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Faction Concept: The Monato'en Tribe (finished)


Getting inspired by all the faction concepts that has been poping up lately. That resulted in: the Monato’en tribe, witch is a Space vampiric-shaman tribe.

The Monato’en Tribe is from another planet driven away in search for a new home. They feed on the essence of other living things and have tamed dangerous beasts to aid them in their counquests. For more information check out the lore stories. or jump straight to the cards. I will be updating this set by set like my last faction concept. I’m hoping for some good feedback and suggestions!

Some short stories (lore/insight) i made for fun as it helped me picture the faction i wanted to make. I hope the stories can make the faction come to life and give some insight on the theme of the faction - Survival.

Mounted by fear

The young shonghai monk ran as fast as he could. Thousands of thoughts ran through his mind as he ran to warn the others. A sound of something above him made him freeze in fear and he turned around and looked up. What he saw made him stop all his movements and all his thoughts. As all hope was taken away by the being in front of him. The creature looked slender like a lizard, but with skin and fur like a bat. On its back, something that looked like boned wings, except there were no wing membrane. It’s skin was black with some green light that sometimes glowed through the skin on its abdomen and around it’s head.

Oh the head!

It was only a blank faceless shape of a head, with something that looked like a tiny line across it’s lower-face. The monk sat on the ground, eyes and jaw open. He gave of a slight smile as the line on the creatures face opened to reveal hundres of sharp teeth in the upper part of the mouth, while the lower jaw split into 3 pieces, each with a long sharp tooth. The creature made no sound, and nither did the young shonghai monk.

Linked by life

It was a night like any other, the wind was blowing, the snow was falling and her senses was focused. She had finaly found the thief that had stolen her dinner. It was a smal group of ravagers. She moved silently, with her cryoblade in hand. She made sure not to make a sound as she aproached, but as she was within striking range, a short bolt of black and green had hit all 3 of the ravagers. They did not seem to notice. What was that? She thought, and choose to observe instead, rather than strike. Then all of sudden the ravagers started to act as they were in pain, small green and black bolts came out of them and dissapeard into the darkness. She tried to follow where the lights went but they moved too fast. A second bolt came out of the ravagers, this time the bolts were moving closer to her location. She felt a chill down her spine. “Me, getting the chills?” she asked herself. The third bolt came out, and the ravagers fell lifeless on the ground, this time the bolt moved toward her. She resolved herself, gripping her blade and swung it with all her might at the being behind her. Her blade clashed against something.

“Who are you? and what did you do to those ravagers?”


All of sudden she felt weaker, as a black and green bolt came out of her body. The being in front of her was nothing like anything she had seen before. It looked like a man, with grey ish skin that seem to be made of really smooth fur. But it had no facial features, no eyes, no nose, no mouth. Just blank and faceless. It was holding some sort of blade with no tip, the blade was glowing, black and green and it seem to give this energy to the thing holding it. Her energy! A second bolt came out and she fell to her knees. “WHAT IS THIS???” she yelled. “I’m sorry.” said a voice in her head. Was it that thing? “I was testing the strength of that four-legged race, but you made contact with my blade, and are now linked to it”. “Linked?” she asked. “Ah yes. This is an essence blade, and it consumes the energy if all living things it hits, and then distibute that energy to it’s wielder. Me. Draining it’s linked targets empty. You.”


It was the only feeling she felt as she swung her blade shattering the thing’s “essence blade” She looked at the shattered blade and felt hope returning. She could for some reason feel happiness, except, it wasn’t her feeling. “Excelent!” the voice in her head echoed. but then the happines was slowly fading into sadness. "I am glad you fought so desperatly to survive. As all species should. It is every species right to try to survive, however… when you fight for survival it will be at the cost of others.

“So please…”

"Forgive me…"

“Because I too, are just fighting, desperatly, to survive.”

The thing reach out with it’s hand and revealed a mouth like rift in the palm, glowing with green and black energy. She was frozen with fear. It’s hand touched her head, and her body fell. Dead. The last thing she heard was “Monato’en - fight to survive” and the cold wind blowing in the night.

