Faction Concept: The Koralith Depths


The Koralith Depths

Hello, everyone. This is my second faction concept. As for now, I’ve only thought of faction themes and mechanics, but I will get to the cards soon. I do admit this faction is a lot more complicated than my last one, so I hope my explanations are clear enough. With that, let’s get started.

Lore & Visuals

The Koralith Depths are the inhabitants of an elusive underwater nation. Its people, along with a myriad of curious aquatic species, live in together in harmony. The Koralith Depths are known for its fearless explorers and researchers, who travel to the corners of the seas of Mythron, uncovering fascinating secrets of the deep. As an ocean-themed faction, the color scheme will be based on teal colors, with accents of purple and pink.


Nautilus Oceanfall

Bloodbound Spell: Torrential Charge
Summon a 0/5 Lighthouse on a nearby space.

0 mana 0/5 structure
Whenever a friendly minion with Seafare is summoned nearby this minion, light this minion.

Design Explanation

As you can notice from the text, Lighthouses have two states: lit and unlit. Minions with the faction keyword, Seafare, possess the ability to light the Lighthouses. I will explain how those work down in the core mechanics.

Eurybia Stormtide

Bloodbound Spell: Aquamarine
Turn the spaces under all friendly non-token minions summoned this turn into Sunken Kingdoms.

Sunken Kingdom
Koralith Tile
Friendly minions on this tile gain +1 Health. Enemy minions on this tile have -1 Attack.

Design Explanation

While this only seems like a mediocre version of Kara’s BBS, there is more to it than it seems. Minions of the Koralith Depth have a unique way of interacting with the Sunken Kingdom tiles, and that is the Submerge and Emerge faction keywords. More on that later.

Core Mechanics

Seafare: (X)

When a friendly minion with Seafare is summoned nearby a friendly Lighthouse, the Lighthouse will be lit. (If the Lighthouse is already lit, nothing will happen.) The (X) indicates the number of turns the Lighthouse will stay lit, and after that number of turns elapses, the Lighthouse will turn off.

Explore: (X)

Minions with Explore each has very powerful abilities, but they are only usable once the number of friendly lit Lighthouses exceeds the (X) in their texts. For example, a minion with Explore: (2) and Provoke will gain the Provoke only when there are more than 2 friendly lit Lighthouses on the battlefield.

Submerge & Emerge

Minions with Submerge or Emerge, or maybe both, interact with the Sunken Kingdom faction tile. After a minion with Submerge enters a Sunken Kingdom, a unique effect will activate. In parallel, after a minion with Emerge exits a Sunken Kingdom, a unique effect will activate.


Nymphs are a faction tribe. The key card in this archetype will be the 1/2 Selkie, who is a token minion who will have Rush, but will be unable to damage the enemy General. The Nymphs will be able to receive various buffs and activate dangerous effects depending on the number of Selkies you played this turn.

Core Set


Like how Core Sets should be, these are the cards that shape the faction’s identity and play style. Whether it be unlocking the true potential of your minions with Lighthouses, controlling the board with Sunken Kingdoms, or barraging the opponent with hoards of Selkies, the Koralith Depths is very complex to play yet quite powerful. Make sure you have fully read and understood the faction mechanics before looking into the cards, or things are going to be confusing.

Basic Cards

Luminous Jellyfish
1 mana 1/2
Opening Gambit: Summon a Lighthouse on a nearby space. Dying Wish: Draw a random minion with Seafare from your deck.

Prismatic Pufferfish
2 mana 3/2
Submerge: Give all friendly minions +1/+1 and deal 2 damage to a random enemy minion.

Clearwater Cleric
2 mana 1/4
Explore: (1) Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a 0/5 Lighthouse on a random nearby space and restore 2 Health to a random friendly minion.

1 mana spell
Give a friendly minion with Submerge on a friendly Sunken Kingdom, “Emerge: Deal 2 damage to all enemies” next turn.

Treasure Island
2 mana spell
Light all friendly unlit Lighthouses until the end of your next turn. Draw a card.

Uncharted Depths
1 mana spell
Turn a space nearby your General into a Sunken Kingdom. Decrease the cost of a random minion with Emerge or Submerge in your action bar by 1.

Emerald Coven
3 mana spell
Every time a friendly minion Submerges or Emerges this turn, restore 2 Health to your General and deal 2 damage to the enemy General.

Enchanted Compass
2 mana artifact
At the start of your turn, summon a 0/5 Lighthouse on a random nearby space and give a random minion in your action bar Seafare: (3).

Common Cards

Silent Angler
3 mana 2/4
Seafare: (4). Every time the Lighthouse this minion lit takes damage, gain +1/+1 and summon a Lighthouse on a random nearby space.

Deepsea Strategist
4 mana 3/4 Nymph
Give the first Nymph you summon each turn "Opening Gambit: Turn a random nearby space into a Sunken Kingdom.” Whenever it Submerges, add two 1/2 Selkies into your action bar.


1 mana 1/2 Nymph token
Rush. Cannot damage the enemy General.

Periwinkle Dottyback
2 mana 1/3 Nymph
Opening Gambit: Gain +1/+1 for every Selkie you played this turn. If you played more than 3, also give this buff to a random friendly minion.

Fossilized Leatherback
5 mana 3/7
All friendly Lighthouses have +3 Health and Forcefield.

Clarity Potion
1 mana spell
Add two 1/2 Selkies into your action bar. Each time you summon a Selkie this turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy General.

Saltwater Symphony
3 mana spell
Give all friendly Selkies +1 Attack. Every time they attack this turn, add a random non-token Nymph into your action bar.

Capsized Vessel
2 mana spell
Deal 5 damage to an enemy minion on a friendly Sunken Kingdom. If it dies, draw a card.

