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Faction Concept: The Monato'en Tribe (finished)


Changed the mana cost to 5 and only to include spells.


Ancient bonds added. Arcanyst time!


Wow, Enu Shaman OG is OP. I suggest putting enemy spell in hand. Maybe discount it by 1. Imagine casting Fault for 1 mana. Or dunno, metamorphosis.

DW ability is awesome and maybe balanced, except the fact it costs 0.

Overall I’m really fond of the card idea!


Enu Shaman is awesome. But as @alplod already pointed out, Desperation seems quite broken.


I thought it might be a bit OP :stuck_out_tongue: Would chaning Understanding to: 2 mana - put a copy of the last spell cast by the enemy player into your action bar. It cost (3) less.
Will that make it more balanced? And change desperation to cost 1 mana?

Also! Glad you liked it :smiley:


I think that’s enough.


Unearthed prophecy is added. Mount is in focus and i added sentinels


How you can make cards so fast is beyond my recognition. I see some interesting cards nonetheless, most notably Formed Usurper and Ix. I feel like Essence Eater should be nerfed, but I guess it’s alright.


I don’t know if that was a compliment or a critique xD sometimes it goes too fast and I fail to see a lot of potential or creative ways to design the cards. I’m glad there are interesting cards here, and I try to make it look close to a well constructed faction. This is a lot of fun for me, and good practice if I ever decide to make my own game.


Immortal vanguard is added :smiley:
New general and a new arch-type - suicidal!


Upcomming changes!
I did not like how Essence feed (x) felt, nor how i had do go about the design. So I made a decision to change the keyword completely and rework some spells and the creatures. I will add the chengelog in the next entry.

I’m changing it to: Manaform - When this minion becomes target of a friendly spell, Activate Manaform.

Manaform is a state of a minion that needs activation.
Mana shade
3 Mana - 1/4
Manaform: 3/3 With flying

Is this a good change or would something else be better?


I liked Essence Feed, and it never really occurred to me that it needed to be reworked. But Manaform seems cool too, so I guess you can go ahead if you want to. Perhaps you can keep Essence Feed, and introduce Manaform in future expansions?


The issue was if I made a card that had essence feed (7+) then the effect had to balanced in a way that would make sure you don’t get a powerfull effect and still get to cast a 7+ spell. so i thought i would be dificult to design powerfull Essence feed minions, without making them more complex.

At the same time i was thinking of the mythron trial and had an idea for the trail, and got an idea to replace the Essence feed kayword with something that would be more fun to design for my own part, and more interesting on your part :slight_smile:


Maybe the Trial could be using all mana crystals for 6 turns, or something like that.


Cool idea!
Currently I’m looking at a trail and destiny that goes like this:
7 mana - dunno name or stats
Trail: have no other than this minion in your deck.
Destiny: Whenever you cast a spell, summon a “mana-festation” nearby your general.

Token minion
Coming soon.

(you can have artifacts!)


Essence feed (x) is now Manaform. see keyword description in main post.

The following cards have been changed:


Essensbound frontier
3 Mana - 1/4
Manaform: +1/+0, Provoke.

Enu trooper
3 Mana - 1/6
Manaform: at the end of your turn, restore 1 health to your general.

Kru assassin
4 mana - 4/3
Opening gamibit: Deal 1 damage to ANY target
Manaform: Can’t be counterattacked by Enemy minioins with less attack than this minion.

Gain in pain
6 Mana
Target friendly minion gets +3/+0 and ranged until end of turn. Deal 4 damage to that minion at the end of turn. This spell acttivates all "Manaform" Minions.

1 Mana - 2/2 (battlepet)
Manaform: +1/+2

3 Mana 3/3
Manaform: As long as this minion is in it’s Manaform, draw a card whenever another Manaform minion dies.

2 Mana - 4/5
Can’t move or attack
Manaform: Ranged

Flow apprentice
4 Mana - 2/5
Manaform: +1/+0. Add a copy of the spell that Manaformed this minion to your hand.

Blade of Unsha
4 - mana
Whenever you cast a spell, your general gains +1 attack.

Essence strike
3 Mana
Until end of turn target friendly minion gets, +2/+0. If Manaform is activated by this spell, the minion gets, whenever this minion damages an enemy, it also damages all joined enemies.

I will now begin on trails of mythron expac :smiley:


Trails of Mythron is added, and the faction is now done for now.
I was thinking of adding a sort of “self note” on the process I had when making the faction, where I write about the challanges, the visualization and excecution of the work. If anyone has any questions i will gladly answer them in that “self note”.

As always, feedback is encouraged and no need to pull punches. I learn more that way :slight_smile:


I can’t help but feel the Mythron is a little underwhelming. I don’t like that the Trial completion is a passive process; like Mythron Wanderer. You don’t progress the Trial, it is already completed at the start of a game. Not that it’s seriously problematic or anything, but I feel like such a Trial doesn’t fully take advantage of the design of Mythrons. This is just a personal preference, so further decisions are always up to you.

Other cards look good though; Mana Ebber seems really interesting in a sense where it’s the Manaforger effect on an intensify. (I think it should cost 3 or less though.) The Harbinger and its 9 mana artifact token are really cool as well. I think Killer Form is my favorite card from the expansion though,I think it’s creative in a sense where it can work as removal in two different ways. It’s like Hailstone Prison but actually fun.


Thnx for the feedback. I will take another look at the trail/destiny effect. My thought was to make it so the player had to build a deck around spells and that the trail would demand spells, and the destiny would reward spells. Spellslinger deck. I will tinker with the concept a bit and see if I can come up with a design that take more advantage of the trail/destiny mechanic :slight_smile:


I’ve reworked the Mythron card for the faction to:

Essunix, Manaborn
4 mana - 4/7
Trail: Deal a total of 50 damage with spells.
Destiny: Whenever you cast a spell, steal health from the enemy general equal to the cost of the spell.

The damage can be to own minions, enemy minions, genereals ect.