A choice and a fate

“I’m glad you all could make it. Not that you had a choice, but I’m still glad.” The dark silhouette of a woman was standing in the middel of the a black room with only smal lines of dark green glowing across the walls, floors and seiling. “What is this?.. Where i’m I?.. Who are You?.. I’m sure this is all questions you all have, and all will be answerd in time” The others in the room tried to speak, but no sound would leave their mouths. “First what and where is this? You are all currently linked to my consciousness through an essens link, and it is quite exhuasting so this meeting will be short.” The others looked confused around and one by one they recognized each other. A sort of tension mixed with fear and uncertainty filled their faces. “Now for the last question: Who am I? To answer that i must give some information about what I am and my current situation.” The silhouette looked around the room to ensure it had everyones attention. "I am a Enu of The Monato’en tribe. We come from a diffrent planet not too far away from this one. Our planet was overbursting with energy, and as such the planets species evolved to feed on this excessive energy as a source of nurishment. As such we needed not food, water or even air in order to survive. Some of the larger species. Further developed the ability to feed on other organisms as an additional source of energy and nurishment. The more intelligent species on our planet, like the Enu, tamed these larger beasts and used them as mounts. But due to the beasts ability, riding one for a long time would kill the rider. And as such they were mostly used to transport lager volumes of items, and later…


Over the years, several tribes that had started to grow in size on this planet, and we found new ways to harness the energy of our planet. A foolish mistake of my ancestors, I agree." The silhouette started walking slowly around in the black room. “Our planed started to release less and less energy. We realized that our planet would soon die. The tribes started to fight for survival by killing eachother, both in order to feed, and i decreace the cunsumtion of the planets energy. The result was more than devestating. Several spicies went extinct and our numbers had fallen dramaticly” The others in the room could feel a sorrow that was not of their own. “After a hundred years or so, we then decided to gather the remaining members of all the tribes and unite our planet. As the years went by after the war. Many species had to fight desperately for their survival.
By being a part of, and observing these acts of survival we, eventually, came to a realization… It was every species right to fight with everything they had to survive, nothing else mattered. This became our mantra, and our name. Monato’en meaning for you: Fight to survive.” The silhouette stoped walking and gave of a feeling of pride before continueing. “Unfortunately, this would not save us from extinction so we had to make other messures. We developed ways to travel the universe and sent out scouts to find a new home. And guess what we found?”


“A wonderfull planet bursting with energy. The only problem… it’s inhabited, by you. See where i’m going with this?” The others looked at eachother. “But we are not going to deny you your right to desperatly fight for your survival. So you can try to stop us. The order you are going to die, does not matter to me.” A luagher could be heard in their head. “War could be a alternative. BUT I’m going to give you another choice: Let us inhabit this planet, and let us parttake in this Trail of Champions. Allow us to live here and to put forth a duelyst for the battle of those cores. And we all won’t have to desperatly fight for our survival. What do you say?”

It was quiet and no one even tried to say a word. They could speak again? A man stod up and started to speak “We would–.” “Time’s up!” The silhouette sat down infront of the others in the rom. “I don’t have more time. So i will give you some time to think, until next time!”

I. Can’t. Wait. To. Hear. Your. Answer. My. Dear. Senerei.

The generals that lead the Monato’en is:

The generals

Valxiri Liveseed (from story 3)
BBS - Survive: Until end of turn target minion’s health can’t drop below 1.

Valixiri is an enigma of a being, she showed deep belief and dedication to the Monato’en mantra. With an unrelenting focus on her own tribe’s survival. She emphasize with all other species as well, but she is loyal to her tribe. Her talent of making mental links and her enthusiasm for the tribe’s survival made her an extremly cunning strategist and negotiator. To others she may sometimes be seen as a joker, and a carefree spirit. But she knows better than most how precious life accualy is.

