Faie Artifact Solo


So after hitting gold with the Cass Solo deck last month I decided I’d make gold with another faction this time. So I went with Vanar and after trying multiple decks I ended up with this which got me to gold. I don’t know why I like these weird control decks so much.

Coldbiter and Concealing Shroud and White Asp or Winterblade is pretty fun. Murder tons of minions without literally moving. Make the enemy general wait when you feel and wipe the board when things get out of hand.

I did get into a Winter’s Wake fight with 7/7 Blazing Spines duking it out so walls can be used as a backup strategy if the artifacts aren’t pulling out of the deck.


Surprised you’re running no Enfeeble. Neat to see literally no minions though. :slight_smile:


I did run Enfeeble for awhile but I found that I didn’t want to weaken any walls that I put up as even unbuffed they make good speed bumps and positioning issues. So I usually ended up passing over it.


:smiley: I knew this would be a deck one day! Looks fun, even if too expensive for me. For a version that us not “pure” solo, I think Abdjucator, Alcuin and Provoke minions could help with both casting your spells more easily and protecting your artifacts.


Yeah I posted a soloish deck in December… Only minion was Icey for consistent stuns. The main problem I had was with cars draw. I liked to answer boards and usually used 2 to three cards per turn. I changed it and added 2 spell jammer and 2 or 3 hearth sister for my consistent cold bitter + bbs kills. I also used Mark of the wolf cause it makes a great first turn mid mana steal play. Should have added Blazing or frost burn but I ran enfeeble for board clears. Solo is pretty fun makes you think a lot more then usual and confuses the enemy.


I’ve found with this deck that draw is actually generally well paced. You will want to hold onto your artifacts until you can start comboing so you’re not just dumping your hand every turn which means you don’t need to worry about Spell jammers or the like. I’ve found this mix of artifacts lets your general consistently do 5 damage a shot but generally you can get up to 8. Shroud really extends the longevity of your artifacts.


Is a wall deck still a solo deck? What is the line between solo and not?


I don’t really consider walls minions since they can be dispelled away while regular minions can’t unless hurt plus you can only get them through spells rather than summoning so I think it fits.


Looks weird :slight_smile: does it work for you? how’s the match-ups?


Hahahaha, I was gonna say I came across someone who did this, then coming back here saw that it was you! :laughing:


Basic concept is that you use your walls to trap the enemy general and then bully them with your artifacts and shroud. It does decently well against swarm and face decks but decks with a ton of dispel can be annoying.


I remember playing against you, but I had a sudden spark come to mind that might help this deck a good deal:

Dirt cheap mana, keeps pace and completely nullifies enemy minions because you have a legit solo deck. :slight_smile:

Here’s to hoping I see you in ladder again sometime :smiley:


That’s a good idea. Thanks for the tweak.


Solo = no minions. Spells and artifacts only. For example, wraithling swarm is okay, Bc it’s a spell, but Gloomchaser is not, as it is a minion.


The only issue with this is that it can still attack walls, otherwise that’s a pretty cool suggestion for a solo deck.



why stop at gold?

Take it to diamond atleast and make the necessary tweaks required.


Does coldbiter + winterblade stun everything around you at the end of the turn?


looks like an amazing concept. have you had much success?

did you run any minions in earlier iterations? i.e. have you run artefact hunter, razorback, silhouette tracer or anything else (those are just 3 that spring to mind but i haven’t thought about their viability).


I haven’t been able to hit Diamond with it as it was. I tore it down as I wanted to do another faction this season and Vanar wasn’t doing it for me.

But yes, Coldbiter triggers the other artifacts if it kills anyone. Which means you can wade into a group of minions and as long as you don’t directly attack you can basically perma-stun them or worse turn them into Blazing Spines with White Asp. A lot of the deck’s strategy is not directly attacking anything so you don’t break your artifacts and forcing the other player to come to you.

But I dusted all my Vanar cards for Vetruvian this season so you might see any other gimmick deck out of me soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this. This deck has to be some of the most fun I’ve had in this game for a while.