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Alright, maybe. I personally love the “single keyword ability + additional effect” consistency of legendary Demons too much, so I’ll have to think about it. Thanks for all your advice!


Maybe it can do different things depending on whether it attacked or counterattacked. It can reduce the cost of friendly cards when attacking, and it can increase the cost of enemy cards when counterattacking. (If that sounds too strong, you can increase the cost or nerf the stats.)


I like your design very much, but I suggest more clear wording:

Counterattacks using the attack value and abilities of the attacker.

Your wording implies for me copying only attack value.


Thanks for the input. The intention for this minion is help reducing the high mana cost of spells and minions in Lyonar, that seen less play. If it helps the acceleration of Titan deck, I think its a bonus :smile:

Anyway, this is a final version of the card.

Sunstone Barrister
Lyonar Legendary
6 Mana 3/6
Whenever this attacks or counterattacks, all cards on your action bar cost 1 less.


Nevermind this post


One question: what would happen when a General attacks? What will happen if that General has an artifact equipped?


The unit would attack back with the added attack and ability on top of the base.


What if the artifact is something like Horn of the Forsaken or Winterblade? Would Mirror Entity be treated as a General for these cases? :thinking:


@phoinexflame I see where you’re going with this idea, but I can’t help but feel a balancing issue. If this is paired with Iris Barrier, that means all your artifacts become more or less unbreakable without Rust Crawler, Matter Shaper, EMP, Artifact Defiler, Rasha’s Curse, or Droplift, unless they only have 1 bar of durability left. A permanent Iris Barrier effect with a +1 Attack buff, as well as a permanent third artifact, sounds very strong, especially when further combined with Auroras Tears and NoSE.


this is my entry for the design contest (I’m still thinking about the effect), but I’m not sure about the wording of the initial condition (i’m not a native english speaker and I want it to be coherent with other duelyst cards).
Should it be:
-“When this minion takes a counterattack”
-“When an enemy minion counterattacks this minion”
or simply -“when this minion take damages from another minion”


I don’t recommend the third option, as it lessens the card’s correlation to the counterattack theme. As for the first and second options, I think the second one is slightly better in a sense where it’s less vague than the first one.


Thole effect would go off as it doesn’t state that it has to be a keyword.


I think it would be harder to remove than a regular artifact but it wouldn’t be that hard to do so even without effects that directly remove artifacts. Ranged, Blast, Thunderhorn’s ability, Frenzy, Faie’s BBS, Songhai shenangins and the many pings in the game can all damage the artifact without triggering its effect.

Although you do have a point that Aurora’s Tears and, to a lesser extant, Notion of the Starless Eternity will make this card rather unbalanced. Perhaps I should raise the cost to 5 and the attack boost to 2? That way it will be around the power level of Dawn’s Eye. Or do you think I should leave the attack untouched and simply bump the cost to 4?


The text should say:

When this minion counterattacks, deal 2 damage to the minion that attacked it

Might I suggest you change the effect a little? Make it so any unit that attacks into it takes 2 damage and not just minions.

When this minion counterattacks, deal 2 damage to the enemy that attacked it


Personally, I would rather it be 4 mana as printing expensive Vetruvian artifacts can be dangerous because of Autarch’s Gifts, but I suppose either option is fine. On a side note, you should really give it a cooler name! The effect is really nice, but the name kind of falls flat in comparison.


I will probably change the cost to 4 mana then. I’m not that good at thinking up names :sweat_smile: but would something like Tyvian Khopesh sound better? According to the Lore Tyvia is home to the finest weaponsmiths and a Khopesh is an ancient egyptian sword.


Yes! So much better.


^ l Like this one thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Can someone look at my card, Aeon, the Great Equalizer, and see if it is balanced or not?


Balancing is fine, but the wording is really weird. First and foremost, I can’t wrap my head around how dealing damage to Attack instead of Health will work. Such a mechanic does not exist within Duelyst, and would most likely create too many awkward interactions. Also, while casting Equality Constraint on the enemy is a nice idea, all of this is very pointless when you realize it’s much simpler to word your card like this:

Whenever this minion attacks an enemy minion, reduce its Attack equal to the damage dealt.