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I think Opening Gambit works lore-wise, what with a future version of Zirix appearing in Sajj’s lore.


With all the counterplay this minion has, doesn’t it seem like the body should be stronger/cheaper? Maybe 2 mana 2/1 or 3 mana 3/2? It’s definitely a good design though, good job :smiley:


What I think I was going for was a relatively early form of dispell for Vet. Considering the strength of this minions effect, but the need for an earlier form of dispell, I feel like its relatively OK.


Lilithe and zirix laugh at this card while reva and kaleos cry



Rite of the Ancients
Vetruvian Spell
6 mana
Transform all non golem minions into 3/2 golems, all friendly golems gain +3/+3.


i think you wanted a neutral spell, but realized it had to be in a faction and shoved it in vet

if you really wanted it to be a vet card you would change “golem” to “dervish” or “structure”

the way its worded, it turns all your minions into 6/5’s and your opponents minions into 3/2’s giving you an instant board clear(if in range) and potentially lethal if your near the general. its way too strong for 6 mana.

its like enfeeble, pandamonium, or metamorphosis, but also gives you lethal with wind dervishes.

on a side note, im not sure, but i think that the card needs to be a minion with said tribe that affects some tribe


Okay, so here are my initial ideas for this month’s contest:

[ ~ ]
Vanar Spell
7 mana
All minions are now Battlepets. They have no owner.

[ ~ ]
Neutral Minion
8 mana 3/7
Take control of a nearby enemy minion. It becomes a Battlepet.

[ ~ ]
Songhai Artifact
2 mana
Your general gains +1 attack. Whenever your general attacks, reactivate friendly Battlepets.

As you can see, I could only think of Battlepet ones so far…

Any input is really appreciated!


The card has to actually interact with a tribe, therefore the tribe’s name has to be in the card text. Just designing a minion and assigning it to a tribe is not enough for this contest.


i feel like the vanar spell would be more of a magmar spell.
the neutral minion feels weird. so its zenrui with dominate will, but turns it into a battle pet. turning it into a battle pet kinda defeats the purpose of stealing the minion. especially at 8 mana.
the artifact is actually interesting, but would be super abusable with bloodrage mask. would be super countered by an enemy zendo though. the main problem i see is that your general can “deal damage” even on your enemies turn if they attack you


Maybe the best solution would be “whenever your general attacks”…


Did I misinterpret the text or aren’t these meant to be minions?


They can be any type of card as long as their text has something to do with tribes…


Artifact makes that coil obsolete, but it does seem like a more viable choice.


Okay, my turn.

Solstice Edge
Vanar Artifact
5 Mana
Your General gain +3 Attack.
At the end of your turn, summon a random vespyr minion nearby.

Any opinions and suggestion is appreciated.:grin:


Design a card that has a tribe in the card text and interacts with tribes.

1st part just seems redundant if 2nd part is true. They could have just said, design a card that interacts with a single tribe.


that is an extremely dangerous artifact. i would argue that the +3 attack is a moot point if it summons anything from snow chaser to druagr lord for 2 mana on top of a snowpiercer. i would actually lower the attack of this artifact or turn it into a spell like vespyric call


Its dangerous alright, since its came from Swordmaster Zwei’s dual-welding blade!(Lore):wink:
Anyway,i somewhat agree to reduce its attack, seems overpowered.


I made the spell a Vanar one because I was thinking about card names like Mark of Solitude and Spirit of the Wild when l came up with the idea… I can see it as a Magmar card too tho.

The neutral minion’s cost/statline might need to be changed if his effect feels too underwhelming, but I think a clear removal + a dumb Aymara could be quite scary. Either way, it’s probably the least inspired idea of the three…

Thanks for the comments on the Artifact! I think the text suggested by @attheedge might solve most of the appointed issues.


Any feedback on my card suggestion? It has a lot of “discoverable” features, but I think it captures an epic feeling and carries some flavour in the name


The name is nice, but maybe anima subversion would be better?

the main point of structures in vet is for dervish synergy. When you turn all minions into structures that includes any spawned wind dervishes. Transform effects also dont usually leave the minion with the same abilities it started with.

The way its worded leaves me thinking its two transform effects. One thats permanent and the other that lasts until the end of your next turn. I dont think there are any effects that skip turns like this so far, its confusing. And whats the point of changing it back to a structure afterwards? Why not just make both permanent for simplicity sake or make it “after this minion takes/deals damage” or at the end of this turn.

The effigies have way too much health to be reasonably destroyed by minions and their ability prevents them from being plasma stormed or punished. Also keeping their regular abilities is OP with provoke or immunity abilities. Imagine a sand howler with cosmic flesh turning into this, or quartermaster gauj, or white widow. Either they lose health or they lose the ability.