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Hello humans/demi-humans/demons/undeads/DIOnossaurs and any other thing.
I wanted to bring myabomination creation so that some good soul could help me in its development.



Is the effect supposed to work ‘until the start of your next turn’?


time for me to do a massive review of the submissions (man its been a while since ive done this)


ah this card again. i remember it well from the previous design contests. kinda surprised they havn’t put this in yet, but i suppose we ARE getting an expansion around tribes like structures.


Feels weird man. golems turning into eggs? it would make more sense to give them grow than rebirth. more powerful too considering the main threat of golems is high stats.


shameless self promotion is shameless! solid minion that turns vespyr decks from garbage to top tier


this has the potential to be twin fang sized big, or completely useless. at the very least, its a +1/2 for all golems, though odd numbers and priorities are a little weird. i feel like this is a weird card to put in magmar since they focus on dealing and taking damage instead of beefing up minions health (aside from grow) maybe this should go into lyonar? but then it doesnt get the overload bonus and has to rely on other artifacts or sunforge lancer to be of any use at all. :thinking: anyways, its a strictly vaath card


i like it. it gives added depth to wind dervishes and even an offset to why people hate windstorm obelysk (even, dare i say, a reason to play it) it would be more playable if it was cheaper since you could then make use of it earlier with obelysks or even combo it with stars fury, though im not sure if it could do without the bulk being a high cost minion justifies.


faceless is such a boring name. aside from that forcefield is too strong for a 2 mana minion. just look at sapphire seer at 3 mana forcefield 2/2 without any extra abilities. i admit the random extra tribe doesnt seem very useful, even with potential buffs or added design space it is too random to allow that any kind of planned synergy right now


interesting, its effect would be stupid strong if not for the fact there are only 4 warmasters right now, and none of them are ever played in the same deck. this card alone would make warmaster decks meta since it breaks each of them. it essentially turns saberspine tiger into trash tier compared to these buffed warmasters if not for the ridiculous inconsistency of the combo and the lack of synergy between warmasters. this card would make neutral decks like old kara make a comeback ** shudders **


the changes make it better, but you should specify what kind of dervishes things trandform into. theres a big difference between wind and iron dervishes. on a side note this is oddly getting closer and closer to echoing shriek.


replace/arcanyst support? cool, but like astral crusader there will almost never be a situation where you actually summon the dang thing. it would actually be a harder decision whether to summon it or replace if it had a lower cost


interesting effect, but i think golems, dervishes, or even structures would be a better target in vetruvian than arcanysts.

[details= @mmf ] oh look,

the devs thought it was such a good idea they already put it in the next expansion


but they swapped “spells” and “arcanysts” to avoid copyright.


while its a good card, it could be a little confusing since warmasters effect minions with specific keywords. its basically a vanilla 3/4 like ghoulie but even harder to play since there are so few warmasters and its the warmasters that support other minions without overlapping.


a free juxtaposition after every first spell cast a turn? i didnt know i was in a songhai wet dream. besides, i always thought her lore referred to the mist walking spell more than jux. not sure how the targeting would work since a lot of spells are targeted and this might cause some confusion on which one is being activated when.

[details= @eternamemoria ] first- instead of “deal 1 less damage” it should be “lose 1 attack” for sake of calrity, simplicity, and consistency
second- 3 mana might be a little cheap to give your dervishes anywhere between a 1 to 7 attack buff across the board, though i suppose that is offset by the “attack” phrasing that doesnt include counter attacks, but the synergy with spinecleaver, hexblade and to a lesser extent autarchs gift makes me certain that 3 mana is too cheap.

[details= @deekester ] arcanysts in vetruvian? i get that it would be OP in songhai, but does vet have ANY arcanyst support at all?
n mana n/n tribal minion with spellshield in vet?

sounds familiar

but anyway, phrasing: you can just say “friendly arcanysts” instead of other arcanysts you control
on a completely unrelated note, i think the cost and stats are fine.


its a nice card. the body is mediocre, but this card makes even a single obelysk a serious threat. the constant effect of wind dervishes not disappearing makes it a high priority target like furosa, but with all of the summoned wind dervishes dying once its taken out. in ladder this card would cause so much disappointment at any form of removal, especially since its a 3 health minion


i like this card. the name is a little boring, but its super thematic with abyssian dying wish AND creep. the conditions give your opponent a reason to stand on creep tiles or waste a dispel on a potentially weak minion


you really should iron out those details for your submission. the effect looks nice though and i think a more defensive statline would work better. i have the image of a monster trying to defend itself by lashing out at all of its surroundings rather than simply rampaging around.


its an interesting effect, but as long as they have an obelysk on the field you will never be able to break the artifact. its just way too hard to work around, especially with soulburn obelysks killing any minions the general attacks.


i feel like this would make more sense as an artifact. but as the card is now, this is broken. zirix’s old bbs was broken at 1 mana, and since opening gambit effects like variax or geomancer are permanent you suggest giving zirix AND sajj zirix’s old bbs for 0 mana auto-cast every turn. if you removed the opening gambit and attached the effect to the minion, it would be far more balanced.


