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feels OP
if you have windstorm obelysk and smack the general with several dervishes, its basically a cheap noshrak
not to mention the fact you can combo with stars fury at 9 mana.
more mana feels better, but still bad since you can third wish a dervish, fly it wherever, and smack face for double damage while leaving a massive body on the board.
this needs to be atleast a 5-6 mana minion.
it might work as an artifact (like ghost azalea) but thats not part of the contest.
the biggest reason its OP is because of rush
it feels somewhere in between spectral revenant and deepfire devourer for the low low price of 4 mana and all your cheap dervishes


Yes that is what I was afraid of. Tried to do some testing to see how many dervishes I can play and on average you can have 2,1 Dervishes on board any given time. should I increase Its cost to 5 and lower it into a 0/1? (that was the original design by the way). The problem is that its conditional and doesn’t always work (which is what I want). Yup Zirix bbs is great with this. So… 6 mana 0/2 then? has to compete with Aymara but that’s ok.


1 more health doesnt make much difference if you can easily give it 4 extra health if not more upon summoning, but 1-2 more mana makes it the late game threat it really is. and at the very least you can combo it with zirix BBS for consistent bond usage

at the worst, its a 5 mana 2/4 with rush, which isnt bad if your depserate. but at best it could be a 12/14 with rush or higher since you could play stars fury with it AND move a dervish near the enemy general before summoning it. its a combo piece finisher for dervish swarm decks like nosh rak.


I guess I’ll leave my current submission here as well.
Any feedback is welcomed.



either you have a fireblaze obelysk, some wishes, or moving obelysk. honestly a 3 mana obelysk that can move and attack if buffed is already pretty strong without the extra abilities. its even weirder when you stop to realize that if the enemy attacks it when it has an attack buff, it still summons wind dervishes. wind dervishes that disapear at the end of the turn, doing practically nothing but body blocking.


Just by being a Dervish, having rush AND being able to summon more Dervishes is enough. :sweat_smile: It has too many abilities for 1 card. Erase the last part and lower its health by one and it should be better. Then again why are Dervishes summoning Dervishes? Isnt that what Obelysk do?


which version do you guys like better

4 mana
Deathwatch: reduce the attack of all enemy minions by 1


4 mana
Abyssian structure
at the end of your turn reduce the attack of all enemy minions by 1

or even

4 mana
Abyssian structure
Deathwatch: reduce the attack of a random enemy minion by 1

personally not feeling the last one, but who knows


The second one


A card which requires another card in order to do something sounds weird. Then again that can be a great premise for a much stronger effect then it otherwise could have. What if it lost the rush and Summon Derwish part but each time it attacked (or deals damage) it summons a (normal) Obelysk nearby?


Yeah the 2nd one seems better (or if you are feeling crazy go for the last one and change it into "Deathwatch: reduce the attack of ANY minion by 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


*Cough Cough… that card exist (kinda)


*cough cough nimbus


I would only add “nearby” to the first version and consider it well balanced. The second version seems fine untill you realize that abyssian really wants to use the reduced attack of enemies right away, so makeing the effect proc at the end of the turn makes the card a bit to slow, and sort of doesnt fit abyssian identity. Also, a structure feels off in any faction besides Abyssian. The first version might even be good at 3 mana, as it requires a pre-existing field of minions to do something.


Woooops, I guess I suffered so much trauma that I subconciously forgot about it xD


how about “ALL nearby minions attack is set to 1” and reducing the cost a bit
sort of like blindscorch, but synergizes well with wraithlings
not to mention the combos with nightsorrow assassin


I’ll let design god answer that, I am not really sure.


well well you actually did it eh? Does the effect occur each turn? Really hard to evaluate (partially because im eating now) but It would be good if only it wasn’t a structure so it could move.


I was thinking it would be a constant effect like an inverse zeal. And it doesnt have to be a structure


Being a judge this time, I’m looking to stay out of most of the discussions. What I will remark generally (and thereby your card design) is on the topic of the Deathwatch keyword.

Unlike Backstab, Infiltrate, Zeal, Flying or Blast, Deathwatch is capable of a spectrum of relevance of board positioning. The arguably weakest (or at least unused) Deathwatch cards are those that are more board/positioning related (like Shadowwatcher), while the strongest (or most often used) Deathwatch cards are often on the lesser/irrelevant board side of things.

I think this balance among the board/positioning spectrum is overlooked with Deathwatch. Personally, I think Shadowwatcher is actually one of the cooler deathwatch concepts that leads to more interactivity and fun than something like Shadowdancer.


Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Just to clear things up, the keyword Summon Dervish is not “opening gambit: summon a Wind Dervish”.

@oranos I intended to impede opponent’s movement by that ability. But yeah, now that I think of it, the fact that my thing disrupts movement in the opponent’s turn is a pretty bad idea.

@degenerator which part do you mean the “last part”? The “summon a wind dervish on damage part”? Kinda feel like it’s the essense of this submission.

I am a bit worried about it being too strong also, but considering that’s not as good as a late game draw, 2. requires some setup and most importantly 3. Obelisk Vet isn’t that strong now, I feel like this card’s balance is fine as it is (in the same fashion that Falcius is fine as it is).

If I have to re-balance it though, I’ll probably remove its “Obelisk” aspect, and make it as something like “1 0/4 Rush, Summon a Wind Dervish whenever it attacks”.

@genkei Doesn’t that make it exactly a Nimbus?