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Yeah, the stats are a little high. I can never get the stats right, I just try to think of a good effect and work from there. I honestly am not sure what type of deck this would work in. It would probably work as a nice way to make early game minions more viable in the late game. I think it would be way too powerful if it effected class minions or higher cost ones.


I know what you mean I’m currently facing the same problem with my card. Not sure what the stats should be like :sweat_smile: As for your card I think you should reduce its attack and health since you only card about the effect right? 1 more question do the minions keep any previous effect they had?


Good idea. Maybe I’ll make it a 4/5 to balance it. And yeah, the effect is the only part of the card I really care about.



You said you wanted my opinion on your card but honestly I have no idea dude. The effect is very interesting, but it’s something completely new to the game and I can’t properly evaluate it. It can either be worthless or game-changing. I really don’t know about the stats. At first glance they look fine to me. Maybe reduce the health a little bit? Dunno.

Edit: maybe make it cost less? Like 4 mana (Vet already has solid 5/6 drops) (obviously with a stat change)


How does a 4 mana 3/6 (3/5) sound? But i still think Vet needs a better 6 drop :confused:

Also If you compare it to Allomancer (4/3 + a 0/5 on average) then it is kinda weak is it not?


3/6 doesn’t sound bad. I only suggested reduced cost so you can combo it with stuff like Stars Fury. If you like it better as 6 mana, keep it 6 mana (can still be used with obelysks on board, Whisper of the Sands…). It has to compete with Aymara, though.


Sodan Snowdrifter
BBS: 3 cost: your general gains celerity

Think a male ghost seraphim with a whip and tennis racket shoes


Hi everyone. This is my submission:

4 mana

This minion has +1+1 for each friendly Vespyr.
Stun enemy minions damaged by this minion.

Any feedback would be appreciated:


@divinedevek the rules say you cant make a new general for the contest. also that has nothing to do with the prompt of tribes

@musgus i get the feeling it would work like abyssal juggernaught, but vespyrs are likely to be removed and you arent likely to get that many on board. even with the stun its a little too weak. give it a bit more attack should help.


Hello All,
My card for the entry is:

6 Mana
Vetruvian Legendary Minion
Whenever a dervish is summoned it is transformed into a Storm Dervish

Storm Dervish
3 Mana
Vetruvian Dervish
Rush This minion may only move one space

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Seems a tad weak imo. Needs at least 2 vespyrs to have decent 4 drop stats, and, since it’s not an opening gambit, it will lose these if the other vespyrs are removed. The enemy minion stun is okay if it turns out to be a big minion, but if there are no vespyrs it will be very easy to remove regardless. If anything, you might consider making this a borean bear on steroids, but that’s up to you.


This is my submission for the contest:

I have other version of this card in mind mainly because the card has a lot of possible outcomes.
For example another version will be:

Petrified Mystic Songai Arcanyst 4 mana 6/6 Can’t move. When an arcanyst minion moves, teleport this minion next to it.


Petrified Mystic Songai Arcanyst 3 mana 0/6 Can’t move. When an arcanyst minion deals damage, teleport this minion next to it and gain +3 attack until the end of the turn.

Let me now what you thing, I 'll write the design purpose of all this cards later :wink:


I like all versions, but I think the second one is the best, because there is not too much randomness in it and the drawback definitely justifies the body.


@4spirine I like your card design for the wind dervish artifact. I recommend changing it to 1 mana though.


Vetruvian / Arcanyst
6 mana / (4/6)
Opening Gambit: Summon a Sacred Cross nearby this minion. Deathwish: Destroy the Sacred Cross.

Cruciform Heilos
Token / Structure
2 mana / (0/6)
At the end of your turn, deal damage equivalent to how many Arcanysts you have to all enemies in your general’s row.

Purpose: Arcanysts are mostly short-ranged. They have no real way to deal ranged damage outside of faction-specific cards, and I am somewhat frustrated by this since I’ve been trying to make a Vetruvian Arcanyst deck, but have been unsuccessful so far.

What this minion strives to achieve is viable and a unique way to handle ranged damage for Arcanyst Vetruvian, as well as giving some synergistic burst. I also thought it would be fairly unique to have some sort of pseudo-blast mechanic, and overall will be a nice addition to Vet’s arguably lacking ranged removal.


Thanks for your support and advice.
Maybe you are partially right, I’ll change cost for 2 mana)


I think this is an interesting effect, but I’d like some feed back on the numbers.


Do spawned rush dervishes disappear at the end of the turn? The mix of dervish with battle pets makes it a little confusing for the first time reader. What happens on the turn of play? You would lose the opportunity to use your dervishes that are already on board if you played this because you made them all into battle pets, so they’d only activate on the following turn.

As far as numbers, 4/4 is fine with the +3/+3 effect.


I think battle Pets activate before wind dervishes are summoned, but I am unsure


You can use your dervishes and then play this