Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


Added the faction Mythron! Make sure to read the card explanation to fully understand what the card does. The design process and thematic inspiration are optional reads, but they will give you more insight on how the card came to be.


i like the mythron but might i make one suggestion (it isnt an important one just flavor wise so no issue if you dont take it to heart)?

make one of the cards given by it a 1 mana card so you have cards that cost 1 to 5 mana, as they each would represent the 5 rarities (1 mana is basic 2 is common 3 is rare 4 is epic and 5 is legendary).

look forward to seeing the set. :>


Oh man. Circumnavigation seems really OP.


That’s actually a cool idea; thanks for the suggestion. The one problem with it is that I’d have to rework some of the cards so that they won’t be too overpowered. It’ll take some time, and I’ll see what I can do.

It actually does. I’ll nerf it.


It seems that like most factions in game the Depths shifted metas thru each update. I like it. Feels like a tribute towards Duelyst’s history. Also, you perfectly nailed the Mythron. I suppose the Mythron thread will be proud, @halcyon98 .


Thanks! I was extremely unsure of the card because it was just so different from other Mythrons, but I guess it’s alright.


Added the common and rare cards of the Mythron expansion.


Added the epic and legendary cards of the Mythron expansion. I guess I’m done.


This is awesome! Great work!


Congratz on finishing! Gonna give some thoughts as soon as i have some spare time!


Starlight Gospel is my current favorite spell in the Mythron list. It’s basically a free -1 mana for your constellations.


First off let me just say I LOVE this concept, and is well made. Good job!
The lore is interesting and the image of this factions minions (in my mind) looks awsome!

The mechanics was a bit confusing to me at first, but seemed interesting. I as well really liked Submerge and Emerge and i think you utilized that mechaninc pretty well :smiley:

I do like the fact that the faction adds a lot of token cards, at the same time it becomes a bit difficult to keep track of all of the different types. But personaly i like that.

I really liked cards like Maelstorm Hydra, Phantom Ship, Kraken the Mythron card and Ultramarine Juggernaut. I thought they represented the faction well and is what I personaly would want to build with first :stuck_out_tongue:

The design overall seems real solid and you have made a fan faction come to life and i know it takes a lot of time and work to get a whole faction done! so once more congratz on making this faction!


I don’t want this thread to close. :disappointed_relieved:


Do a full rework :wink:


We never want to say goodbye, but nothing lives forever. Treasure the moments you had forever in your heart and move on.


What I’m always interested in when it comes to stuff like this is the etymology. So many words and titles I’ve never heard of in here, it really is an amazing faction concept which you must have put a lot of work into. The only one’s i’ve not been able to find anything about are Syo, Cloudchaser Loriel, and Koralith.


Thanks! And yes, I put in quite an effort thinking of names. Glad somebody noticed it. :sweat_smile:


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