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I didn’t know they could counterattack :thonk:


Yep, they can (although in most cases they have 0 attack, so they usually aren’t able to deal damage by counterattacking). I still think your card is well designed, although i think you can afford reducing its cost to 3 (maybe even 2 mana, but that might be pushing it) and removing the “can counterattack” text.


Am I missing something or did you ignore the prompt of the Card Design Contest with your submission? I don’t see how it has anything to do with counterattacking :thinking:


sorry, i didn’t follow the strict duelyst terminology where the unit attacks back when someone attacks it. Instead i made a card that lets someone regain tempo by hitting everything that attacked last turn(so as to counterattack).

disqualify it if you think it should be.


You can try changing your card.

Maybe when your friendly minions counterattack the next turn you cast this spell something happens? Something so powerfull that your opponent will have to decide to either kill the minion he wants to attack or leave it be if he cant finish it of.


all i could think when i saw this card was
“yesss, yesss, grow fat on my wraithlings for tonight you betray your master”


Here are some (hopefully) cool card ideas I came up with, one per faction (yes, I even designed one for the Abyssian scum). Check 'em out and give me feedback, not that it matters in the slightest, but why not?

Astral Priestess (3)
Rare Neutral Minion [2/4]
-When you replace a card, reduce its cost by 1. Minions replaced this way get +1/+1.

Panddo Assassin (2)
Rare Songhai Minion [0/2]
-Backstab (2)
-Cannot be attacked. Can attack with 0 Attack.

Pharaoh’s Arch (3)
Epic Vetruvian Structure [0/6]
-Friendly minions that move through this gain +2/+2 and a random keyword.

Ironcliffe Plate (3)
Rare Lyonar Artifact
-Your General gains +3 Attack and Provoke.
-When this breaks, restore 10 Health to your General.

Blade of Broken Promises (2)
Epic Abyssian Artifact
-Your General gains +1 Attack.
-Whenever you skip an Opening Gambit, add a Betrayal to your hand.

Yggdra, Heart of Winter (4)
Legendary Vanar Structure [0/10]
-Your tokens have Invulnerable while there is a stunned minion on the battlefield.

NOTE: This is a structure because it is a tree. Clearly, Yggdra refers to the World Tree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology (and Vanar has treefolk).

Explosive Broodmother (5)
Legendary Magmar Minion [3/7]
-Your eggs have “Dying Wish: This deals 2 damage to all nearby enemies.”


Astral Priestess: Functions similarly to Crusader, and Crusader kinda flopped as a card, this would as well, neat replace synergy but you are too unlikely to get any real value from it.

Panddo Assassin: Neat card, cool concept. Pretty solid :ok_hand:

Iron Pyramid: This is actually a net nerf to Obelysk strategies, The idea is kinda cool in that if its a stalemate situation you can just plop this down, and now you are slowly building a giant board. That said, giving up wind dervishes is a pretty awful thing for Obelysks, neat design, but wouldn’t be anything other than incredibly niche.

Lionheart Plate: technically cool in theory, but awful, awful, awful in practice. Duelyst deals with loss of health very differently than other games, if you lose whatever is boosting your hp, the damage you’ve been dealt is applied to your main hp. In this instance it is effectively only giving +3 attack and provoke for 3 mana, which in itself isn’t awful, but the actual +10 hp, does nothing once the artifact breaks.

Blade of Broken Promises: Very neat design, no reason for the Betrayals to be cheaper though, without that cost reduction this is actually a very cool premise :ok_hand:

Yyggdra: Assuming Yggdra itself isn’t a token, this is pretty cool actually, not sure I get the intertwined effects presented here, like it feels like alot of designs smushed together, so its definitely not clean, but its neat at least and seems fun :slight_smile:

Broodmother: Neat card, like it alot :ok_hand:


I gave it +1 Attack, and I think it would now find a place in replace decks, and possibly even Mantra decks as well.

Thanks! This is something I have always wanted in Songhai…

You were very right about that. I changed it to heal 10 health when it breaks, which makes it much more appealing. I think that counteracts the Provoke (it also works with Healyonar) now.

True enough.

Yggdra’s disciple has to do with tokens and stun, and so does this.

