a few questions before I try evaluating the card.

  1. Are the transformed minions yours to use? If not then you are basically going to use this card as “removal” which is not that good.

  2. Why did you design this card? What is its purpose and what possible synergies could you create?

  3. Don’t you think 5 mana for an effect that is not always consistent and doesn’t clear the board is a lot?

I’m going to try to suggest some changes based on what I know so far.

  1. Increase the stats and cost. Something like 6 mana 0/5 should do. You might think Its a lot but bare with me I will explain it later on.

  2. Add another effect. Rush is nice however it needs something more to give you an advantage. For example, Infiltrate: Rush, Provoke (going to be insane if you have a lot of minions) OR Grow +1/+0. Here is why you need extra health and a higher cost. If you want provoke then you want more health and 6 mana because you can ruin your opponent plans easily. Now Grow is not as good since your opponent will get the buff first.

  3. The rush exist so that you can move around and transform minions. Yet that by it self is not good enough. Maybe you want to use it with cards such as Frostfire, Wind Sister Maia etc If you want Wailing Overdrive and Aspect of the Mountain it cant cost 4 or more. So consider changing something else. If that is your goal then I don’t recommend adding more abilities as I said in #2. What you should do in this situation is to lower the cost to 4.

So far cant say anything else because I dont understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Think about what I wrote, answer my questions and I will help you :smiley:


First of all, thanks a lot for the thorough response! It’s really appreciated!

I initially thought of the card as more removal oriented… It was supposed to work in a way where you could create a sort of chain by playing it together with something like Bonechill Barriers and trying to get it all over the place. At same time that you’d be removing enemy threats, you would also be giving your opponent a bunch of potentially harmless 0/5s that could end up limiting his future movement and slowing down the pace of the game. This, of course, would only work properly if you’re running a deck that doesn’t particularly mind getting its own minions transformed into 0/5 Vespyr hex engines.

The main synergys I thought off were with Walls, Circulus spawn, Hearth Sister and buffs in general…
As for your suggestions, I really liked the provoke one, although it would kinda limit the chaining I had envisioned…


Does my submission seems viable?

Songhai Arcanyst Minion
1 mana 0/1
Whenever ANY minion is moved for any reason, give this minion +1/+1.

Any feedback is welcomed.


OMG yes… simply yes. This card looks amazing. There are so many reasons this card is great.


  1. Forces your opponent not to move any minion
  2. Can become a big threat like Chakri Avatar
  3. Kaleos bbs is great again
  4. Works really well with Onyx jaguar and can possibly be the reason for an new deck archetype
  5. Opponent’s battle pets help you
  6. Bye bye swarm decks (?)
  7. Lynx Ghost is VIABLE!!! :grin:


  1. A bit slow at the beginning especially if playing second
    2)Requires you to either have a board or some way to teleport/reactivate it or any other minion
  2. Honestly the fact that it is amazing and basically has no down side is “bad” (at least for your opponent)

Balancing Notes:

1 mana 0/1 for a card that can be easily buffed is really good too good. Why? Well just imagine that if you have 5 minions on board it’s possible to play Kintaro + inner focus for 2 mana, move all your minions and get a 6/7 WITH RUSH FOR 2 MANA AND 2 CARDS and we are not including any other spells of effects. Of course one could argue that having 5 minions on board may prove to be difficult to accomplice however these minions can be very cheap and dont have to have a special ability or interaction (token minions). Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this without ruining the card and its amazing design. This is why I suggest you change the mana cost to 2 instead of 1. It will surely become slower but at the same time more balanced and less frustrating to play against.

Lastly, Kintaro might completely change the meta since swarm decks will find this card very dangerous thus forcing them to change their tactics by adding more early game removal or … :thinking::expressionless:…disappear? btw Lure buffs this. I found that very funny.

These are my first impressions on the card. All in all great but maybe a bit overpowered (not that that is bad). Looking forward in actually seeing a card like this in game. :thumbsup:


Hi guys can someone plz help me decide between 5 or 6 mana for my submission named Heatwave ? I would really appreciate it if you helped me.


