Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


Thanks for the feedback! I will nerf Sapphire Aura accordingly.


Added the epic cards of the Bloodbound expansion. Another expansion is finished!


By the way, what do you guys think of the name “Kraken the Unsinkable?” I don’t like it too much, but I can’t think of anything better.


Kraken: terror of the deep

Nice job on the cards!
Anyways, at 9 mana with 0 immediate impact. And then it still doesnt do anything until it emerges AFTER it submerges. The lack of immediate impact on such a expensive card is quite weak.


I don’t like the design either, it was really quite rushed. I’m thinking of changing the card altogether.


I finished the card, and it’s pretty absurd. Does it sound too strong?


Wow, I love the creativity of the design!
Very thought out names

Unfortunately, the lack of protection and immediate impact, even on a 8 mana card, leads it to not seeing any competetive play.

Of course, its strong and playable, but THE kraken would be really fun to see in competetive decks, and it just exudes an idea of power.

The lack of immediate impact is really the biggest thing. Also, I dont know if A crew is thematically fitting for the kraken, but its your choices.

the change made the kraken very strong in a format like gauntlet for example, but in terms of competetivity its really just dark nemesis’s design on drugs.

Effects happen next turn, its remove or die. Feast or famine.

This leads to an incosistent and slow card.

Another possible design could be,
9 mana the kraken
Summon 2/1 tentacles on every sunken kingdom tile
Kraken gets +1/+1 for each tentacle on the field

2/1 token
When this is summoned stun a random enemy until this is removed

Very strong, idea behind it is a powerful stalling tactic with immediate impact. It also incentivizes people even more to stay on your tiles, allowing you to punish them with other cards and causing a nice catch 22 situation.

This was inspired by a hex card

At lot of cards here are too slow, including waterwyrm thamauturge.
Honestly id just take out the spell and make it a real card, maybe at 6 mana to return ALL creatures or 7 mana to solely hit them. (Then decide where the damage will fit in. Will it hit you and them and deal damage to both at 6 mana? Or solely hit them at 7)

Id also then make waterwyrm cheaper, think moon rider. Like maybe into a 6 mana 5/7 with the bbs thing


Thanks for the feedback!

I could make it an Opening Gambit effect, or would that be too strong? Another solution is to make the card cost 7 mana. Either way, I’m still open to options.

He’s not the Kraken; he’s the captain of a pirate crew. I want to give the Kraken a really cool effect, but I don’t have it at the moment, unfortunately. I think the Kraken should be in the next expansion at the very least, but I’m not sure yet.

I like this idea! There is already a card that summons tokens on all friendly Sunken Kingdom, so I think I should give it a little twist, but I should definitely incorporate Tentacle tokens into the card one way or another.

I actually gave Waterwyrm Thaumertauge a buff; now if there is a friendly Arcanyst on board, it reduces the cost of the spell to 0 that turn. I nerfed the token it summons though, in case that’s too strong.


Id probably make the captain kraken have a strong effect as a dying wish so it is more inevitable, and have weaker stats and cost less to make up for it. High risk, high reward. Not too slow, but slow enough.


GM Morgena sounds better than Morgana, 'cuz morgen myth and stuff. I suggested the card with naval mythos in mind XD


So I made Captain Krakenskull summon his crew for his Submerge and deal AoE damage for his Dying Wish, but I still feel like he should stay 8 mana. So here’s the idea I have: on top of the AoE damage, Captain Krakenskull can also summon the Kraken on its space when he dies. (The Kraken won’t be a token, but a separate card, however.) How does this sound?

I thought you were referring to Morgan le Fay, not the water monster Morgen. I personally think Morgana sounds better than Morgena because it’s derived from an actual human name, but I might change my mind.


Added the common, rare, and epic cards of the Unearthed Prophecy expansion. Check out the epic spell for Sunken Kingdoms, because it’s just absurd.


I like krakenskull as it is now. Still not good enough to be competetive, but no longer dank memesis level.

I do think the kraken itself should be a seperate card though.

also, jokulhaups
8 mana spell
Turn every floor tile into sunken kingdoms


I thought it was a reference to the Fata Morgana, a nautical mirage named after Morgan le Fay.


I love the idea, but that means minions won’t be able to use Submerge and Emerge effects. :thonk:

I have no idea what that is but it sounds awesome.


@loliconartist I finally managed to settle on a design for the Kraken; go have a look. Thanks for the idea!


Exactly. The payoff is effects based around sunken kingdoms would be super powerful. If it is that is not good enough though, id change it to
7 mana spell
Make every other tile sunken kingdoms.

Now that, is a kraken. I approve.

Although it is so good Id probably make it 9 mana and 1/1 so it wont be a nearly unremovable body and giant token fest unless you are properly dedicated to the sk gameplan.

This is absolutely the right direction though, your designs tend to lean more to the less balanced side.


That sounds very cool. So it’ll look like a chessboard, right?

Makes sense, although a 1/1 seems a little too underwhelming. It’s going to be extremely difficult creating exactly 8 Sunken Kingdoms, so I don’t think the +8/+8 buff will happen too often. Either way, I’ll nerf the stats.


Finished the Legendary cards of the Unearthed Prophecy expansion. It is finally complete!


Added the Immortal Vanguard General. Thanks to @cold52 for the idea!