[details=an interesting card that reminds me of this one]

its a good pseudo dispel and potential damage/health buff. a 2/2 stat line is way too good for a 1 mana minion, especially one with a pseudo dispel opening gambit. shroud used to have that stat line at 2 mana and look how that got nerfed.


this is a fun card for the person playing it, but a literal nightmare for anyone playing against it. i can count on one hand the things that can deal with this minion and that alone should tell you how expensive this minion should be and hint, its not 4 mana. given a buff or two and this thing would be impossible to take down by 95% of all cards you see on the ladder. just the fact it can move and summon (multiple) dervishes (after a buff) makes it extremely powerful.


a nice card. its essentially a 4 mana 3/6 with a good effect for golems that isnt overbearing but solves one of the main problems of golems - mobility


this card actually gets worse the longer you wait to play it since you are likely to have already drawn and played that card. it would actually be better if it drew 2 random ones from your deck since you rarely want to play 2 of the same vespyrs you already have on the field. not even mentioning needing a vespyr on board to even use the effect.


this is basically z0r and skywing mixed together with an opening gambit thrown in to avoid a copyright strike. i would suggest something like ‘opening gambit: all mechs gain “dying wish: add a mech to your action bar and it costs 1 less”’ just for the sake of originality

[details= @unluckyvetruvian ] first things first. you need to have a line between your words outside the tab and the [details

like this far down

next, this card is pretty weak and could actually be detrimental to the person playing it. like spelljammer, both players can gain from it (provided they both have golems) but your enemy can frequently decide what it turns into based on what they decide to kill (and if you want ANY value off this minion, you ARE going to play it with other golems on the field). also, the word “exact copy” makes me think you want to copy over all buffs it had on it like mirror meld, but if that happened it would also copy over all the damage. and guess what, that minions health is 0. if you want a normal copy like what you would get from nether summoning that could work, but still wouldnt be that good for previously stated reason. you COULD use it as a way to cheap out a dragonbone golem or a peacekeeper for 5 mana, but that might not be easy since you still need to kill the dang thing. its abilities are contradictory as well. on one hand it heals golems, but if one dies it gives up on its medic duties to become a skyrock golem to fill the hole in the ranks.



its way too cheap for a card that turns half of your board into walking dark transformations(imagine this + stars fury, its a complete 1 sided board wipe). not to mention the oddness of the timing of the transformation. when you say “on your next turn” you need to specify if its the start or end of your or your opponents turn.


that card is a little too close to grandmaster zendo for my liking. its literally making zendo worth 9 mana. there are better ways of giving magmar mobility or making minions hard to remove. letting the general walk through enemy minions as if they were his own would be a good starting point. its unique, and gives magmar mobility


i dont think you understand warmasters. warmasters are all neutral. skywing, arrow whistler, unseven and the like are all warmasters. what i think your thinking of are grandmasters like variax, zendo, and embla.


the devs said it was so good its already in the next expansion :smile_cat:


i actually like this card, it adds something unique. it seems a little too expensive and useless without a board supporting it, so i guess it will fit in with abyssian honestly i would rather see this as a 3 mana minion since it is comparable to ki beholder.


that card is similar to my own submission in that it changes a minion into a vespyr (it even has “frost in—” in the name). my main complaint with the design of this card is that unless you have a glacial elemental or a deadly combo in hand, there is little reason to play this card. just compare this to sojourner. damaged based card draw vs position based tribe change. unless you have some very specific supporting cards (that dont exist yet) sojourner is stronger and faction cards should be stronger than equivalent neutrals


you’re missing an opening gambit in that card text unless you want it to turn back into what it was before it was a rok

[details= @galaxydueler ]
the card is badly worded and has an effect that has no counter play if you arent vetruvian. first off, the “for two turns” isnt something you see in duelyst. do you mean two of my turns? two of my opponents turns? the start? the end? use previously established card words like “at the start of your next turn”

i cant help but feel your submission is an AOE version of this card

[/details] it is my understanding of your submission that if you were to play this card and next turn your opponent plays, for example a tiger, the tiger would be exhausted as if nightwatcher was around. or if you had an iron dervish ready to move. this betrays the “tribe” requirements of the submissions since its only 1 token minion “wind dervish” instead of the tribe “dervish” which includes things like dunecaster. if your effect works on minions you dont even need to mention the generals. it would be simpler if you just said “all non-dervish minions cant move until the end of your next turn” or something


and the award for longest post goes to…


Perhaps I’ll go for 1/3 instead of 2/2, though I think the comparison to Helm of Mechazor stands.

One thing to consider: the more stats it has, the LESS good it is for dispelling a 1 drop, because it’s the only Golem 1 drop, so it turns an enemy into itself.

