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Maybe it wasn’t for the contest? :confused:


haha sorry I should have been a tad clearer then just posting it, the card was just an idea I had, not for the contest, I’ll include that next time. Sorry for the confusion.


Greetings, fellow forum dwellers. May I ask your opinion on the card I presented at December Design Contest? Is it interesting or not? Is it balanced or not?

Spell Thief
Songhai Arcanyst
2 mana 1\2

Infiltrate: When this minion deals damage, steal a random spell from your opponents deck and put it in your action bar.

Notes on appearance

I imagine this unit dressed in red cloak and hood, having a knife in right hand and wand in the left one.

[details=Thoughts]Infiltrate and backstab synergy is rather obvious to explain in detail. Especially in Songhai. The effect seems interesting to me, cause I like using cards, which I never get to use conventionally. I’m in love with grincher, for example. I think, it could be fun in songhai due to spell synergy. In the probable case the stolen spell is unusable, you still got card advantage, which is valuable for any type of deck. Some Arcanyst synergy is added to the mix, since I like highly synergetic cards.

Note on infiltrate: steal effect on infiltrate is logical in the sence that you can only steal opponent’s property while being on his “base” - his starting side of the battlefield.

It’s not OP since not every Songhai deck manages to keep opponent on his starting side of the battlefield consistently. Still a nice opener though. [/details]


Take Kaido assasin and subtract 1 stat for the ability and 1 more for the minion being arcanyst. Maybe that’s too much subtraction, and the minion should be 1/3?


Possible Tweaks

If steal effect seems too powerful, it can be instead changed to “copy”. Also, my initial idea was unit with “Infiltrate:At the end of your turn, put a copy of a spell from your opponent’s deck in your action bar.” I considered this effect to be too powerful in the endgame if most action happens on your starting side of the battlefield. Then you can just teleport thief to your opponent’s side and gain additional card each turn. Too OP, I guess.

Its brag Time guys

Can someone critique this:
Shining Ascension
6 Mana Lyonar Spell
Give a Minion
Deathwatch: Heal 2 to a random friendly Minion or General

Please feel free to tell me how my card is stupid, my card is childish, and how it will not work.

*Edit: Changed name and removed zeal effect and upgraded deathwatch effect.


Your card is stupid, childish and will not work :joy:

Lol, jk, it seems pretty interesting, although a little complicated, perhaps drop the zeal effect and lower the cost?


I like your card design (although 'steal’effects in general would be a bit to strong in this game, I would recommend going the copy route). I’d also suggest toying around with its stats and mana cost, as a 2/1 with backstab 1 for 2 may be slightly underwhelming in comparison to other backstab minions like kaido assassin

Its brag Time guys

Thanks for your feedback!

I don’t like it being 2/1 since it will be very vulnerable to ping effects. I agree it is not much of the offensive card, more like tech one.

I kinda agree on copy though. Should think about it.)


If you want it to give both, it needs to be worded as:

Give a minion “Deathwatch: Heal a random friendly minion or general for 1.” and “Zeal: Deathwatch: Heal your general for 1.”

Fits into the text limit, streamlines your effect. However, I’d say it’s still a bit awkward, and the card doesn’t really feel like ‘immolation’. If I was to give it a name it would be something like “Ritual of Zealotry” or “Zealous Anointment”; to imply the ascension of the unit to being a cheering commander of the Zealot’s crusade.


ok i will 2 mana cost you sold me on that
but i will make it 1/4


Finally I found some time for reviewing your submitted cards. All cards that I really like but I have nothing to say about are marked with a like in the contest thread.

[details=Silithar Guardian]@mrmana3
Although I like the effect, the body is way too weak for its cost. A minion with such an effect should rather stick on board than deal damage, and the effect isn’t that strong so it shouldn’t lose so many stats. What about a 4 mana 2/5? Additionally I would change the text from “Give all friendly Eggs “Forcefield”.” to “All friendly eggs have “Forcefield”.” since “give” would be permanent.

[details=Silverguard Sniper]@archer4
To be honest, zero points for the name. Terms like “Silverguard”, “Silithar”, etc. should stay in their faction, it just doesn’t fit Songhai. “Sniper” doesn’t fit the entire Duelyst theme in my opinion, “archer” would be an alternative. Beside from that, I really like the card.[/details]

I’m currently at entry 40, to be continued…


Just tweaked my entry based on @oranos feedback, what do you guys think of it now?


What is the rules of this month


Here you go. But please look for it next time using the search bar.


