Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


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Added the common and rare cards of the Immortal Vanguard Expansion. I’m extremely proud of the faction Mech I made; it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.


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this might be too strong for 6 mana, id suggest getting rid of dreadnaughts dying wish and instead making dreadnaught an upgraded mechazor, otherwise might need to get rid of the progress mechazor addition or reduce the fortresses stats.


Fixed it.

I feel like that would take away from the flavor of the card. I wanted express how the Fortress augmented the MECHAZ0R with the Dreadnought Armor to make it better-equipped for underwater combat. When the armor is critically damaged, it will self-destruct and emergency evacuate the MECHAZ0R.

I suppose I can make the Fortress cost 7 mana. I can nerf its stats too. Maybe I can also take away the Dreadnought Armor’s spell resistance, but I’m not sure.


i hear you but think of the minions effect this way

for 6 mana you’d be getting a big minion, possibly summon a big minion with spell immunity that summons mechazor when it dies and an holy immolation one that can be played the moment mechazor is placed, a minion with airdrop, sure you sac the dying wish part but holy immolation though. :v

so yea definately atleast a stat decrease and cost to 7 seems appropriate.


I did just that. I’m still thinking of a proper way to nerf Dreadnought Armor.


hmm. you could stun him or give give it build (1) to give the impression that the dreadnaught armor needs time to be equipped to mechazor.

the other as you said would be removing the spell immunity.


Added the epic and legendary cards of the Immortal Vanguard expansion. Reworked the faction Grandmaster.


Excuse me but did I smell my child being reworked into a disgusting rush support


Is that a conditional spinecleaver spell basically? @saltystabwound will be turned on when they see that…


While I will admit that the mechanics give me a half chub, I have to point out that the spell has nothing to do with Spines or Cleaving.


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It was actually always disgusting Rush support.


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I’m nearly done with the Mythron card, so we’ll be back on topic soon.


It better be a permanent Spinecleaver

Oh, dope.