Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


thought id just stop by to say everything is looking good so far and anything i could have said i think has (and honestly probably better as far as suggestions go) so keep up the good work halcyon and look forward to seeing how it continues to be developed. :>


Appreciate it! :sirpenti:


Added the epic cards. Time to make the legendaries, and in my opinion, that’s where all the fun begins.


Nerfed, but never forgotten


for the cost this is way to strong, it both removal and draw for 3 mana, imagine using this on an aymara healer with a small hand, now you can play an aymara every turn against your opponet, heck at 9 mana you can strait up play both on the same turn and know next turn you hand is full and will have things to play.


Right, it needs a nerf.


Not to take away from the other faction concepts, they’re all pretty solid at the minimum, but this one is undoubtedly my favorite.


Thanks so much. This is just too flattering. :sweat_smile:


Added the legendary cards. I’m quite concerned about the possibility that some of them may be overpowered, so further feedback is welcome!


I just realized this is forestcraft lmao

Nice job on the legendaries btw.

If anything, cards like nymphomaniac and the leviathan are too slow.

I like the grandmaster you have, but it seems a bit narrow on the nymph plan. All other faction grandmasters implement effects that can be used in any deck to decent succes, regardless of gameplan.

I think the atlantean posiedon is perfectly balanced tbh, if not a tad strong.
Edit: just realized this is really close to my version, cool! Thanks for including it.

Eye of the typhoon is pretty awesome, and truly a card that Id love to play. Defenitely an incentive to build a sunken kingdoms deck.

Im a bit disappointed with how small megalodon is, but thats fine.

Yellow submarine
4 mana 2/6 minion
Submerge: gain Emerge: add a random legendary faction minion to your hand.
It costs 0


I hope the connection isn’t too obvious. :sweat_smile:

I’m definitely going to change Nymphomaniac to cost 8 mana, but I’m still unsure on ways to buff Leviathan. Maybe a stat buff?

I see that you mean. Alright, I’ll see what I can think of.

Yes! Thanks for the idea.

That’s a cool card. Thanks for the idea!


Honestly leviathan is fine as is, not every card needs to be op or competetive. reminds me of red synja or unstable leviathan.

However, being 8 mana it needs to be pretty impactful on the turn it comes out generally. The explore cost sounds like too much to keep up on top of that mana cost.

Id probably rework it to have an explore 1 cost. Or lower its mana cost by 1 and explore to three or two, and weaken its stats a bit. Its just too costly to keep up.

Another alternative, if your looking for immediate impact, is give him seafare as well.

All in all id just rework it is to turn it to
Explore two, and seafare:2

That would make it strong, but still probably not fast enough to be competetive.


Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback!


Added the faction sister. I know I shouldn’t make a sister because that would contradict the lore, but I did anyways.


See this is where a narrow design is normal. The sisters were always all over the place


i think its fine to have a faction sister, think of it in another way just because it is a sister doesnt mean its apart of the current sisters in the lore, plus it feels off if there was one faction that didnt have one.


If I knew how to make a poll then I’d do it but since I don’t I’ll just suggest: If it’s not rude, having a little forum vote for all these new faction concepts sounds like a nice idea.


I don’t really see a point. Thanks for the support though. :smiley:


So if you summon a minion on a kingdom does that proc submerge?


He said it doesnt