Thank you for the feedback. Looking back, I should have phrased it in the way you described. It was how I intended the card to function.

Regarding the stats, yeah, they’re low. They’re far lower than most minions for its cost (save QuarterMaster Gauj). I gave it those stats because I think it would be more of an immediate threat with cards like Chrysallis Burst and Silithar Elder as opposed to Kelaino or Four Winds Magi, which don’t win games on the spot. With more health, I think it would be nearly impossible to clear the minion AND something like Chrysallis Burst, which I think would be borderline broken.

I could take the higher stat route like you said. If I do, I probably would raise its cost too. But thanks again for your thoughts anyway!


[details=brood bearer] brood bearer is terrible even for a 1 drop. The idea is good, but the execution is horrendous. Maybe change the end of turn into a dying wish or a when this takes damage effect since the other way is just a 2 turn delay of wraithling swarm that’s easily killed by basically anything for free. It might be playable as a 0 mana minion though

mist panther

it’s not a bad card, but when songhai already has juxtaposition and mist dragon seal, do they really need more? Especially in the form of a battle pet with no guarantee that it will ever get back into infiltrate range.

mist dragon initiate

I see little to no use of this minions effect outside onyx jaguar synergy and when you draw Phoenix fires instead of any move spells it can be easily killed by your opponent suiciding a minion near a bigger threat. And what happens when multiple minions die at once as happens so frequently with aoe effects and trading minions? Does it go to every space? It just seems like more of a nuisance than something useful.

abyssal bodyguard

this thing is broken. And potentially can give you over 25 damage instantly with nothing more than a well placed blood moon priestess. Maybe try provoke instead of rush

xaanite informant

while a nice idea, with songhai many movement spells from mds to blink to inner focus it is really easy to abuse this pseudo mogwai. Also, try to use an actual keyword.

undead avenger


spell thief

it’s an interesting card. A bit too powerful for such a cheap minion since the only cards with “steal” effects are 4+mana

mirror image

it’s an interesting card, but it feels like power creep on mist walking.(2 mana songhai spell:teleport general 2 spaces) it even feels like a songhai card


this card would single-handedly break gauntlet. I don’t know why, but when I read this cards effect, I just imagine it as a Magmar card and this guy just handed everyone a bunch of rocks to throw

[details=desolate coffin] where to even start with this one…
1- it doesn’t use any faction keywords.
2- it’s stats are terrible. There is literally no reason to use this over Primus shield master or dioltas
Maybe if it also summoned dervishes it would be worth it, but that doesn’t solve #1 since this contest is for mixing different factions keywords.[/details]


I don’t want to see this topic and the other die so I passed by.

The second reason was a question, does 9 Mana cards count as “Meme” ? Or maybe they could be added but only if carefully balanced ? I will probably take the exemple of Deathwing from hearthstone, where it destroys ALL minions and discard YOUR hand.

Last thing to say : I was thinking about a 9 mana spell/creature that turn every tile into shadow creep but with an unconvenient second effect. The main problem is to prevent the use of “Obliterate” next turn, like +2/3 mana on your spell, and the “Ghost Azalea” artefact. Juggernaut is less of a problem, he can be dispelled or OS by spell, even provoked (but can kill if he was already on board).


4 cost 3/3
This card ignores the effects of all other cards.


the general trend ive noticed is that each shadow creep tile costs about 1 mana from hand, so a 9 mana creep generator would probably be something boring and bad like shadow nova in a 3x3 area. what i wanna see from a 9 mana card is something that would be game breaking like time mealstrom used to be.

i dont think 9 mana all tiles are your shadow creep is all that great unless you are setting up/preventing obliterate/azalea lethal or fending off legions of wraithlings. a 9 mana spell should be awesome and feared the way obilterate is and flame stampede isnt. maybe something like 9 mana “all friendly shadow creep tiles gain : +3 damage and friendly minions on this space cannot be attacked”

as a side note, i wish flaming stampede read “destroy every minion on the field then hatch every egg” so you could basically board wipe everything without rebirth and effectively give them celerity this turn

@isgopet how the heck would that interact with ranged or frenzy effects


Ignores them, like it ignores everything else.


So here is my submission for the Jan 2017 contest. Would really appreciate discussion to see how the community evaluates it.

Essence of Pyrae
Vetruvian Spell
4 mana
Deal damage equal to the target’s attack to everything else in the same row.

For the original post

Card Design Contest: Jan/Feb