Suppose it’s a 1/1. Then you can use it to transform a Furosa and the opponent only gets a 1/1 Golem.

But if it’s a 3/3 and you use it to transform a Furosa, sure, they’ve lost the Bloodsurge effect, but they’ve had a 1/2 turned into a 3/3 which makes up for it…


On my suggestion, playing the artifact on curve would be clearly worse than playing a Fireblaze obeltsk, and it needs to be comboed with your BBS or artifacts to have advantages… which even then only apply to minions. Plus, the 8 mana combo of Prism+Slinecleaver should probably be compared to double Fireblaze+Whisper, or to Fireblaze+Star’s Fury, both of which are game-ending.

Although since it is an artifact, and by its very nature it can be used without spending chargers, I can see it being 4 mana, just to be a little more conservative with my suggestion.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

EDIT: and i also remenbered another thing Dervet can do at 8 mana turns: Nosh-Rak. Yeah, I decided to not change the cost. I did make the wording more clear and added my view on how balanced the card us however.


In my defense, I did modify it :stuck_out_tongue: It used to be a spell, but that seemed a bit boring to me. This seemed the perfect time to make it into an Obelysk.


@oranos, thanks for the reply :smiley:

Looked back over my submission. Could have sworn I made it 6 mana to begin with to give it a meaty opportunity cost for the effect. Adjusted the mana cost to 6. That sortof terminal effect is being embraced by Duelyst more and more with each expansion, and that in combination with better utilities/removal is something I think the game will benefit from a great deal. Still, your point make sense, though being perfectly honest, I don’t think even if Zirix DID have his old BBS, it’d be the same anymore. The game has changed so much since last May- it has paradoxically gotten both faster and slower which both work to the detriment of the “Face Monkey” deck.


Ok but what can I do now ? Can/should I replace my submission ?
With something like :

Neutral Golem
8 mana
Opening Gambit : Destroy all friendly Golems, gains +2/+2 for every destroyed Golem.


So Darkfire Devourer on steroids?


Err … effect with no positioning requested.
And boardwide, tribe related.
And not Abyssian.
And not Frenzy.
With Rush.
And Golem himself.
And Neutral.
And more mana expensive.

But yeah, you’re right, beside the faction, mana cost, ability, tribe and effect, pretty much the same :grin:


So… I have 2 metallurgists/Cebrants in the board, and from then I get a 6 mana 8/8 Rush? :thinking:. Although it will most likely be played for 8 or if you are lucky 7 mana, but still it is a better and more reliable Meltdown if you have at least 2 golems on board when you summon it, and a worse Revenant if you have one.

Its cost makes buff abuse unlikely unless your faction is capable of ramping it so that is a plus, but I am afraid of what this monster may do in Magmar hands. Although Magmar already has ways to create immense damage with Wush minions.


Magmar will have a better option at 8 mana than my little boy :wink:


Yes. It is… I kinda based it off of swords of revealing light from yugioh.


Vetruvian Common Dervish
2 mana
dying wish: Select 1 Structure. It Cannot be targeted by Spells.


“Warmaster Abilities that affect minions with certain keywords also affect this minion.”



It’s a cool idea, but I’d limit the movement to just the Generals because as-is it probably has more synergy with Obelysk Zirix while I think you want it to be a Sajj card. I’m mulling the implications over though, really makes me think.


I appreciate the feedback on my card. I thought it would bring something fresh to the game. I only held off on making it a 3-mana minion because I fear how strong it could be as a turn 1 play when going second. Who knows though? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. :grinning:


That was a flawless review of @oranos’s card. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I agree that 6 mana may be a lot but think of it like this:

  1. So far there is only 1 good Vet 6 drop that being Aymara

  2. This affects all dervishes so it gives you a reason to play Dervish minions that are not summoned from obelysk

  3. Works on itself and you can use Scions Third wish on it

  4. If dispelled it becomes a 4/7 (not that bad right?)

  5. If it costed 5 would you play this over Nimbus? (I think not)

I do however think that I could buff its attack and make it 5 but it will be like a 6 mana Incinera. What if I added blast to it? Having another blast minion is not that bad. Only problem is that Starfire Scarab wont see any play if I did that but who knows… maybe a blast themed deck could be a thing. Man that would be a “blast” HAHA :joy: I’m so sorry :sob:


I don’t enter in these very much, so could I get some feedback on my entry?

Genetic shaper
Neutral minion
6 mana
Opening gambit- Draw a random Warmaster from your deck. Give the keywords of the next Warmaster you play to every neutral minion that costs 2 mana or less in your hand and deck.

Dying Wish minions gain a randomly targeted copy of their opening gambit as their dying wish


Nice idea but ins’t it a bit too powerful? it has amazing stats and and instant effect dont you think its a bit too much? also what type of deck could you make revolving this card? Or is it supposed to just be a filler card?