Quoting because this is the part I like and didn’t state due to being a judge :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Looked at it; it’s naturally hard to balance due to its inconsistency, dependency and the fact that it is vulnerable to dispel (yes it has rush, but it still will be worthless after if dispelled). If you want to do some number crunching, a good rule of thumb would be

dmg output = mana cost * 2

since this destroys friendlies, you’d probably have to also consider how much you’re losing for a final value.

I enjoy the numbers which is why I offered a rough measurement, but obviously you don’t have to :slight_smile:


Thanks man for the deepful feedback. Really appreciate it.
Lol never thought about battle pet’s interaction and Lynx Ghost btw.XD

I’m always contemplating giving this minion between 1 or 2 mana because it may overshadow other great 2 mana minion. Now when I’m thinking about it again, it may force the player to choose what their playstyle could be, thus their minion’s selection as well. I might do that, thanks.

Btw, it would make Crimson Coil + Ghoulie, Tusk Boar and Twilight Fox even more play, thus funnier game as well.


@mrmana3 that lightning rod thing actually seems weak for 5 mana. just compare it to ironcliffe. its got more stats, 2 keywords, and it can move and attack. (and doesnt die instantly to AOE)


It does seem weaker definitely. I just couldn’t imagine making a 12 health minion for less than 5. Then again, there’s this neutral called Dioltas so I probably shouldn’t have been so concerned about that.

Let’s just say that it’s a Vetruvian card, and Vetruvian cards are always supposed to be weaker. (just as I planned :wink:)


then you could atleast add an interesting effect like “friendly dervishes do not take damage from spells”


I used to have an additional effect so that whenever it took damage, it dealt equal damage to a random enemy. I thought it would be too much though.


well, yeah, that would be like taygete levels of power given to the entire board. but something like a dying wish that deals damage to nearby minions (to prevent them from just smacking the structure till it dies) would actually make it more interesting than a damage sponge


Imagine starting turn with just 2 minions on board and your Kintaro, and Juxtaposion in hand …
If your Kaleos BBS is up …

  • Juxtapose the 2 minions : Kintaro 2/3
  • Move the 2 minions : Kintaro 4/5
  • BBS a minion, for instance, Kintaro, to get near the opponent General : Kintaro 5/6
  • Move Kintaro : Kintaro 6/7

And all that for 1 mana this turn (your BBS).
No really, it’s overpowered and will get out of control.

And it’s a simple unique spell (Juxta) I’m not even imagining with an Onyx Jaguar on board and/or a IF in hand. You can get a 10/11 Kintaro on the turn.
At least it may make Paddo funny to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely not to me, sorry :confused:


Yes as it is now it is a bit overpowered. However there might be a way to change the card text and still have a similar ability. For example "Whenever this or an enemy minion moves for any reason, give this minion +1/+1"
Does this work better? I hope it does because I REALLY like the idea. :blush:


According to my simulation, its true within turn 2, Kintaro can get 6/7 max. with combinations of 3 card and 4 mana. Yeah, it’s OP alright.

After looking back on both feedbacks, I think it would be better to change its stat to just increasing its attack, so it would be less daunting to the opponent. Anyway, how about this?

Songhai Minion (Arcanyst)
2 Mana 0/2
"Whatever ANY minion moved by any reasons, this minion gain +1 Attack."


I get what you are trying to say but I think this is how you should write it:

“Whenever ANY minion is moved for any reason, give this minion +1 Attack”

Also don’t be afraid to give it 1 more health point. That should make it less vulnerable.


Here’s mine , any feedback is welcome.

Arcane Assassin
Songhai minion
1 mana 0/3
Rush. Whenever you cast a spell that targets this minion, it gains + 2 attack till the end of the turn.


I this a once per turn thing?

Or will this work as a Sabersine + Meld 3 card game winning combo?

Either way it’s a bit broken with mirror meld

Cool idea, but it’s just way to abuseable