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(Fake)? Aggro Cassy Deck help

3 desolators before 3 primus fist :sweat:

how many staple commons did you dust to get 3 desolators :sweat:

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I actually mained creep-abyss before rotation, and just came back after it, so I really am that stingy.


I haven’t enchanted stuff from other factions that I might use later, so could do that to craft the stuff you guys want me to add.

If you’re strapped on spirit, just complete quests and buy ancients orbs if you’ve already completed the set (if you haven’t then buy core orbs).

As for what to replace conversion with, flameblood warlock, primus fist, and (seeing how many Opening Gambit minions you have) araki headhunter might be good picks.

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it depends on how far you want to take this deck and how (dis)interested you are in other factions

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aggro cass? well here u go

wait he changed it

BTW, you may disenchant stuff from Shim Zar if you’re not going to play unlimited. Just a note.

This is a pretty optimized version of the deck

If you dont have spelljammer just put hailstone golem or shieldmaster instead. Craft thorn as soon as possible, its the best neutral minion right now

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I second @masterhuehue. @deathsadvocate always delivers. And yeah, he changed it, there’s two versions there now, a dark seed version and an intensify version, both good. I prefer the intensify version. @project2el’s version also looks pretty solid, although I’ve never tried phantasms out personally.

Also, if you’re going to run minions that die when they attack the enemy general (flameblood warlocks, void talons) blood sirens combo pretty well with them. Especially with void talons, if they can’t answer or escape from the talon on its build turn, it comes out, you sic a blood siren on them, the talon slices and dices for six damage, and they start their next turn with a 3/2 and a 6/1 camped out on their face.

Here’s Deathsadvocate’s Immortal-Vanguard-era aggro Cassy deck (the one called Death, he always calls it Death) where he uses that exact siren-talon combo.


OP said they didn’t want to just be shown lists, they wanted advice.

That’s because it is. Put it in every Abyssian deck you ever build.

As far as the deck goes, cut necro sphere, cut the 1 of Nightmare Operant for 3 Primus Fist (just craft them, it’s cheap) cut Conversion for Flamebloods, consider dropping BTA, Shieldmaster and maybe a Punish. Dark Seed can also be really strong.

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Aggro cass usually plays to dominate the very early game and get the opponent to 15-7 health by the time they start loosing on the board. Cards like Demonic Lure, Bloodtear Alchemist, and Soelljammer help a lot.

When you start to loose steam with the board, you switch to either an offensive face rush strategy, with Tigers, Flameblood, or Spectral Blade or a slower chip strategy with Desolater, and Voidpulse. Whether to play more chippy or more aggressive depends on how confident you are that the opponent can’t kill you quickly, or how much heal they are running.

In the past, Revenant was used as a finisher. Now, Alpha, Revenant, or Unleash can be used as finishers, if you feel like you need one. Reflection can also pull surprise lethal.



But the best way to give advice is with lists complete with compare and contrast. As long as you dont just post a list without explanation I see no harm in doing so.


Its still there, you just linked it weirdly to maev. There are also two variants now, plus a note that gibbet is a flex slot with a few options.

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Oh no that’s fine, but it seems like some people just told them to use the list they posted without talking much about card choices.

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OK, I created this list after all your replies and ideas, and it plays pretty well. Is there anyway to tweak this deck so my t1p1 drop isn’t mystic/fist because the OG gets wasted, and bloodtear won’t come out all the time? I really don’t want to waste the OGs on these guys.

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i dun like the one-ofs dark seed, remove it and either add another betrayal or shadow reflection. But i dont like shadow reflection, it only combos well with saberspine as the other time ur minion gets removed. If u want to play dark seed, play dark seed, if shadow reflection play shadow reflection (do u get wat i mean?)

Sadly I don’t have anymore, but if I were to take out the reflections, what should I add in?

or take out dark seed and reflection and add warlock for more pressure

This list looks really solid! Other cards that you might be interested in is Bonecrusher (new 3 mana common card that scales in attack from 5 to 10 to 15), Flameblood Warlock (essentially a neutral phoenix fire), Void talon (very close to an old Nightsorrow Assassin, giving you a delayed 6/1 with “rush”, and Revannent (it’s an 8 mana card, but I feel it’s rush and ability is still very strong for a aggro deck, especially with the heal cards in your deck helping you reach the late game).

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If you want more 1st turn value from your OG’s, try Flameblood. However, wasting the OG usually really doesn’t matter that much.

Either add more Dark Seed or cut it, 1of isn’t worth it.


no not really, they get 1 extra turn to run away, unless u play time keeper