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From reading yours, I thought of an alternative. As my idea was inspired by yours, and by the similarity of concept, I wanted to offer it to you. I was thinking that of an effect like,

This minion gains the Keywords of friendly Warmasters.

This would naturally provide it with the abilities and effects of other warmasters. I could see numerical adjustments, but just wanted to share this with you due to earlier said reasons.


I’d suggest a 3/3 body for the strength of your effect.


Just made my fan card submission for March/April. Figured you can take a look again for discussion. :slight_smile:


I don’t feel that the card really embraces Warmasters as a tribe. What it does is very cool, and it behaves like other Warmasters- but I think the contest is fundamentally about cards that care about the tribe they support. IE, if the card doubled the effect of other Warmasters, or buffed Warmasters, it would be more fitting.


“Lieutenant of the Aegis"
Neutral WARMASTER 4mana, 4/4
"Other Warmasters you control cannot be the target of spells your opponent’s control”

Just my 2c. Hope it makes sense. That said, much like last month; I might interpret the guideline differently than the judges.


I think you’re right again like last time, but I’ll probably stick with it again (like last time lol). I like my effect enough to stick with it. :smile:

Ideas about a name and/or the statline?


I do like the suggestion, but I do agree the card would need a complete retooling because a 2 mana 3/4 Flying or 3 Mana 4/4 Ranged would be insanely strong. I’ll think on it, thanks!


Hey guys what do you think about my card? Aeras The Intangible (changed his name). Go check it out if you haven’t.


3 Mana
Vetruvian Epic Minion
Whenever a Dervish appears on board, this minion gains +1/+1


Every faction has a stacking minion (Chakri, Lightchaser, Rancour, Borean Bear, Portal Guardian, Shadow Watcher and DFC in general)

The least viable are probably Borean Bear and Portal Guardian. I wanted to give Vet a decent 3 Mana Dervish that had synergy with dervish decks (not strictly obelysks!).

I think it’s relatively balanced and I haven’t participated in the contest in a while so I thought I’d get back into it.

Feedback is appreciated before I either choose to submit this, change it or trash it and create another concept entirely.


He seems a bit like Portal Guardian, although this card would see more play then him do to actually having an attack stat.

But doesn’t a card called Windwalker already exist?


Its a nice card, but it seems like its easily abused. I would actually argue this card is closer to black solus than portal guardian. Vet has a TON of cards than spawn dervishes. Stars fury, whispers and zirix bbs to name a few. Its strong, but its no more overpowered than a lategame chakri avatar.


Windrunner actually.

Ps: anyone could give feedback on my Stargazer’s Prism? I feel quite sure about it and am unlikely to change it, but still want to hear opinions.


Thanks for correcting me. Stargazer’s Prism seems like it could be strong with the hexblade or spinecleaver.


That’s what I was aiming for, similar to PG but not utterly useless because it has a base attack stat


Which is why I think its okay. The ways to immediately get a Dervish are limited, Rashas, WotS, Zirix BBS or summoning one from hand (orb weaver, the 3/3 spellshield).
Obelysks need to wait a turn to do so and if you want to combo with stars fury or something it becomes a very late game combo, so I think it’s at the right power level, not abusable but a solid threat kinda like Chakri.


Stargazer is definitely an unusual concept. It kinda seems like trying to combine 2 archetypes. Problem is if Sajj is running the Dervish cards for this to work well, she’s not running as many cards that work well for Sajj. If you try to run both in the same deck, it becomes kinda, excuse my language “half-assed” and the deck concept falls apart due to incomplete synergies.

That’s the problem I see with it anyway


Well, that was the goal. I believe that it is balanced out by how its effect only applies to minions and nerfs their face damage, and by how without comboing it with your BBS or an artifact there is no reason at all to play it over a Fireblaze Obelysk, Whisper of The Sands or maybe Inner Oasis.


Well, Zirix already runs Falcius, and there aren’t exactly many “Sajj cards”, there is the OTK kit (which you shouldn’t run this artifact with), and the Control Sajj Kit, that includes Ankh, Spinecleaver as a potential wincon, and rarely Zephyr.

In a potential Dervish Sajj deck you could run Prisms instead of (or with) Ankhs and run 2 Cleavers. That isn’t many slots, and you could take out some minion buffs or draw (as this is going to be slower than a Zirix deck). You also won’t need as much healing or provokes as the usual Sajj, because you can use dervishes to trade by proxy without taking damage.

So yeah, I don’t think the decks that ran Prism would have the problem you described.


A couple ideas have come to mind, though I’m not sure if any of them necessarily qualify. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Zeitgeist / Neutral Minion / 4 Mana, [3/4]
Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion from any tribe.

  • Good ol’ hate card to keep tribes in check.

Terraform / Magmar Spell / ??? Mana
Transform ANY minion into a random golem of the same cost.

  • Maybe this should be converted into an Opening Gambit on a neutral minion, or a spell that affects all minions.

??? / Songhai Minion [Arcanyst] / 6 Mana, [6/5]
Opening Gambit: Deal damage to an enemy for each friendly arcanyst minion.

Tome of the Tempest / Songhai Artifact / 4 (?) Mana
Whenever you summon an arcanyst minion, put a Kage Lightning into your action bar.

Phagos / Abyssian Minion [Arcanyst] / 4 Mana, [3/4]
Opening Gambit: Destroy a friendly arcanyst minion. Your next spell costs 0.


I really like the Tome idea, and how it uses a token taht already exists but is never seem. I think it could afford to be 3 mana however.


zeitgeist is OP as hell, sure it doesnt work on nomral minions, but this is basically a ranged, neutral entropic decay that leaves a body on the board. instant kill on an aegis barriered 4/9001 owlbeast that also leaves a 3/4 body

terraform feels like alter beast but with golems instead of battle pets. it feels more like a vet card to be honest and there is little reason to use this card when you just give them a viable minion in exchange for a game ending one. it just feels like a worse aspect of the fox.

swarmhai? thats new. but how much damage? 1, 2? is the damage random or can they choose to go all face? 6/5 seems a little high statted for a songhai minion with potential to end the game. it just doesnt seem fully thought through.

tome of the tempest seems kinda strong. free spell based removal that does better than phoenix fires without wasting phoenix fires as removal. not to mention you get a free spell in hand which is always loved in songhai, especially arcanysthai. the name could use a little work though, tempest is lyonars thing

phagos is honestly what arcane devourer should have been and removing the arcanyst tags. it fits only with an arcanysts only deck and even then arcanysts are typically minions that gain value while on the board. the combos you could pull of with this card are insane since you could double phagos into rite obliterate. people would be super salty with this card just like darkfire sacrifice because it doesnt have the “this turn” limiter. all in all, i like this card the most.


Hello all So i wanted to do a Vanar Minion this time
Something that crosses tribes and I was thinking golems and Vespers.

Quest called tribe
3 mana Vanar Golem
All Golems are also Vespers/All Vespers are also Golems
At the end of turn a random Vesper and Golem gain +1/1


Wadday’all think?

I thought of just lowering the attack boost but I think I’ll rework it like this :
Your General gains +1 attack, friendly Golems gain equally split stats equal to your General’s attack