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Faction Staples


Ok so I (and probably most new players) would like to know what are some absolute essential cards for each faction (including neutral). Any suggestions?

List of Faction Staples, Mythron Edition (Last Updated 4/15)

If you play magmar, you will absolutely want to have the following cards:
Makantor Warbeast
flash reincarnation
natural selection.

all of the above cards are a guaranteed 3 of in every magmar deck.


Does kinda depend on what kind of deck you want for some factions. Although some cards are more flexible and fit into more decks, I’ll name one or two cards that you basically can’t go wrong with even if they don’t fit into every single deck for that faction.

Lyonar - Holy Immolation, Trinity Oath
Songhai - Lantern Fox, Grandmaster Zendo
Vet - Blood of Air, 1st Wish, Lost in the desert (when in deck with Thunderhorn)
Abyssian - Desolator
Magmar - Mankantor Warbeast, Homeostatic Rebuke
Vanar - Malicious Wisp (?) @epicflygon should have a better idea for staple Vanar cards.
Neutral - Thunderhorn, EMP

I mostly mentioned epic/legendary cards since I think you should be looking to have every basic, common and rare cards for each faction anyway if you are looking to play every faction at some point. So every player will get a feeling for those cards rather quickly and have easier access to them. While epics and legendaries are more of a commitment (in terms of spirit), so knowing which of those are more likely to be a faction staple is important. So you don’t waste spirit on cards you won’t use that much. But I would advise on waiting to hear from more people before deciding that any of the cards that I’ve mentioned, to be staples.


I’ll make an updated version when the staples from the new xpack have settled, but this is still pretty accurate.


Abyssian Actually has no full on “staples”
(Except for lure kappa) Desolator may be the closest, but if you want to run something like swarm or xorxull you do not even think of including him.
Swarm- deathwatch crescendo/soulfire grimwar

Aggro cassyva- desolator

Creep cass (i dont reccomend due to its weakness conpared to mythrons rn)- abyssal tormentor


How dare you forget Lure???


I’m fairly new myself but I have already clocked 100+ wins with Vetruvian and hit Diamond rank. Here’s the staples that you would want to run in most decks:

3x Dunecaster
3x Dustdrinker
3x Blood of Air
3x Accomulonimbus
3x Fireblaze Obelysk
3x Sandswirl Reader

Other cards that aren’t must haves but are highly desirable are:

Rasha’s Curse
Lost in the Desert
Scion’s Third Wish
Star’s Fury


Its such a staple I literally forgot about it existing. Its like a human instinct to put it in any abyss deck xd


It’s fun to see how I don’t run most staples listed and still somehow reach diamond each month.

Imao, staples are overrated, many staples are not staples for each decktype and general. Makantor and Trinity Oath are the only epic/legendary things you want to run in almost any corresponding faction’s deck regardless of tactics.


I will be moment!


Flash reincarnation might be staple, not gonna agree or disagree on that one. It certainly does a lot. Natural selection also might be staple, but it’s true that there are a lot of situations where using it the way you want to is very awkward or impossible. I can see someone choosing to exclude or reduce one or both of those cards to make room for other stuff. I’ve done it before.

Makantor warbeasts and lavaslashers are staples for sure, you can shove them into almost any Magmar deck and make it better, but you can’t forget homeostatic rebuke, debatably the most flexible, powerful and universal removal card in the game. True, it does jack-all to an out-of-control owlbeast sage or an obelysk, and has a fair number of other situations where it doesn’t help, but even so, it’s godlike, and more of a staple than flash or selection. Maybe even more than lavaslasher.

Makantor warbeast is still probably the single best card in the game.


Cards I put into most of my Lilithe swarm lists (besides Lure):
Inkling Surge
Ritual Banishing
Furor Chakram

Maehv (standard format):
Azure Horn Shaman


I definitely wouldn’t agree with that. I think the moral of the story there is that with decent play you can take any deck to diamond, not that staples are overrated.


Share deck lists? winkyface


Vanar staples:

  • Mana Death Grip
  • Aspect Of The Bear
  • Aspect Of The Ravager
  • Circulus
  • Frigid Corona
  • Hailstone Prison
  • Hearth Sister (You can make a case to not play this in Kara.)
  • Endless Hunt (The amount you run is based on the amount of minions you play.)
  • Malicious Wisp
  • Cloud Caller
  • Frostburn
  • Ghost Seraphim
  • Grandmaster Embla

These are all cards that you can fit into virtually and Vanar deck.

  • Bold means should be played in EVERY Vanar deck.
  • Italics means should be played in all but Aggro.
    Rules of Endless hunt:
  • If you have 30+ minions in your deck play 1-0.
  • If you have 20+ minions in your deck play 2.
  • If you have 0+ minions in your deck play 1.
  • Always play at least 1 Endless Hunt.


Is Endless Hunt useful for the Howlers or the draw engine?


It’s useful because you never run out of minions.


all of 'em? :grin: just pm me if you really want smth from me :wink:


unless you’re aggro horn. Then selection is too slow :smiley:


Nat Select is never too slow.