Odirz starbloom (from story 2)
BBS - Absorb: Deal 2 damage to a nearby enemy minion if it dies restore 2 health.

Odirz is by nature very carefull. One wrong step, one wrong move may lead to certian death, and he knows this. But despite that he still fights dangers head on, outnumered, overpowered and in unknown places. This is because of his uniqe abilty to absorb the last remaining energy that livning beings emit right after death. Feeding on this energy has sustained him through countless battels and left him the Enu’s most renowed hunter and commander. He never show up unprepared to fight for his survival. Along with his carefull nature he has developed a battelsense second to none, icecold calculations and the thrill to be alive.

Here are the Keywords to the faction. Please let me know if something is unclear! This faction focus on new type of interactable minion that offers mobility. As well as an keyword that link minions together. This (hopefully) will allow this faction to gain a uniqe playstyle that focuses on, mobility, creating systems, and survival.

Keywords/ mechanics

The Keywords are:

  • Mount/Demount: A minion with the Mount keyword can be moved to, by other friendly minions.

Explanation: Player one summon Minion A that have the keyword Mount. Minion B can not move to the same tile as Minion A as long as Minion A is "exuasted". Minion B can Move to the same tile as Minion A and is no longer visable, as long as Minion A is Active. Minion A is now mounted, and can not be mounted by other minions. If a mounted minion is dispelled, Minion B stays mounted until it demount

From here there are 3 actions the mounted minion can make:

  1. Attack.

  2. Nothing.

  3. Move + option 1 or 2

Minion B will Demount only after the Mounted minion (minion A) attacks. So after Minion A attacks, Minion B will be placed on a target nearby space and can then move and/or attack as it usual. If minion A is killed before Minion B has Demounted, Minion B wil be placed on the space Minon A died.

  • Manafrom: When you target this minion with a spell it enters it’s manaform.

Manaform is a state that is active after the minion has been targeted by a spell. This also changes the minion type into the manaform tribe.


Essensbound frontier

3 Mana - 1/4

Manaform: +1/+0 and provoke

If you cast endurance of war on this minion, it gets the +2/+4 from the spell and now has +1 more attack and provoke, as well as becoming a Manaform tirbe minion.

The cards!!! (it’s a work in progress so there’s gonna be some changes)

Basic cards

Essensbound frontier
3 Mana - 1/4
Manaform: +1/+0, Provoke.

Scouting trooper
2 Mana - 3/2
Dying wish: Summon a 1/1 Scout
(just a 1/1 minion)

Tamed gorgrus
5 Mana - 5/5


Life to mana
1 Mana
Deal 3 damage to your genereal, permanently gain 1 mana crystal

2 Mana
Deal 3 Damage to an enemy minion nearby your general. Gain 2 health.

2 Mana
Reactivate a Mount minion you summoned this turn.

Endurence of war
4 Mana
Give target friendly minion +2/+5

Breake the flow
0 Mana
Both players permanently loses 1 mana crystal
(this does not mean you can’t get 9 mana)


Blade of resolve
3 Mana
Your general has +2 attack. When you equip this artifact restore 4 health to your general.

Core set

Common minions

Brux rider
3 mana - 3/3
Whenever this minion Mounts a minion, Give that minion +2/+1 until Brux Rider “demount”.

Armed settler
5 Mana -3/5
As long as this minion has 1 health it has +3/+0 and Forcefield

Armored Brux
6 Mana - 3/7

Enu trooper
3 Mana - 1/6
Manaform: at the end of your turn, restore 1 health to your general.

Rare Minions

Enu inventor
2 mana - 2/3
Whenever your general equip an artifact, this minion gains +1/+2.

Protective knesh
3 Mana - 3/2
As long as this minion is mounted, it gains +0/+4 and provoke

Kru assassin
4 Mana - 4/3
Opening gamibit: Deal 1 damage to ANY target
Manaform: Can’t be counterattacked by Enemy minioins with less attack than this minion.

