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Battle pets who have 0 attack don’t behave typically. I believe they actually run away or stay still. (Happened off a blind scorch before I believe.) I may be wrong though


Man, the case to case mechanics can get wild.


Well since Tac might not work the way I hoped it would, I went and designed a different card.

[details=Scion’s Sarcofag]Scion’s Sarcofag / Vetruvian/ Stucture/ 1 mana / (0/3)

This card loses 1 health at the end of each of your turns.
Dying wish: Add ALL 3 Scions’s Wishes to your hand.


The goal of this design is to create a card which gives a timed, delayed value, without creating a previously non-existing UI timer. The card costs 1 mana because A) the effect can be stoped with dispel B) the effect can be minimized by killing the minion when opponent has more than 3 cards in hand C) the Wishes need a further mana investment and D) opponent has 2 turns to draw a dispell. The minion has 3 health because at 2 he would be too consistent and at 4 he would be too inconaistent. There is also the thematical reason, 3 wishes, 3 turns, 3 health. The card would serve as support card for Scion’s wishes archetype, along with Pantheran, which unfortunatnly never really kicked off

[details=Theme] Usually, in movies and other media, things of ancient pop out of Sarcofags.
As Scion seems to have a mayor role in the lore, it feels fitting that he has his own sarcofag, and it seems fiting that the sarcofag holds his wishes.
The timer on the card would also add tension to the game, some sort of anticipation to what ancient power is to come, as sarcofags do. [/details][/details]

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Do you mean Sarcophagus? As far as I know, that word doesn’t exist in English. It’s fine if you use another language in your name, but it’s a bit confusing on first glance though.


Just wanted to put this here.

What do you guys think?


Hardstuck gold 10 xdd

Seriously tho, solid idea, but the formatting was a bit confusing on first glance.


One day I will reach diamond

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huh, this lets pantheran get summoned super quickly


My bad, I didn’t do thorough reaserch, Ibsort of assumed that it is how it is written. Well the names arn’t really important, so Ill just claim it’s due to creative freedom.


What do you think about my entry? (Heatwave) Is it good, bad? What are your thoughts?


Turn 1 As player 1 you summon the Sarcofag, at end he loses 1 hp, turn 2 he loses another, turn 3 he loses 1 more, however you cant play any Wishes as you get them at the end of turn. Turn 4 you can play them and you have 6 mana to play them all, however you NEED at least 1 dervish allready on board to do so.


I like your design a lot. However I want to ask a few questions to fully understand the card’s ability. First of all, which wish comes out first? It may sound silly to ask but It is very important to know the proper order in case you might discard any. Is it random or is it consecutively? Secondly, I like the fact that it is a structure since it means you can not buff it to either trade or kill it quickly. Is that intentional or not? Tribes play an important role when it comes to synergies so I was wondering if there was any other reason you chose to leave it as a structure. Also, since it is a structure isn’t deciding its placement a difficult task considering you can not move it and it may block your way? (That being said blocking your opponent is also good). Furthermore, can’t your opponent kill it instantly and make you discard all of the wishes if you have a full hand? Lastly, what happens in late game when you top deck it? Unfortunately, to me the card seems a bit weak. It is either too slow or too fast but his dying wish affect is good. Perhaps you should give it another keyword for example provoke so that it has an instant effect.


I noticed the potential confusions in the original submission so I added a note there, but forgot to update here. The wishes come in order, from first to third, so if you were to only draw 2, you wouldn’t get Scion’s third wish. If the card died as a resoult of its own effect, you would first get the wishes and then procede to draw as a resoult of ending your turn.

Yes the card is a structure precisly because I didn’t want it to get buffed, though you can still “cheat” the timer by playing Skor or Frostbone Naga. The original design had “can’t move” in it’s text because I forgot structures don’t need that part of the text, so that is intentional as well. If your opponent attacks or otherwise damages the card, he simply speeds up the timer, which he may do precisly because he can make you discard some, if not all of the Wishes. Yes, you could play the card into opponents face to block his movement, but you can also take the safer approach and play it in the back, not to risk a dispell.

If the card would ultimately be a bit too weak, a simple buff would be changing it’s name to Scion’s Obelysk, as then, it could be a target for “Stone to Spears”, which would make it that more interesting. I thought that would be too strong so for now i’ll leave it the way it is. As Obelysk it would also summon a Derwish when “Whispers of the sands” is played.

Overall, regardless of contest, I would really like to see something alike actually be put in the game. Thank you for the response, cheers!


so, what do you guys think about my submission


Um a bit too op :sweat_smile: The effect is cool but not Deathwatch as it may reach a point where it would be impossible to trade using minions and generals (can do 2 damage a turn so they need 3 turn to clear it). On the other hand it cost 4 mana which is a big investment however there are slow Abyssian decks that can support this card. Maybe lowering its health and changing the keyword is a good idea. Something along the lines of 4 mana 0/4 or 0/5 and perhaps removing the Deathwatch. Now I have to say that it is weak to removal just like any other card but they are using resources to remove a 0/6 which is pretty good for you. Also does the effect remain after it dies? If so then its way too strong. All in all, a nice concept, a bit overpowered but very interesting. With a few minor changes this could be a crazy good and balanced card.


do you think an “at the end of your turn” would be a good replacement?


Hmm yes nice idea. Gives your opponent some time to respond to the threat.


The card would fit perfectly into my attack reducing deck and would make nightsorrow assain all that more appealing, but yes, it feels a bit op, perhaps some alteration of stats or something would make it less scary. Then again, it cant move, so it might not be that strong overall


Btw I also need help with my card.


Vetruvian Dervish
4 mana 0/2
Rush. Bond: destroy all friendly dervishes and gain their attack and health.

Is it ok? Should i change something? I’ve posted my reasoning for this card at the Card Design thread but “Feedback is always wanted” :grinning: