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Factions, unite!

Aagh yeah that sounds fun, i just wanna discuss some hot meta memes

Well, if you really want you could open a Vanar thread since they are the only faction without a dedicated thread.

Sounds like a trap

Specially with flygons thread

Its really just a deck hall but I could make it general vanar discussion.

Lyo thread:

Hai thread:

Abyss thread:

Vet thread:

For your convenience @loliconartist :wink:

I know nothing about Magmar thread and Vanar thread . Do they exist, @kirabi, @snowshot, @epicflygon?


Just edited the Vanar thread and yes Magmar exists.

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The latest church of Mankantor thread:

Flygon already changed his thread to the general Vanar thread so now every faction has a thread.


And i got the neutral faction *dabs

@loliconartist, now you made a thread of threads!

We put threads in your thread, ha?

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I like it when ypu put threads inside me
*mine :smirk:


N-not there senpai…

Ikidakimas!!! 15licks

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I fail to understand this.

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Thanks for the food :kissing_heart:

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I’m getting more confused by the minute.

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It seems like you just compiled “while true” cycle

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Now im confused

No I’m not going to provide a link on programming

I know nothing about vanar thread l, maybe we should have one already.

@epicflygon point me in the right direction