Epic minions

2 Mana - 2/1
Can’t be targeted by spells. Flying

Shackled gigan
6 Mana - 5/5
This minion has Flying as long as it is Mounted. When a Minion Demount this minion, deal 3 damage to target nearby enemy minion.

Legendary minions

First invader
8 mana - 5/6
Opening gambit: Destroy target enemy minion. If that minion cost 4 or less mana, this minion gains Rush and Flying until end of turn.

Figmentive oble
6 Mana - 4/9
At the end your turn, if this minion has 1 health fully heal it and dispel it.

Life sister Breya
4 Mana - 1/6
Whenever you cast a spell, steal 1 health from all nearby enemy minions.


Common spells

Deep cravings
3 mana
Deal 2 damage to a friendly minion and give it +4/+0, and whenever this minion kills another minion, restore it to full health, until end of turn.

3 Mana
Destroy a minion with lower attack than target friendly minion

True understanding
2 Mana
Draw a card, gain 2 health.

5 Mana
Your general gains +4 attack and takes no damage from minions until end of turn.

Rare spells

Flow of death
5 mana
Deal 1 damage to target enemy minion for each mana crystal you got. If this spell would kill a minion, transform it into a mana spring tile instead

Prolonged mounting
1 Mana
Destoy the minion that mounted target minion. The mount minion gains +2/+2 and frenzy until end of turn.

4 mana
Until the beging of your next turn all friendly minions has: Can’t be targeted by spells. Draw a card.

Epic spells

3 Mana
Both generals gain 10 health.

Gain in pain
6 Mana
Target friendly minion gets +3/+0 and ranged until end of turn. Deal 4 damage to that minion at the end of turn. This spell acttivates all “Manaform” Minions.

5 Mana
Deal damage to all minions until all have 1 health left

Legendary spells

At all cost
5 Mana
Deal 4 damage to your general. Draw 4 cards and you may replace an additional card until end of turn. This spell can’t kill your general.
(if you have 3 health when you cast this spell, it deals only 2 damage. the rest of the card is the same)

7 Mana
Players can’t summon minions or cast spells for 2 turns.


Epic artifacts

Essence Blade
4 Mana
Whenever your general deals damage, steal that much health from the minion that was dealt damage.

Legendary artifacts

Commanders lance
6 Mana
your general gets +4 attack. Your general may mount friendly Mount minions. The mounted minion gains +4/+0.

Battelpets and exploration of the factions playstyle!

Deinzens of Shim'zar



1 Mana - 2/2 (battlepet)
Manaform: +1/+2

2 Mana - 1/3
Opening gambit: Giva a friendly minion +2/+0


Spiked don
4 Mana 3/3 (battlepet)
Deals dobble damage when counterattacking

3 Mana 3/3
Manaform: As long as this minion is in it’s Manaform, draw a card whenever another Manaform minion dies.


Enu Shepherd
5 Mana - 4/6
As long as this minion is mounted on another minion, that minion can move 2 additional spaces and gets +1/+1.

2 Mana - 4/5
Can’t move or attack
Manaform: Ranged


Desperate cheif
4 mana - 3/3
As long as this minion has 1 health, you permanetly gain a mana crystal at the end of each turn.




1 Mana
Target friendly minion may move an additional space this turn.

Summon companion
2 Mana
Summon a random battlepet in front of your general


Claws and theeths
3 Mana
Give target friendly mount minion +3+3


Essence overload
1 mana
Deal 1 damage to ANY target for each full mana crystals the enemy player has left.

(the unused mana from the enemy players last turn)


Ritual of essence surge
8 Mana
Deal 4 damage to all minions. Both players loses 4 mana crystals. Both generals lose 4 health.




Sealing blade
4 Mana
Your general gains +3 attack. When your general attacks the enemy general, the enemy general can’t move until your next turn.

Introducing the Bloodsurge keyword and their Grandmaster rises.

