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Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


Oh… You were replying to Alex… My bad.


Thats fine. Although idk if your internet can handle league, being what it is.


I was definitely going to make Leviathan a card, but this seems really original. Thanks for the idea.

It barely handles the forums. :roll_eyes:


Well, I actually got the exact design from this:IMG_6109
ive always loved this cards design, so I decided to pay it homage.

Oh, and if you dont already you should really play mtg. Go to untap.in and you can play mtg with ANY cards for FREE online.


That’s a cool card. Never played Magic before though; does it see any play?


Nope. I mean, exile removal exists, modern is the closest to playable this card can be and 4 mana is like 2 mana more than anyone would pay for a creature in modern.




Still a really fun casual card.

But yeah I think youd really enjoy mtg, lots of awesome cards to get design ideas from. And it is also just as complex as dooly if not more so because instants exist, which allow you to have a spellslinging duel with another player on their turn OWO


Magic does seem really fun, I’ll probably give it a go sooner or later.


I like how creative you get with these posts, @halcyon98

…still, if there was a water faction, that would make Vanar even more irrelevant than it currently is.

Vanar is ice (water)
Vetruvian is wind
Songhai is fire
Magmar is earth
Lyonar is light (and life)
Abyssian is darkness (and death)

You could say a Wood and a Metal faction could be created so as to cover all the standard elements, but wood is already kinda in Vanar and Metal is already kinda in Magmar and Vetruvian.

I’m thinking if there was ever a 7th faction besides neutral, it could be an Aether/Void faction full of interdimensional, weird and otherworldly beings.


Vanar doesnt really play with an elemental theme besides ice, this makes the board feel aquatic. I see no fish minions. In my book, this faction is perfect from an elemental standpoint.


I already did make a space/void faction, remember? So I was kind of running out of ideas, and an ocean-themed faction seemed most distinguishable out of the ideas I had. Vanar is more like a mountain/woods faction, while this one is underwater. I do get what you’re saying, but I can’t help it. I’m not creative enough. :sob:


Im pretty sure you are on NA, so no dice Also got bored of the game, so im not playing it for some time


Say that to Geomancer :slight_smile: who doesn’t apparently know what ‘geo’ stands for


so lets see youve made 2 generals one minion based that deals with the explore keyword and one general whos bbs is tile based interacting with the submerge, emerge keywords.

so out of bordom i had an idea for the third one involving the nyphs tribe and the bond keyword

Amphitrite Stillwater
Bloodbound Spell: put a nereid in your hand

0 mana 0/1
Bond: reduce the cost of a nymph in hand

to strong or too weak its all good was just bored and decided to try my hand at a third general :v


That’s really cool. I should definitely make the third General the Nymph one, but only if I manage to make cards until the Immortal Vanguards expansion.


Starting with basic cards. Feedback is welcome!


About Submerge mechanics.

If a Kingdoms tile appears under a minion, does it count as submerging?


Nope! A minion has to move into a Sunken Kingdom for it to be considered as submerging.


Also, as a side note, when minions without a Submerge or Emerge keyword move in or out of a Sunken Kingdom, it will still be considered as submerging and emerging respectively, only no effect will activate.