Faction Markings/Coloring on Cards


I’ve noticed there aren’t any faction markings or coloring on faction cards to distinguish them from neutral cards. Am I just missing it? If not, do the devs plan to add such markings and/or coloring to faction cards?


All the factions follow the same aesthetic/color design right now to differentiate them, we may look at adding more visual cues in the future.


They are easy to distinguish once you spot those:
Lyonar - yellow gold is their main color
Songhai - red is their main color
Vetruvian - they have sand theme and egyptian vibe
Abyssian - their cards are mainly purple-ish and more darker shades of blue
Magmar - their cards are green
Vanar - mostly blue and white and they have snow theme (except one or two cards)


The ones I usually struggle with are the neutral cards since they seem to have all kinds of colors. Especially on the Shimzar cards, I’m always like “Ooh, is that Songhai or neutral?” “Ooh, is that Vetruvian or Neutral?” I learn them pretty quick though, so it’s not that bad. Definitely not a top priority, but would be a nice to have to just have a faction symbol or something. Colors are tricky since some players are color blind.


Hi, what you said just makes no sense. If you think this is enough, this is a huge mistake development-wise. It took me 2 weeks to even realize that mantis is magmar…


What mantis is magmar?


Piercing mantis. That was my imprecion by getting this card on the gauntlent only as magmar.

Well I just checked at the wikipedia and it turns out it is neutral.

This point of confusion just proves my point even more.
The only way to be 100% SURE which faction which card belongs to is to go aaaall the way to the crafting page and find that card.

Obviously this is stupid. Incredible how noone ever thought of changing it so far.


While part of me likes the simplicity of using the units actual color color schemes, I’m not sure it’s the best for the game. I think new players would pick up the game much easier with some sort of distinction on the faction cards. Honestly I’m dumbfounded why it hasn’t been done already, it’s kind of standard for most ccg’s and tcgs. Imagine if mtg cards all had the same border and the only way to determine the color of the card was the art.


Exactly!!! This describes it perfectly! How could someone even think that this was a good idea!


I think you mean "wasn’t?

But that aside, it may be possible that the devs have so much to work on already that they forgot about it or plan to do it later, etc.

Main point: devs probably think introducing new content or fixing errors is more important than changing around a non-problem.

I think that while they should do something like that, it isn’t exactly much of an emergency, which may explain why it hasn’t been done yet.

Either that, or they’re arguing over what format to use :wink:


Sorry for reviving this, but as i just started to play Duelyst recently, i`d like to say a more distinct difference between factions/neutrals would be really great.
Especially with cards in the game that specificly interact with neutrals.