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Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


Hmm, what about this:
Sunken Explorer
3 mana 2/3
Whenever an allied minion submerges, summon a 1/2 Nymph nearby


sounds like an epic to me, since its worth the removals
i am assuming a nymph-based core exists, like how glacial ruins boards with vespyrs


Forgive me if I am being rude in suggesting a whole expansion set, but these are my thoughts on Shim’zar parallels .

Concept: Based on the original Shim’zar core design, I introduce Battle Pets related to the two original core archetypes, Sunken Kingdoms and Lighthouses. As for spells, I designed it to mirror how Shim’zar spells strengthen existing archetypes with normally unassociated ways.

FYI, Shim’zar faction cards have 4 commons and 3 each of rares, epics,and legendaries per faction(excluding tokens), and always include a common and a rare Battle Pet.

Anyways, off to the designs I made.

Battle Pets
Lumo (1) 3/1 Common (from Greek root lumen [light] )
Seafare: (3)

Dyk (2) 1/5 Rare (from Danish root dykke [dive] dick memes incoming )
Submerge: Create a Sunken Kingdom nearby. Can only be used once.
Emerge: Activates an ally’s Emerge.


Caprycornus (5) 4/7 Legendary (from constellation Capricorn, half goat/fish)
Explore(1): At the start of your turn, a random friendly minion is now also a Nymph.

Tyamat (6) 0/10 Legendary (from Tiamat, ancient Babylonian mythos)
Seafare:(∞). Explore(4): Summon a Tyamat’s Limb nearby a friendly Lighthouse at the end of your turn.

Tyamat’s Limb (2) 0/4 Token
A random nearby friendly Lighthouse will be lit as long as this minion is alive.

Grandmaster Morgena (7) 4/8 Legendary (from Morgana & Morgen, both mythological characters)
Sunken Kingdoms create a Sunken Kingdom nearby every end of turn. Opening Gambit: Four Sunken Kingdoms follow the enemy General.

Air Trapper (4) 1/4 Epic (Bubble-based mage character)
Ranged. While this minion is on the board, up to 2 random enemy minions with Flying cannot move.

Lighthouse Keeper (3) 0/3 Rare (Generic seafolk)
Forcefield. This minion gains +1 Attack for each friendly Lighthouse on the board. Gains an extra +1 Attack when there are 3 or more friendly Lighthouses.

Sea Entangler (2) 3/3 Common (Something kelp-like??)
Gains an extra +1 Health and +1 movement range from Sunken Kingdoms.

Natural Lighthouse (1) Token 0/1 (Lighthouse, but made of coral)

Kingdom’s Gate (3) Epic
All friendly Lighthouses are healed and are lit for 4 turns

Undercurrents (1) Rare
A friendly minion and an enemy minion, both on Sunken Kingdoms, switch positions.

Tidal Force (2) Rare
All enemy minions on Sunken Kingdoms lose 1 attack and take 1 damage.

Hydroform (1) Common
Turn ANY tile into a Sunken Kingdom.

Light Up (1) Common
Summon a Natural Lighthouse with Health equal to the number of turns passed.
Note: Counts as a buff, the token itself is 0/1

Tidechurner (3) Epic
Submerge & Emerge friendly minions without both keywords gain their opposite keywords that mirror its effects.

This is all, hope the community and especially you OP will like it!


Cool card. I’ll have to change the card names and such, but looking at the ability alone, it looks like a staple.


Nice ideas! It’s not rude at all; I really appreciate your effort. I’ll make sure to consult your designs when making future cards.


i secretly actually hope at least half of this goes into your official list for shimzar lmao

Seeing as the starter list contains zero true removal you’d need to put a lot of it in the core set. Also, as you can see, I love making cards, but faction mechanics were always a pain-in-the-ass for me. I was waiting for ages for an opportunity like this, so I’m thanking you for this and also for any future cards referenced here!


Hey, Halcyon, are you going to make them Arcanyst or Golem faction for the sake of AB?

I’m always willing to design some arcanysts :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s not even done with Core lmao although i did kinda finish the Shim’zars



I always need more arcanysts.

Earlygame arcanysts. Endgame arcanysts. Just name it.



how about m e m e c a n y s t s


They are meme almost always. That’s why I like them. (Not in AB meta, though)


There will definitely be some removal in the Core set.

I made Golems last time, so I’m going to make some Arcanysts, if I get there. I’ll look forward to your ideas. :grinning:


I just added the common cards of the Core set. I also settled on a clear design direction for Nymphs, and gave them some support. Be sure to read the updated description of Nymphs in the Core Mechanics if you want to get a general gist of what they do. Feedback is welcome as usual, and thanks to everyone who pitched in ideas for this concept.


Digging Castaway’s Lamentation! Cool new name, powerful tech skill against Lighthouse mechanic’s inherent weakness, and introduces a new way of counterattacking never before seen in Duelyst! equals dab cough cough


Thanks. :sunglasses:

It might be overpowered though, I have no idea.


quiet whisper i think this needs to be at least an epic or something nerf it


Alright, I should probably nerf it.


Just make it rarer, it has about the same power as a Pupabomb anyways. But if you still wanna nerf it after that give +1 manacost.


also i did some wacky shiz on mine facction


Updated the rare cards of the Core set.