Rise of the bloodborn

3 Mana - 3/3
Blood surge: This minion gets Forcefield until end of turn.

Ixus transporter
2 Mana - 1/1
Dying wish: Summon a 2/3 vilj.

Grandmaster Thorgurx
8 Mana - 4/6
Opening gambit: Summon Essence orbs around your general

Essence orb

Essence orb:
2 Mana - 0/6 (structure)
Dying Wish: Your general steals 2 health from the enemy general


Desperate stand.
1 Mana
All minions with 1 health gains +2/+0 until end of turn.

Crackling blot
3 Mana
Steal 1 health to all enemy minions on the same row as your general.

Corroded essence flow
5 Mana
Give the enemy general: “Whenever you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to your general”

It is tribe time and this time around I did Arcanysts.

Ancient Bonds



Essence knight
3 mana - 3/2 (arcanyst)
Bond: Deal 1 damage to all minions.


Flow apprentice
4 Mana - 4/5
Manaform: +1/+0. Add a copy of the spell that Manaformed this minion to your hand.


Profound Enu shaman
8 Mana - 6/6 (arcanyst)
Opening gambit: Your Bloodborn Spell is “Understanding”
Dying wish: Your Bloodborn spell is “Desperation”


BBS 2 mana
Put a copy of the last spell cast by the enemy player into your action bar. It cost (3) less.


BBS 1 Mana
Deal 2 damage to your general, draw 2 cards.



1 Mana
Target friendly minion gets a random keyword


Rare artifact

Blade of Unsha
4 - mana
Whenever you cast a spell, your general gains +1 attack.

In this expansion the Monato’en focus on strengthen their moun minions. They also bring some sentinels with them.

Unearhed Prophecy

2 Mana - 3/1
Can’t be targeted by spells

Formed usurper
3 Mana - 3/3 (sentinel)
Sentinel: Minion summoned. Give Dying wish: Deal 4 damage to your general. To the minion that transformed it.

Essence eater
3 Mana – 1/4 (sentinel)
Sentinel: Spell cast. Whenever your oppontent cast a spell, deal that spell’s cost as damage to a random enemy.

Mana siphoner
3 Mana 2/3
Sentinel: General attack. Take a mana crystal from your opponent.

5 Mana – 5/4
Ranged. When this minion mount a minion, give the mounted minion ranged until end of turn.

Ix, Eater of life
9 Mana – 4/20
Mount. Only your general can mount this minion. When your general mounts, destroy your general and Ix, Eater of life, becomes your general.

BBS - 3 Mana
Consume: Destroy target minion


Lingering effects
1 Mana
Target minion can’t move and gets +2/+2 and provoke.

4 Mana
Destroy the most recent cast enemy minion

Tomorrows hope
1 Mana
Draw an additional card and restore 3 health to your general on the beginning of your next turn.

Trample the opposition
4 Mana
Until end of turn Mount minions may move through enemy minions. If they do, deal the mount minions attack as damage to the minion it moved through.

Essence strike
3 Mana
Until end of turn target friendly minion gets, +2/+0. If Manaform is activated by this spell, the minion gets, whenever this minion damages an enemy, it also damages all joined enemies.

Last hope
7 Mana
Your general gets: This minion is your faction last HOPE and can’t lose for the next 2 turns. You can only cast spells.
(these effects can’t be dispelled, reverse doom with a twist :P)


Soul linked edge
2 Mana
Your general gains +1 attack and can move to the closest tile to any friendly minion.

Immortal Vanguard

The new general is here!
Loxi, The desperate
BBS: Summon a 0/3 Helix on target tile.

1 Mana - 0/3 (token)
At the end of each player’s turn deal 1 damage to both generals.


Spacemade wielder
2 mana - 4/2
Build (2). When this minion is built, steal 3 health from the enemy general

Outer-ring pirate
4 Mana – 2/5
As long your general has 5 or less health, this minion has +3/+0.

3 Mana – 3/2 Mech
Whenever a friendly mech deal damage, that minion gains +1/+1.

Caped invader
5 Mana – 3/ 4
Blood surge: Dispel all nearby enemy minions, deal 1 damage to all dispelled minions.

