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Faice is the plaice 2.0

A long time ago, in a meta far far away, Vet was top tier, reva spellhai was cursed everywhere, kron was the best 5 drop in the game to the point of people not even thinking about running another one.

I was a new player, with only 1 deck (vet IE expensive) thanks to humblebundle and was looking to build an inexpensive one, so I could do more quests and have a break from vet’s playstyle once in a while.

Then I came across this: http://www.teamabyssus.com/2016/10/16/s-rank-deckguide-faice-place/
This deck was everything I wanted: fun, cheap and capable of winning on the ladder (gold at the time), so I built it. It took me a while to get the spelljammers but I did it. And boy, did I have fun…

Time went by and I started to have more spirit for stuff, so I decided to invest in other factions. Soon enough, the deck started to see less and less use, and after a while I deleted it because I don’t like to keep more than 8 decks on my profile.

But then concealing shroud came out and I though to myself: Man, wouldn’t it be fun to have a snowpiercered faie with this thing hitting for a lot? Now I finally got myself the card to try it and I came up with this deck:

The results are… underwhelming. Which begs the question: What went wrong? Did I forget who to play the deck? Did I screw up when I tried to update it to the new meta? Is the new meta too strong for the deck?

Which is why I wanted you guys’ opinion. I want you guys to analyze, playtest, comment, and all that good stuff you guys do to help. I’m sure the deck is self explanatory, but I’m here to clarify any doubts about the deck.

What I gathered from playing until now:

  • The reworks on spell jammer and skorn hurt the deck. Raising the cost of those cards limits the number of actions you can do per turn, sometimes preventing you from dealing damage you could have prior to the patch.

  • Because of that, the deck somtimes has awkward mana use, specially on bbs turns, when you can´t seem to fit a 3 drop with bbs on 4 mana or 2 2drops with bbs on 5.

  • The deck sometimes feel slow, not dealing enough damage to keep up with decks, either because they deal more damage than I do or because they developed enough of a board to destroy me. Which is why frigid corona is in the deck. Maybe healing is needed


I really don’t think Shroud has a place in aggro deck. You are kinda meant to keep your opponent on the defencive, dealing with your stuff instead of hitting you in the face.

Cryptographer is also kinda weak without synergy - a 2/2 body will hardly do much and refreshed bbs requires you spend mana on it. Consider a simple 2/3 - it can often go face twice, basically yielding the same result as the cryptographer for 1 mana less.

Aggro Vanar is really struggling with the lack of draw tools, now that cryo is a piece of garbage. I would actually consider golden mantella for this role. It is very agressively stated which is nice for an aggro deck, and it also refills your action bar immideately, so you can replace right after playing it and have all your options ready to be played right away.

I am not the most experienced Vanar player, but based on my expirience that’s what might help. If you really want the shroud, I would probably run more artifacts to make better use of it.

Blaze Hound is a good substitute for Spelljammer if you are trying to keep your curve lower. It has a more aggressive statline(for the cost) and the effect is also Opening Gambit rather than End of Turn so mid/lategame you might get to play something you draw. I personally don’t like the card too much, but I think it is strong in aggro.

I am also a pretty big fan of Frostbone Naga, especially in Aggro lists. Clears wraithlings, enables you to trade easier, and if you happen to have a enough mana to chain it with Concealing Shroud, you don’t take friendly fire. If you find yourself needing AoE, but don’t want to run Skorn consider adding some back in.

I’d use 3 Icy instead of 3 Crypto :slight_smile: It fits faice decks perfectly


Never thought of that, but it sounds interesting! I’ll give it a shot

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Icy is strong :slight_smile: Stun, and at max 4 dmg, are cheap for 2 mana

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I’m a fan of Void Hunter for draw in aggro decks. It fills the often void 3-slot and has an aggressive statline at 4/2.

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