Heavy Rainstorm
6 mana spell
Deal 4 damage to all minions not on a friendly Sunken Kingdom. If a minion dies, turn its space into a Sunken Kingdom.

Rare cards

Moonshine Siren
4 mana 3/5 Nymph
Every time you summon a Selkie, lower the cost of all non-token Nymphs in your action bar by 1.

Coral Dragoon
4 mana 2/6
Seafare: (5). Every time this minion attacks, light all friendly unlit Lighthouses until the end of turn and restore 1 Health to this minion for every Lighthouse lit.

Benthic Behemoth
6 mana 5/6
Explore: (3). Whenever this minion destroys an enemy minion, summon a Lighthouse on the space and light it for 4 turns. Give it, “Every end of your turn, deal 4 damage to all nearby enemies.”

Fabled Tortoise
7 mana 5/10
Emerge: Deal 1 damage to all enemies for every turn this minion was on a Sunken Kingdom. All damage this minion takes while on a friendly Sunken Kingdom is reduced to 1. This minion cannot attack while on a Sunken Kingdom.

2 mana spell
Turn all spaces under friendly minions with Emerge into Sunken Kingdoms. Add a Sonar into your action bar.


1 mana spell
Deal 1 damage to an enemy minion for every friendly Sunken Kingdom.

Mermaid’s Lullaby
3 mana spell
Give all Selkies in your action bar Flying and Forcefield. If there are more than 3 Selkies in your action bar, deal 3 damage to an enemy minion.

Crystal Lagoon
3 mana spell
Summon 2 Lighthouses nearby your General and light them until the end of your next turn. Give your General +1 Attack for each friendly lit Lighthouse.

Epic cards

6 mana 2/5
Opening Gambit: Summon a Waterdrop on all friendly Sunken Kingdoms. Gain +1 Attack for every Waterdrop summoned.


1 mana 1/1 token
Emerge: Restore 2 Health to your General. Submerge: Deal 2 damage to the enemy General.

Dreamtide Lorelei
2 mana 3/2 Nymph
Opening Gambit and Dying Wish: Add a 1/2 Selkie into your action bar.

Castaway’s Lamentation
4 mana spell
Deal 3 damage to an enemy minion nearby a friendly Lighthouse. If the minion had dealt damage to friendly Lighthouse last turn, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions instead.

1 mana spell
Turn a space into a Sunken Kingdom. Draw a card.

Davy Jone’s Locker
4 mana spell
Destroy a friendly Lighthouse to destroy an enemy minion. Fill your action bar with copies of that minion.

Bubble Barrier
3 mana artifact
Your General gains +1 Attack. Fully restore the Health of all friendly Lighthouses at the end of your turn.


1st. I’m absolutely loving the “Submerge / Emerge” mechanic. It brings the board back into play. <3
2nd. Nautilus Oceanfall’s BBS states a “0/5 Lighthouse”. The token states it’s 0/6. Will these be two different tokens?

I’m excited to see where you take this!


Thanks! As for the Lighthouse, they should be 0/5. My mistake.


Seems pretty interesting. I was fond of nagas in M&M series, I like naval feeling :slight_smile:


Nagas are always nice, thanks for the idea.


The Kraken
9 mana 9/9

Opening gambit- submerge this minion if it is on a sunken kingdoms tile

Submerge- deal 9 damage to all enemys on sunken kingdom tiles
Emerge-summon 3/2 tentacles on every sunken kingdom tile
Can I have a more in depth explanation on how to submerge and emerge? When can they emerge? Can you play a minion directly on a tile to submerge it?


Kraken will be a legendary, for sure. :squid:


Also, the 3/2 becomes a 3/3 on sunken kingdoms to add heavy incentive to keep it on it.


A minion can only emerge when moving out from a Sunken Kingdom tile. Also, it will not count as emerging when it moves from a Sunken Kingdom to another Sunken Kingdom. As for submerging, summoning a minion on a Sunken Kingdom will not count as submerging. A minion will have to move into a Sunken Kingdom.


How would you submerge then? They move onto the tile? Also, does submerging actually make them disappear from the board? Or do they just stand on it



Yes too; they will still be on the board. I tried to emulate actual diving/surfacing into water with this mechanic, but it’s not literal.


Ok thanks.

Posiedon- 7 mana 5/5
Give your general “posiedons trident”
Posiedons trident- take two less damage from all sources when standing on a sunken kingdoms tile.
Gain ranged and +3 attack when not standing on a sunken kingdoms tile.


Is Nautilus Oceanfall a League of Legends reference


No, it’s a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Never played League of Legends.


Yesterday I was thinking about how cool a water faction would be. Nice job!


Thanks! :grinning:


I’ll assume Nymphs are some sort of mermaid/naga (from wow) crosbreed, so:
Siren of the Deep
5 mana 4/5 Nymph
Whenever you summon a Nymph, give it and this minion +1/+1 and gain its Battle skills (provoke, forcedield, etc…)


Wanna play some league? I assume you play.


Nice idea.

Never played League before. I actually want to play, but I don’t have a mouse. Is that fine? My friends say it’s not.


Oh you need a mouse. Shouldnt be too hard to get one tho right? Also @alexx55 has probably played, so im asking him if hed like to. Lol is better with friends or people you can talk to/with.

I think lol is really fun, been playing it for awhile, and even though im b5 trash I enjoy it as a game, and ignore the toxic community and have fun making cool plays and enjoying the unique characters.

Anyways, on topic tho.
Leviathan larvae
0/1 for 1
Dying wish: summon a 3/3 baby leviathan
With dying wish:summon a 6/6 adolescent leviathan with dying wish: summon a 9/9 leviathan.