Fan art dump after playing this game for almost 3 years


I posted this one Reddit, I figured why not post it here as well.

Hope you’re having a good day. :slight_smile:


I fell in love with your Dowager.


At least you didn’t frame it for nothing. I’m glad to see you showing off your art too.


So awesome!

So lame they changed it to 1000 spirit, or that they promised that in the first place.


These are absolutely amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your art!


This. You. Amazing.
Thoroughly enjoyed your work!


I really love your art and coloring style, please do not stop drawing ^ ^


10th like ftw!

I really dig how well made everything is. From the clothing to the background (especially KH, reminds me of Hyperlight Drifter)


i really like your faction general drawings.


Thanks everyone!

You’ll be seeing more art from me in the future :grinning:


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