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You are right! I’m an idiot! Please kill me XD


Lyonar- Magnetize, Aerial Rift, Decimate, Holy Immolation
Songhai- Jux, Mist Walking, Mist Dragon Seal, Obscuring Blow
Vet- Siphon, Stone to Spears, Bone Swarm, Cosmic Flesh, Rasha’s Curse, Astral Phasing, Scion’s Third Wish, Time Maelstrom, Entropic Decay, Star’s Fury, Dominate Will
Abyss- Daemonic Lure, Grasp of Agony, Void Steal, Necrotic Sphere
Magmar- Diretide Frenzy, Kinetic Equilibrium, Egg Morph
Vanar- Mesmerize, Gravity Well, Bone Chill Barrier, Blazing Spines, Lightning Blitz, Aspect of the Drake, Aspect of the Mountain, Avalanche, Spirit of the Wild, Winter’s Wake

I’m sure that I forgot a couple. Generally these spells either displace positioning, take of advantage of unit positioning, punish the opponent’s positioning, or enable repositioning (like Flying enablers.) Very few of them are global, most of them are targeted, some have an AoE.

EDIT: Removed Afterblaze, was unaware that Zeal didn’t have to be active for the draw effect.


i wouldnt consider afterblaze a spell that interacts with positioning, it interacts with zeal. zeal doesnt even need to be active for the card draw. you wouldn’t say killing edge is a positioning based spell.

time mealstrom doesnt really deal with positioning either since all it does is reactivate your general. that’s like saying celerity is position based, and its not.

egg morph doesnt deal with positioning either. sure, it usually needs positioning to take advantage of but its not required to use it. (skorn, bloodtear, using it on your own egg, etc)

not sure if walls should count, since they summon minions(even if they cant move). If walls count then you have to let in wraithling swarm and revas BBS to the list and i dont think those should count.

If the “sacrosanct ground” submission counts as positioning, then so should shadow nova, its basically the same spell but reducing damage instead of causing it.(also natures confluence and sun bloom)


Reva’s BBS ignores positioning. Aside from this, accurate analysis.


I am mistaken then. I haven’t used the card without Zeal being active lol- was just under the impression that it’s how it worked.

It’s a repositioning tool, awkward yes. But still relevant. It’s about as much a repositioning tool as Mist Walking.

Generally, it interacts with positioning. The Skorn/Bloodtear thing is an afterthought and niche case, but generally it’s a wasted card if you don’t kill what you egg. Also, reactivating allows for repositioning, so when you use it to say, resummon a Dreadnought, yes- it does allow you to reposition.

Walls are all about positioning. In dead positions, they’re hot trash. In relevant positions (where they limit the movement of opposing minions-) they effect the positioning of both your own future units, and the opponent’s squad. I wouldn’t count Swarm or Reva’s BBS because they don’t carry the secondary effects of the walls (3/3 that doesn’t move, stunning, provoke). While I’ve seen WS used to limit opponent’s positioning, it is never really the operative idea of playing it in my experience.


If you consider your description and listed cards to interact with positioning, how would my card design not? (Extra so if you consider Lightning Blitz to be similar and for it to be an interactive one.)


Any thoughts on my card?

Bonded Wound
Magmar Spell
2 Mana

Pull ANY damaged minion to a space nearby your General.

Design purpose: The idea of this card is to give versatility in positioning to the Magmar strategies. In this sense, the spell may serve many diferent purposes, for example: pull an enemy minion nearby for that your General can hit it; pull a friendly minion to save it or to help keeping the pressure; or just clear the path of your General. Once Magmar Aspects have many cards that deal damage to enemy and friendly minions, the players can find endless interactions and combinations. The restriction of the spell “a damaged minion” fit the faction theme, like the card “Amplification”, e.g. in the sense of a biologial transformation, or in this case, a biological effect that link the General and the target. This card could add a different tool for the faction, once the others factions have cards like “Magnetize”, “Mist Dragon Seal”, “Juxtaposition”, “Daemonic Lure”, “Hearth-Sister” that play a significant part in positioning and in the overall deck strategies.


Because it only interacts with positioning in the most technical sense. Which means it’s likely to get weeded out early because it only sortof-kindof meets the objective. Lightning Blitz actually moves the units, Avalanche is just AoE etc. Spirit of the Wild is really the closest comparison to your entry- and how well does it suit the guideline? Probably only on a technicality as well.


Then technically it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hahaha, but for real, thanks for this last bit. I’ll leave it in simply on grounds of it does technically suit the prompt and infiltrate needs some interactive love/assistance. This does help me on future consideration and analysis though, so thanks again :slight_smile:


hes technically correct

the best kind of correct


Just changed my entry based on @paralykeet and @akurane feedback, do you guys think it’s better now or is it too strong?


While. I don’t like the idea of Magmar backflipping around the board, it’s a good one :slight_smile:

I don’t really think power level matters for the sake of design contests though (iirc, it’s explicitly mentioned in the OP of the contest thread- My own submission is on the weak side.) I could see how the power level of the previous entry would be jarring, the new one is sortof flexible- like if implemented, a designer might change the movement addition to 1 to keep Vaath from stomping across the board to get around a wall of minions (for fairly obvious reasons.) But in terms of design, the idea is neat and exciting at the very least. Best of luck :smiley:


I’d appreciate your feedback on my card.


My submission for the contest, the real one ths time XD

Frozen Field
Vanar Spell
Mana cost : 4
Stun all minion and generals in a 2x2 area. Your general gains +1 health for every enemy stunned


To avoid dispel lethals.



Saw your submission. It seems extremely strong. Holding 1 and finding a 2nd; using this twice in a row at any point of the game is immense. And it replaces itself. This is similar to Frigid Corona, but for less mana (1 compared to 2). I personally view the attack buff negligible as this card is only looking to be used when you already have an advantage, which likely means the enemy general’s forced to deal with 1-3 minions in face.

I’m not bashing the idea, just the current value. Again, compare it to cards like Frigid Corona and Mesmerize.

Attempting to be objective, I’d say if it keeps the draw function, for what it provides, 3 mana is fair, and could even argue lifting the attack penalty.


I disagree, the 3 attack threshold means a lot, with 3 attack you can clear all of their 2 drops, and it only takes general+2 drop to take out silver guard. the 2 attack means that the trades you make after using it won’t be optimal


you cant dispel stun


Future Beholder
Vetruvian Minion
3 mana (2/2)
Opening Gambit: Dispell the next minion summoned by your enemy. Cannot be targeted by spells

Something for Vetruvian’s woes that can be helpful against certain threats and be a nuisance, but at the same time can be played around.


I think it will be more “vetruvian” with dying wish over opening gambit imo