I do think you are wrong here. I see your point, that it makes Obelysks very slow, but this card can actually make useless Obelysks (on the other side of the battlefield or teleported to a corner, as often happens) into army factories that must be removed.


it might get too powerful or painful by doing this, but why not simply have it transform all wind dervises (or even more powerful, all minions with rush) into iron dervishes. so it even affects your opponents minions. it nerfs the rush based clear and aggro strats but buffs board based strategies like the oasis swarm decks.


So you’re saying it might be too powerful… so make it more powerful?


Wanted to comment on two parts here.

For Yggdras disciple it does not have much at all to actually do with tokens. It becomes a token yes, but thats a byproduct of its effect and is not core to its design. Its core design is> thing gets stunned, Disciple becomes big scary monster, when big scary monster when things get stunned it heals.
Anything else like token synergy is just a byproduct of it transforming.

As far as the Pyramids go, if you want to maintain the same style of design, but keep it strong, have the Obelysk make Wind Dervishes lose Ephemeral. It accomplishes the same overall thing you were looking to do, but still lets little rush dudes be little rush dudes. And helps to create dramatic tension because if the Obelysk dies/gets dispelled, their Ephemeral will return and 1000 units may cry out in unison as they don’t feel so good and vanish.


I think I fixed Yggdra (now the effects are more connected):

And as for the Pyramid, I’m not sure what you are referring to… :wink:


How about some more (probably broken) Vet cards?

Sandstorm Pyramid (1)
Legendary Vetruvian Structure [0/3]
-Minions you summon nearby this gain Ephemeral and Rush.

Mirage Charm (2)
Epic Vetruvian Artifact
-Your minions cost 2 less to summon and gain “This disappears when attacked” when summoned from your action bar.

Windswept Fortress (8)
Legendary Vetruvian Structure [0/20]
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Whenever a friendly dervish moves, this echos that minion’s movement (if possible).

NOTE: Yes, it had to be written like that.

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Very interesting mechanic. This is a better version of what I was trying to do with my Iron Pyramid.



Anyway, which of my two ideas for the contest do you guys think is better?

  • Creeping Reaper
  • Pharaoh’s Arch

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This seems too strong for 4 mana if the minion is allowed to be on spaces near shadow creep. I think you can literally have just two creep tiles on either sides of the board and this minion makes things a slog. Abyssian has enough early game removal along with creep generation to make this minion on curve ridiculous.

I’m okay with the flying and frenzy but I think the mana cost should either be changed to 5 or the minion can only move on creep tiles, not near. You should also specify in the text that it must be summoned on a creep tile.

Some other cool suggestions for the card would be to make it be able to land on ALL creep tiles for fun mirrors or to give it this: Opening Gambit: make a shadow creep tile where this minion is summoned. This would be for more creep generation but also to get rid of its restriction of having to be summoned on a creep tile.

Overall, the minion just needs a bit of tweaking but the concept is good.


It doesn’t. Good points, though. I’ll make it ON shadowcreep.


Well I see you have played your fair share of yugioh. The amount of words here is already more than I think the game can handle and I as well am also confused on how this card works.

I assume it is saying that the enemy gets an extra mana crystal (temporarily) but their minions also get a debuff. For minions that have 3< health, do they die?

Pretending this is what the card says, I think you have a somewhat interesting concept here which leans best towards sabotage vet. By debuffing their minions, you can follow up next turn with a grapnel or even use it as a get out of jail card against an overwhelming board possibly even killing the board if they have a low HP minions.

The concept is interesting but I think it is much too slow at 5 mana. I can’t suggest an accurate mana cost but think about in what situations you would want to use this card and go from there.


I always enjoy seeing Songhai stuff, especially minions. I would say the thing that hits me most about this card is that it is a worst blast. If this card had blast, it would be able to hit multiple minions without being blocked. In addition, this minion cannot hit the enemy general.

Overall, I think there is little reason to run this minion when you have cards with higher stats and less movement restrictions like Hailstone Golem. Being able to teleport in straight lines doesn’t make the not moving restriction worth it and even if it could move freely (which it kinda can with songhai movement spells), this still feels like a vanilla 3/6 that can move fancy and otherwise no immediate impact on the board.