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Uh, both effects are temporary actually. And the idea is casting it after you attack with your dervishes (and other minions you want to attack with). But I get it, too complicated. And the writing could use a lit of work I guess.


Silithar Golem
5 cost
All friendly golem minions have Rebirth.

So what do you guys think? I’m not sure about the cost and the stats feel free to give me some suggestions.


Lorewise, I am unsure what a Slithar Golem is supposed to be. Other than that, the stats are really bad defensively speaking, and the most “playable” golems have a big health pool, so unless you play it and have an already wounded golem I am unsure if its ability will see use, as it may get killed way before your other golems, or with then by an Immo or Makantor.

On my card suggestion, I scrapped and deleted it and instead added Sajj Dervish support and multiple paragraphs of L O R E :smile:


Eternal Gaze
Your General acts like a Structure and has Summon Dervish x2.

What you guys think?


Does it have to have lore? I just saw that most of these golems were either connected to nature or seem to be man made. SO I thought this one would be like a reptilian one. Would it be better if I changed it to having a 4/4 stat line for 4 mana? I thoughta about it giving it rebirth as well but that might make it too hard to kill.

EDIT: Maybe it could be an abomination that was made from people experimenting on silithars. It mentions on kolossus’s lore that people were trying to hunt in that area so maybe some scientists got their hands on silithars and experimented with them and spliced their DNA with somekind of golem and they got this. Just something I came up with.


Could be exploited in a lot of ways. Songhai could move away and build for lethal and try to kill you with a minion with multiple killing edges applied. OTK decks get a lot of time to get the right cards. Control decks could just use it to get to the lategame easier. Seems like it could be exploited alot because as long as you dont take damage you just cant move or attack and if they’re on the other side of the board the win dervishes won’t matter.


It does not need to have lore, but it can’t contradict it either. As far as we understand golems are magically animated beings with free will animated by their core, their tangible soul, which is of unknown origin. The only thing I can imagine a slithar golem to be isva golem made with materials extracted from slithar corpses.

Although since the magmar were said in the lore to use golems (Vaath even invented some types), I think you don’t need an explanation.


I almost made an artifact like that, then thought that it would be easily broken or avoided. :thinking: Right now, I would look at it as 3 mana: summon 2 wind dervishes on random nearby spaces next turn and lose your next action. If it lasts more than one turn, it is because the enemy decided it was better to leave you immobile and face the dervishes, so I’d say this artifact is underpowered as hell.

And since you still aren’t a Obelysk, you cant have immediate value from Whisper.


Can we talk about this card?

I really really like the concept behind it, but its just so underwhelming in its current state I can’t possibly vote for it as is.


Also, pls some feedback on mine :3

Royal Alchemancer
5 Mana 4/2
Opening Gambit: Reduce the cost of all Golems in your action bar by 2.


This is a very very greedy minion that would suit a high curve Golem deck. You can potentially get 7 mana worth of value (10 - 3 mana of lost stats) and ramp out a Peacekeeper 2 turns earlier, but as a turn 5 play this card can lose you the game with the tempo it sacrifices.

Overall, a card that rewards the Timmy player in all of us who wants to see a trio of Peacekeepers drop in one turn, but horrible if played at the wrong time. Works best in Lyonar because they have no in-faction ramp and few good draw options (although who needs more than 3 trinity oaths).


do you think the card would be too broken if it had the rebirth keyword?


that makes way for ridiculous combos. imagine 5 mana royal alchemancer + free golem metallurgist + 2 mana rolay alchemancer + 1 mana royal alchemancer + free storm metal golem + 1 mana peacekeeper


Howdy bud. Just wanted to ask for some feedback on the card. I thought that making it too cheap would lead it to compete with other good cards (Amarya, Nosh-Rak, etc), but I thought having a total of 4 damage (without buffs) was a bit strong. What coul I do to improve?


First off, I love the concept of this card. However, I think it’s too slow to ever see play, especially because Obelysks are so easy to remove. I think this card would be much better at a lower mana cost (like 4) with an appropriate stat reduction. To keep things fair, the effect should not be an opening gambit.


Halved the cost and removed Opening Gambit. Hopefully it’s a bit better now!


Feedback on my submission please

frost initiate
2 mana

opening gambit: all minions in your action bar are now vespyrs and gain infiltrate:+1/0

Is it boring? Is it OP? Would it work better as another of the 50 vet cards submitted so far


I think it’s a solid card. Not as flashy as some other submissions, but not every card needs flash. It’s a playable 2-drop for Vanar, which is good, and its OG seems balanced across stages of the game. I like that it enables some interesting combos.

My only concern is that that the combo with Iceblade Dryad might become too powerful on well-statted 4-drops like Sleet Dasher or Sunsteel Defender.


Id like some feedback for my submission.
Faceless Necromancer
5 Mana 4/5
Opening Gambit: choose an Arcanyst in your hand, give it Dying Wish: Re-summon it on a random shadow creep tile.

not sure if i should reword it, as its only ment to revive once, and lose the dying wish since it not originally apart of the card it targets


Well, as far as I understand resummoned minions lose buffs, but I am unsure how consistent the mechanic is among the cards that use it. It would be wise to add a clarification, but I believe the card text can stay as it is.

Ps: really interesting idea BTW.


The Alchemancer isn’t a Golem itself for just that reason; I didn’t want the mana tradeoff to be “fixed” by any other cards.