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Yeah I meant the summon dervish on damage part. Other than that maybe changing Rush into Provoke or something else would fit better with the theme. Honestly what do you wish to accomplish with this card? Is it supposed to be a better Obelysk?


Hard to say. The first one sounds a little bit too strong, and the second one is a bit underwhelming.
The third one looks better if it reduces damage by 2 instead of 1.


I’m probably removing the Summon Dervish part, and reduce health and cost.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with it. I’m trying to intergrate a few unused mechanics together.


In that case you could come up with something along the lines of: 0 attack, Rush, Forcefield


your entry doesnt work.
1 - structures cant have attack values
2 - the monthly card cant have attack values (except in abilities ex. second sun)


@oranos I totally forgot about the no attack part (pretty sure I just mistyped and never checked it as well)- thanks so much for letting me know.


Your structure is fundamentally difficult to physically kill because

  1. it’ll be backlined
  2. you do less damage to it each turn
  3. versions 2 and 3 have more HP than pre-nerf shadow sister


yes, but!
1 - it cannot move or attack
2 - it doesnt affect generals
3 - without minions it is effectively just a vanilla body
4 - so does just about every other structure


doesn’t change the fact that if you have 2 minions on the board, you can essentially make any swarm deck pretty much useless. This is just an enfeeble, but wins the game if unanswered. The stall it provides (by allowing you to completely ignore the opponent’s board, repeatedly) is unacceptably ridiculous.

Contrarily, against rushmar, this is a hilariously weak card. The direction this card pushes abyssian is towards if (rush deck, lose), if (non-rush deck, win). When you lose a game in deck selection, that really takes the fun out of the game because at that point, why not just use a bot to play? What’s the point if the game’s decided before it’s even begun?


well i guess its just a tech card, like… i dont know… skorn? swarm = win, non-swarm = loss going by your logic


I mean, technically, you only need to hit something with your general and suicide a minion to reduce all your opponent’s minion attacks by 2. This also goes and prevents effective trading because subsequent trades will be more and more disadvantageous for your opponent. What this essentially feels like is a kelaino that affects board state instead of general hp ;-;


1 - Doesn’t need to
2 - Generals are not very threatening offensively anyway
3 - It’s for swarm abyssian, not exactly known for having a hard time generating minions
4 - Every other structure excluding bastion has a range limitation that puts it in harms way


Does my submission seem balnced?

Blindscorch obelysk
Vetruvian structure
3 Mana 0/6
Summon Dervish
Whenever an enemy minion deals damage to this reduce its attack to zero.


Obelsyks need some support and this card punishes your opponent for smacking your obelisks with their minions, somewhat like a weaker Soulburn obelysk.


This should be a golem support card.


Eh, most of the time Obelysks aren’t cleared through damage, usually just dispeled or removed. It’s better than Windstorm Obelysk, but will probably still not see much play for it’s effect.


Would like criticism please!


Is this supposed to be a last resort?

It seems too self destructive to me.


Wow. This card is either going to win you the game (opponent cant reach it) or its going to lose you the game (because of the Dying wish). Regardless of what happens i find this card really interesting and i would love to see it exist. However there are a few changes I would like to suggest.

  1. Lower the mana cost to 5. Although the effect is powerful 6 mana is a big investment especially for a 0/5 that has no impact when it comes into play (unless you have minions on board).

  2. Lower Spirit of the Martyr attack to 2. Having three attack is a bit too much if you consider that you might surround your general with 8 of them giving you 24/16 of stats. Also Soul shatter pact is very scary with this card.

  3. Change the cost of Spirit of the Matryr to 1. Why does this matter if its a token? ehh it doesnt really but if it got returned back to your hand you wouldn’t feel as bad playing it again.

  4. Lower the health of Shrine of the Martyr to 4. Now here’s the thing. You might call me crazy but 5=6. That’s because generals have a base attack of 2 so they would still have to hit it 3 times whether it had 5 or 6 health. Furthermore you don’t care about its health as long as it lives somewhere in a corner providing you infinite value. Now If your opponent somehow reaches it, hits it twice or uses costly removal on it you are happy because you’ve gained an advantage. Now you have more minions, your opponent wasted resources and time that could be spent developing their own board. Lastly, you might actually want it to die at some point when you are low on health.

That’s all I have to say … for now :smiling_imp:


I just had a very weird card idea for the contest and would like some input before submitting:

Spirit of the Gale
Vanar Vespyr
5 mana 0/4
Infiltrate: Rush
After this minion moves transform ALL nearby minions into Spirit of the Gale


so ive been flip flopping between deathwatch and at the end of your turn. but what if, and stick with me here, i use BOTH

4 mana
deathwatch: at the end of your turn decrease the attack of all enemy minions by 1
that way it has a slightly delayed effect that can still save your butt from a swarm

or i could go the blindscorch route and just say
deathwatch: reduce the attack of all enemy minions by 1 until the start of your next turn