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Then it sucks if they’re all just 2/2’s


Uh… are you sayind dervishes are unplayable without having 3 Fireblaze and 3 Windstorm obelysks on board?


I’m saying what good does a buff do if you’re required to use your minions prior to the buff? Yea it can still help, but it’s so counter-logical


Uh, not wanting to be impatient, but do any of you mind scrolling up and giving feedback on Ezio?


I just tested it and It looks like the dervishes spawn right before the battle pets move. Like it says battle pets go, then the dervishes appear, then the battle pets actually move. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

Like @eternamemoria said, you would use any wind dervishes you get that turn before playing DD.

As far as stats, 4/4 seems too much since it also gets the buff and the buff stacks. Although this is also a pretty slow card, so maybe it needs stats.


I recommend changing the Sacred Cross’ name, as while the Imperium as a whole has a spiritual side its leader (Zirix) is an anti-theist, so it feels kinda weird for him to play "Sacred Crosses) :stuck_out_tongue:. Maybe call it Cruciform Beacon or something.

Oh, and i think 0/8 is too much, 0/6 sounds better IMO

EDIT: and i think it should affect the structure’s row and column, to make things simplier and more flavourful.


like the concept but 0/8 is immense. 0/4 to 0/6 sounds more reasonable.


I also think 0/8 is too big. And I don’t like letting the player pick the row. Maybe making it a minion with blast and +1 for each friendly Arcanyst? Or giving it summon a dervish for each friendly Arcanyst? By that I mean like all the obelysks, but with a variable number of dervishes.


Thanks for the input, and I changed the health to 6 and changed the name, and changed the mechanic a little bit by taking in Eternia’s input.

Otherwise, I don’t really like the idea of making the structure another Obelysk. Its sort of weird to have dervishes in an arcanyst deck, and it doesn’t seem exactly fun to use.


The Pain Sower Golem is meant to be a replacement for the Abyssal Crawler for a deck that is based around golems so you can maintain synergy while not sacrificing creep. Currently, as far as we’re aware, Abyssian is going all Arcanyst for now. This would give at least a token option for an Abyssian Golem deck without relying entirely on big neutral Golems. Now you can also KO with Obliterate unless the Pain Sower Golem is dispelled or killed in the early game similar to the Abyssal Crawler. Since they’re cheap you can hopefully pull more from the deck.


I wanna thank @oranos and @jon678910 for the feedback.
My first idea was to propose something interesting but not OP. It seems that I hold myself too much.
I have increased the body stats and changing the ability to be an Opening Gambit, to be more efficient.

As always any feedback would be appreciated.




Also would we be allowed to use a faction-specific keyword (Like Deathwatch) for this in another faction or as a neutral


Shrine of the Martyr
Neutral 5 Mana Structure
Deathwatch: Summon a Spirit of the Martyr

Spirit of the Martyr
2 mana neutral minion
Dying WIsh: Deal 1 damage to a random minion or general

Also asking for feedback on the design.


I dont think we are allowed. Cool card designs by the way. Perhaps too good considering the amount of value (and memes) these could produce.


Nope, you are not. However, why not make this an Abyssian card? It kinda fits to the theme.


Because its bloodmoon but costs more and better minions


I didn’t want to make it an Abyssian card, because I don’t feel like the name or how I would imagine it looking fit into Abyssian. I suppose i’ll just have to figure out a new name.


@oranos hey, I noticed that on your contest submission it said Alter. Do you mean Altar ? If it’s on purpose then please ignore


Its a typo. Forgot since it phonetically it sounds the same


[details=My entry for current contest:]Tac / Neutral Battle Pet / 2 mana / (0/4)
This minion can’t be attacked.


a simple, playable Paddo which acts as a battle bet, and therofore can be manipulated by opponent. If I am not wrong, minions with 0 attack can’t attack at all, so this battle pet would just run around chasing enemies without attacking them, and only block their movements. He would be good in Ancestral Divination decks or any other deck which can somehow profit from the number of minions you have in play. He would also be a good target for buffs, because of high health, however you wouldn’t be able to use that buff right away as it is a battle pet, and your opponent would have a chance to manipulate what the buff is used on.[/details]

I am curious to hear your oppinions, would you like to see something like this added to the game?