Organic Mothership
3 Mana – 1/12
Flying, Mount, Build (3), When this minion is built summon 3, 0/3 helix minions on random tiles

3 Mana – 3/3
Whenever this minion attacks, summon a copy minion of your general with rush, on a random tile nearby the enemy general. The copy disappear at the end of your turn. If your general has 5 or less health, summon 2 copies instead.


Hidden messages
1 Mana
Summon a 0/3 Helix behind your general.

Carry me
3 Mana
Give a friendly active minion mount until end of turn.

Overcarged essence
3 Mana
Target friendly minion gets +4/+4 and die at the end of turn. When the minion dies, transform that tile into a mana spring tile.

Ritual of the observer
6 - Mana
Summon 3, 0/3 helix minions on random spaces, generals and minions can’t move until your next turn.

Essence manifestation
5 – Mana
Deal 5 damage to your general, summon a 6/6 Manifestation with rush and flying on target tile. If your general has 5 health or less, deal 2 damage instead.

Extinction of the species
8 – Mana
Destroy up to 3 target minions, remove all copies of those minions from the enemy players deck.


Gauntlets of the flow
3 Mana
Your general may move to any friendly minion.

Trails of Mythron
Mythron card

Essunix, Manaborn
4 mana - 4/7
Trail: Deal a total of 30 damage with spells.
Destiny: Whenever you cast a spell, steal health from the enemy general equal to the cost of the spell.



Mana ebber
4 Mana - 3/4
Intensify: the next spell you cast this turn cost 1 less

1 mana - 1/1
Dying wish: Deal 2 damage to both generals.


Decorated shaman
5 mana - 3/3 (Arcanyst)
Opening gambit: Cast the last spell casted this turn.


3 Mana – 2/4
Mount. Whenever a minion mount or demount from this minion deal 3 damage to all nearby minions and generals.


The Harbinger
3 Mana - 2/2
Opening gambit: Add “The sky forge” to your hand

The sky forge

The sky forge
6 Mana (token spell)
Destroy all friendly minions, deal 1 damage for each minion that died to all enemy minions. Add “The Conqueror’s Halberd” to your hand.

The Conqueror's Halberd

The Conqueror’s Halberd
9 Mana (token artifact)
Your general gets +3 attack and is invulnerable as long as its your turn.
Whenever you cast a spell draw a card and steal 1 health from all enemy minions.

Essence shaman
7 Mana – 5/6
Manaform: Whenever this minion deals damage, summon a copy of this minion on a random space.



Personal space
0 Mana
Intensify: Push random 1 enemy minion 1 tile away from your general

Airborn raider
3 Mana
Give a mount minion flying and +1/+0 until end of turn.


2 Mana
Draw a 3 cost minion from your deck.

Living on the edge
4 Mana
Give target friendly minion +2/+2 attack and its health can’t go below 1 until end of turn. If the targeted minions health is already 1, give it frenzy.


Killer form
2 mana
Return target minion to it’s owner’s hand, if the target minion had manaform transform it into a “Death flow” spell when it enter your hand.

Death flow

Death flow
2 Mana
Destroy target enemy minion, give the enemy player permanently a mana crystal


Leave out all the rest
1 Mana
Until your next turn, whenever a minion enters the board, dispel that minion.


Mana Rod
4 Mana
Whenever your general is targeted by a spell, add a copy of that spell to your hand.

Thank you for reading!


Faction fever incoming. Also, stay tuned for short review in t-minus (2) days.


How does Mount keyword work when dispelled?

I mean, if the minion A is mounted by Minion B and then dispelled, is Minion B lost for good?


Hmm, did not think of that…
I think :

Yes - if a mounted minion is dispelled minion B is lost. This will compell players to attack with the mounted minion?

No - if a mounted minion is dispelled Minion B is placed on a random nearby space?

