Faction Staples


also because the songhai recommendations are crap-
reva: reva- cryptographer, onyx bear seal, zendo, thunderhorn, killing edge, geomancer (generally a 2x)
kaleos: scroll bandit, jux, kaido assassin, flamewreath, thunderhorn, mist dragon seal, zendo
shidai: owlbeast sage, prismatic illusionist, onyx bear seal, scroll bandit, jux, mds, gotatsu (arcanyst builds- titrate from there depending on your 2, 4, and 5 mana preferences. I currently don’t recommend all in spell builds)

other cards which are really good in certain archetypes, but not necessarily staple. - Phoenix fire, assasination protocol, eternity painter, mindcage oni / sojourner, spelljammer, bakezori (kaleos only), bloodrage mask (shidai only), tusk boar + ethereal blades (2x each for aggro core), primus fist, four winds magi + kindling + trinity wing/ conjuror (arcanyst shidai or reva), emp (midrange, run with zendo)


I can see why you’d say that, but against swarm it is! also clutters you hand once you know what you’re doing in burn starhorn. Most of the top starhorn players cut it once they master replaces + flowcharting and go all-in on aggro. See: alphacentury, minmaxer, Nelda.

Also: it is a questionable choice in certain ragnora builds as well

Then again, given this is for new players, more removal never hurts.


You guys should remember that staple means a card that should be in EVERY deck of that type - not just cards that are good, or even amazing.

Azure Horn Shaman is a Maehv staple and Lure is an Abyssian staple but Owlbeast is in no way in every Shidai deck. Every Shidai ARCANYST deck would be more accurate.

Check the post of staples for more definition.


Nat Select is skipped in Starhorn because you play lower health minions and don’t need it. It has nothing at all to do with how fast the card is, as it’s incredibly tempo efficient.


I agree with the tempo part, but disagree with the low health part, as slasher and terradon are both run in the what is accepted currently as the optimized list. Slowness may not be the best term, but it clogs your draws when you search for combo/ damage in the Midgame, hence why I elected to go with the term.

I’ve hit top 20 with horn multiple times and have run nat select on and off depending on the meta, and this by far the most common reason why it is cut from the list.


I play aggro starhorn and natural selection works out fine
The deck where you don’t want to use selection is either ragnora decks, or if you’re planning on playing eggmar. In both of those decks, there is a shitload of antisynergy with other cards.

@unreason Homeostatic rebuke is probably the most situational card in the game right now. I find it barely equivalent to a card like plasma storm. In that sense, neither are staples, but you can put that in the list if you want to. Usually I run 2x homeostatic rebuke and 1x storm to fit conditional demands, but from what I’ve seen players generally run them as three ofs. Both are excellent removal, storm being a little less sitational, and shutting down swarm or other archetypes faster than rebuke. For that reason I find it better. Rebuke is usually best played with a krater to wipe a board.


Spelljammer is a pretty good card in a bunch of decks.


Faction Staples in my opinion.

Lyonar: Holy Immo, TryOath, AegisB
Songhai: Jux, MDS, GZendo
Vetruvian: 1st Wish, BoA, SandswirlReeeee
Abbysian: Void Pulse, DLure, Deso
Magmar: Young Sillythar, Lavafreakingslasher, Makantorjesus
Vanar: Frigid Corona, HearthSis, MWisp
Neutral: Healing Mystic, THorn, Spelljammer, EMP


lure is the only true staple so unlike other factions, you actually have to think while deckbuilding

abyssian is mostly segregated by deck type and general, but i think along general lines would be the most useful for new players

all lilithe - inkling surge
some lilithe - ritual banishment, furiosa, cryptographer
cassyva - punish, desolator
maehv - azure horn shaman, desolator

good in general, but not staples - void pulse, spectral blade (not maehv), demonic conversion, grasp of agony, nightmare operant, bound tormentor, furor chakram, reaper of the 9 moons, spectral revenent(used to be staple, now merely good)


lyonar staples: azurite lion and/or windblade adept, silverguard knight, holy immolation (the staple of staples), trinity oath, and sometimes divine bond and ironcliffe guardian
ziran staples: sunforge lancer, gold vitriol, sunriser, scintilla

songhai: dust your entire collection

vetruvian: golem package(metallurgist + celebrant + dreamshaper), Blood of Air, Sandswirl Reader, First wish

Magmar: makantor warbeast (no deck shall ever go without it, for that would be heresy and you know what we do to heretics)
oh and theres also
lavaslasher, natural selection, flash reincarnation, golem package(metallurgist + ragebinder), plasma storm and/or homeostatic rebuke, and young silithar
starhorn staples: decimus, tectonic spikes

vanar: mana death grip, frigid corona, gravity well, hearth sister, malicious wisp, crystal cloaker(is it still a staple? or has it fallen out of favor?)
faie: cryptographer and/or bloodbound mentor
kara: luminous charge
ilena: iceshatter gauntlet


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Vanar or vet I like the decks but I struggle with Golem and ramp vanar Feels Bad.


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