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Okay, so I ended up cutting the neutral minion idea and reducing my possible entries to the other two:

Call of the Hunt / Feral Allure / Unleash [?]
Vanar Spell
7 mana
All minions are now Battlepets. They have no owner.

This card may be a little complicated, as it’d have some weird interactions with stuff like Aymara and Reaper of the Nine Moons (I guess Aymara’s damage would proc on both generals and RNM would pull randomly from either deck and it’s spawn would also become a ownerless Battlepet) but I’m really liking the idea. Do you guys think it’s too problematic? Also which name do you prefer?

Dragon Leash
Songhai Artifact
2 mana
Your general gains +1 attack. Whenever your general attacks, reactivate friendly Battlepets.

I’m not completely sold on the cost and the attack increase as they stand, but this card seems balanced to me. After the proposed changes I can’t think of any weird interactions with other cards, except the Zendo hard counter, although I’m not sure if it would work, considering his present text. I’m also open to name suggestions for this one…

I would really appreciated if you could tell which one you prefer and why, so I can use the input to decide what to go with before someone else posts similar ideas.


I don’t get the Quest called tribe name, but the card seems interesting to me. With proper setup, this plus Dryad or Huldra could be quite strong. I don’t really like the secondary effect tho.


I really liked the original idea and don’t think the card’s immense burst potential is too abusable considering the absence of cheap/easy ways for Magmar to swarm the board with golems as of yet. But maybe you could balance it’s cost a little…


Lower the cost or raise it?


Raise it. 15char
PS: I would wait for more opinions tho; as my card ideas demonstrate, I’m not exactly an expert…


Showing my age there with its name… It’s a fun place holder till I think of something.

I didn’t think it’s primary effect was great on its own but I’ll think about it… And I wanted a way to buff ur minions.


Just want to poke in and note that I’m particularly fond of @oranos’s entry. Changing the tribe and giving a conditional bonus encourages some very interesting/goofy play for things like Glacial Elemental. Also, making Rhyno and Voice more than honorary Vespyrs sounds sweet.


@coldhands I really like the idea of that Vanar Spell, maybe call it “Primal Reversion” or “Primal Spirit”. Dragon Leash seems pretty balanced, I think you could raise it to 3-Mana and +2 Attack if you wanted, but it seems fine as of now.

What do you guys think of my submission?


pretty fair card. bloodshard golem(4/3) + 2 x diretide frenzy (give +1 attack & frenzy) + dervish synergy


Hey everybody! I’m thebravetoaster, one of this month’s jurors. I’ve come up with my feedback for those contestants who requested it. Here goes!

@degenerator - Aeras The Intangible
I think this is a very well-designed card, and the name is gravy. The minion is understatted but comes with a powerful effect to compensate. A powerful tool for Vetruvian to close out games, and is not as weak to dispel as other faction minions.

@dewize - Stormmetal Core
Card text is above the 125-character limit, and splitting stats between attack and health seems too complicated. I like the concept, but needs more refinement.

@mebler92 - Scarabi Bladesinger
Aggressive stat line, but will probably be a prime removal target. Not an answer-or-die threat like Aymara, but gets immediate value. I like the frenzy support, too. Overall this seems like a well-balanced card.

@fusion23310 - Silithar Golem
I like the amount of synergy this card provides. I think the stats are well balanced — some survivability, but not too difficult to remove either.


Cycle preserver
4 mana
rebirth, forcefield
this card cannot be targeted by any spells, all eggs have forcefield

Focii’s apprentice
1 mana
dying wish: your general is healed 1 life and his attack is increased by 1. both players draw a card


I’ve just had another idea which I think I prefer to my entry

Card Design Contest - March/April

But I don’t know whether it’s better and I have no idea how to balance the cost.

So: what would you pay for card text

“Only Golem minions can move”

Obviously the body needs to be small enough that it can be removed by a variety of spells… 3 health? And so 4 attack? For 6 mana?

(Plus, I’m interested in feedback on the Golem Crafter)


Thank you for your feedback! I’ve taken your thoughts into consideration and I would like to ask you a question. Do you think the card would be better if it had blast or would that make it too overpowered? So far there aren’t many blast minions so perhaps this could be a good addition.


Too problematic, especially in its current iteration. Assuming there’s no owner, you could play this on a large board and let the enemy minions kill their general.


Just submitted this mighty one, feedback appreciated :wink:

Neutral Warmaster
7 mana 6/6
Every friendly minion gains +1/+1 for every other friendly minion of the same tribe

Sample : 4 mechs on the board, they all gains +3/+3

Edit : seems that devs decided to blow my proposal by copying me :stuck_out_tongue:




Do you mean @isbee ?


Nah, I would prefer…

The Archaeologist
Neutral Arcanyst (Legendary)
6 Mana
3/4 Provoke

“When this minion takes damage, summon a random minion nearby that was destroyed previously which costs less than or equal to the amount of damage received.”

Not a great card, but neat.

I would be tempted to submit this in the contest, but it is more of a vanity piece than an actual attempt. :sunglasses:


How about this as a side effect: “After 14 days, summon one @isbee on a random nearby space.”


Most of the times they’d just kill each other. It’s not that hard for the enemy to position in a way where this cards only serves as a pseudo-board clear (and a very expensive one at that). Also, it’s almost useless when you’re surrounded or pressed against a corner. I just think that it may have a lot of complicated interactions with other cards, like the ones appointed, but I don’t know if that’s a problem or not…