Or rework the keyword so that a minion B demount automaticly at the end of your turn?

Witch makes the most sense?


I like this option the most, however it raises complexity, which is not usually good.


Agreed, I will tinker with it abit and see what i come up with!


If a mounted minion is dispelled, Minion B is also dispelled but stays mounted until it demount.

Do you think this could work or would it be too complex?


It’s also an option, but I like the fact that mounted minion B is defended from everything.


Yeah i wanted the minion that mounts to be defended from threaths. For now i will add: “If a mounted minion is dispelled, Minion B stays mounted until it demount.”

Will begin to work on shimzar now ^^


Review time!!
As with a lot of the emerge fan-factions in the forums(including mine), the main problem is the complexity of core mechanics. Sure, you can shape an intellectual/200 IQ meta, but the core cards should not be such a complex set because it introduces players to the faction.

The keywords are creative and simple enough by their own, but the main problem lies with how Essence Link and its cards have way too many different effects.

Mount/Demount buffs like the +3/+3 are a bit too overpowered early on, just like how Flash-Jata-ing in a Juggernaut can ruin the game. Mount mechanics are inherently powerful enough to be on par with Backstab, Flying and Rush, so this should be considered.

System creation should NEVER be a core focus, as @thefirstgokun has showed me with his reasoning. Essence Link is too much of a core keyword in the faction. As a rough rule, new keywords should(most of the time) be usable by an enemy Reaper of the Nine Moons/Bound Tormentor steal.

Drogon as a General name concerns me because it is also Vaath’s pride and joy.



Thanks for the feedback!
I agree with what you’re saying about complexity and that a lot of the cards with Essence Link have different effects. Since it’s a fan-made concept i wanted to show some of the possibilities and might have made thinks a bit confusing and lacking in consitency. Will take that into consideration moving forward! thanks!

When you now point out Mount to other keywords i can see that is a strong effect. Will tune down some of the cards ^^

I read @thefirstgokun comments and you make a good point about Essence link being a (too?) large part of the factions core, and often useless when taken over by the enemy. I might rework the keyword and go with another approach while stil staying true to what i had intended.

I completly forgot that Drogon was a card that existed XD Name change inbound XD

Thank you so much for the feedback. It helps to get another set of eyes and thoughts on your projects :smiley:


Changed general Drogons name to: Odirz Starbloom

Reworked and renamed Essence link to Essence feed (x): When you spend X mana this turn activate an effect.

Cards have currently not been changed, but will be reworked and released when i’m done with the shimzar expansion.



  • Tried to create a theme of utilizing mana for the faction.
  • Changed all Essence link minoins into Essence feed (x) minions with new effects
  • Changed a lot of spells into fitting a more mana oriented approach to the faction
  • All artifacts has been reworked

I decided to work on the core sett before finishing the next expansion. tried to simplify (something I’m bad at XD) and to follow the advices given to me.


Really cool ideas so far, but I’m noticing some problems. First and foremost, I think this faction needs some more 2 drops with decent stats. I’m also seeing some balancing issues; I’d recommend you nerf some cards such as Whiplash and First Invader, and buffing cards such as Enu Inventor.

But other than that, things are looking nice. You’ve made some really creative cards, and I’m particularly liking Flow of Death and Brux Rider. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
Canged the following cards:

Scouting trooper
2 Mana - 3/2
Dying wish: Summon a 1/1 Scout

First invader 8 mana - 5/6
Opening gambit: Destroy target enemy minion. If that minion cost 4 or less mana, this minion gains Rush and Flying until end of turn.

Enu inventor 2 mana - 2/3
Whenever your general equip an artifact, this minion gains +1/+2.

2 Mana
Reactivate a Mount minion you summoned this turn.


Nice changes. Good work!


Deinzens of Shim’zar is added!


Rise of the bloodborn added.


Cries in Abyssian

Cool ideas on the faction btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps this is a little too overpowered? I’d say it’s pretty broken even if it only lasted for a single turn, let alone the entire match.