Faction Concept: The Gruvolm Conclave (updated)


The Grouvolm Conclave

the old topic was closed because of time without a post, if this gets closed i understand. (possibly reopen the old thread instead?) but wanted to continue to work on this.

Update: Added the Faction Mythron


The Gruvolm Conclave are a barbarian like people deep underground who have mastered there pitch black environment having taken control of the wildlife below the surface even using the earth itself all to further there conquest.

The factions themes are earth and sound, and faction color is orange, with browns and green as side colors.

tried to make an example of there colors here:


Bacchus the Thunderous

BloodBound Spell: Piercing Pulse
Place an Echoing Tunnel near your general. your general gains Echo this turn.

Ujarak the Catapult

BloodBound Spell: Unearth
Summon a Large Boulder above or below your general add a Throw Mass to your action bar.

Throw Mass

1 mana Spell
move a structure near your general to a space near an enemy.

Large Boulder

this structure may move.
when this structure moves next to an enemy deal 2 to it.

Hildeguard the Fortress

BloodBound Spell: amalgamate
Destroy a friendly minion, increase your general’s healthpool equal to the minion’s cost, it becomes permenant every 5 gained.


Echoing Tunnel
minions with the echo keyword may use these tiles to redirect there attacks to targets that are out of reach.

Example of how the Echo keyword interacts with echoing tunnel tiles

units with this keyword may only move any space vertically or horizontally of there position, the space they moved from and the space next to where they moved to become echoing tunnel.

units with this keyword may attack the first enemy unit in any direction.

Healthpool and permanent health gain
when healthpool is used in a card’s discription, the target’s maximum health is increased, it may be dispelled. when the word permanent or permanently is used health cannot be dispelled.

Core Set

1 mana Spell
give a minion +3 health, if its a golem also give it +1 attack.

1 mana Golem
Dying Wish: Give a nearby Golem +1/+2.

Seismic Toss
2 mana Spell
move a minion, it cannot move or be moved till your next turn.

2 mana Spell
dispell and stun a minion.

Shrill Shrew
2 mana Minion

Stalagmite Lance
3 mana Artifact
Your general gains +1 attack your general may attack minions one space away, your general moves next to them.

Shovel Worm
3 mana Minion
this minion may move immediately when played.

Quaking Battlecry
3 mana Spell
Enemies near your general, friendly minions or near friendly Echoing Tunnel tiles take 2 damage.

3 mana Spell
choose an enemy minion, it becomes a 0/1 and tribe changes to structure.


Berserkers Charge
0 mana Spell
Choose a friendly minion, move it anywhere in a cardinal direction from its location,

Buried Relic
1 mana Spell
place an Echoing Tunnel near your general or a friendly minion, draw a card.

Vengeful Strike
1 mana Spell
if you’ve taken damage on your enemies turn, remove the amount of health taken from your healthpool permanently and deal it to an enemy minion.

Tunnel Colapser
2 mana Golem

Harmonious Wisp
2 mana Minion
Opening Gambit: Gain +2 health permanently.

Bloodetched Ward
3 mana Spell
-3 from your healthpool Permenantly, give a friendly minion Barrier and it cannot be targeted by spells.

Stoneform Artisan
3 mana Minion
whenever this minion takes damage, summon a Mineralite near it.

Boulder Transporter
4 mana Golem
when this minion moves, all nearby friendly units move with it.


2 mana Spell
change a friendly minions tribe into golem, give it 3 health, give it 3 attack instead if the minion was a golem.

Soulore Golem
3 mana Golem
bond: add +1 to your generals healthpool.

4 mana Spell
deal 4 damage to an enemy minion, if it dies summon a large bolder in its place.

War Chant
4 mana Spell
Draw 3 cards, add +3 to your healthpool for each minion drawn.

Cave Bellower
4 mana Minion
may move to any echoing tunnel on the battlefield.

Vicious Moleshark
5 mana Minion
Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion near an echoing tunnel.


Symbol of Exaltation
2 mana Structure
you may transform this structure into a minion from your hand instead of summoning it, it costs 2 less.

Silent March
3 mana Spell
Dispel all minions and generals, give your minions 2 health.

4 mana Spell
choose a friendly unit, deal 3 damage to the first enemy minion in all directions from it.

Ancient Drill
4 mana Artifact
Your general gains Dig.

WorldShaking Might
6 mana Spell
give a friendly minion +8 attack, it cannot be dispelled

Shrill Brood-mother
6 mana Minion
when this minions attack passes an echoing tunnel to hit a target, it hits the first enemy in all directions of the first tile it passes through.


Skill-Eater Bowyn
3 mana Minion
opening Gambit:choose an enemy minion, dispel it and add any keywords it had it to Skill-Eater Bowyn.

Sound Sister Runa
4 Mana Minion
whenever your generals healthpool increases, give your minions +1 health.

Call of Savagry
5 mana Spell
choose an enemy minion, take control of it this turn.

Golem Core Rune
7 mana Artifact
Your general may attack friendly minions, friendly minions heal your general when attacked enemy minions destroyed by your general increase your healthpool +3.

Phoenix Gem Golem
7 mana Minion
4/4 Golem
when this minion leaves the battlefield put a Phoenix Gem Core on this space.

Phoenix Gem Core

0/0 Structure
Build (1)

Aria of Rejuvination
9 mana Spell
Fully heal your general.

Grandmaster Meitheal
9 mana Minion
your general becomes Grandmaster Meitheal, your original generals attack and health are added to your new general,your bbs costs 0 mana.

Denizens of Shim'Zar

1 mana Battle Pet
when Wav attacks, move it back equal to the number of spaces away it was from the target.

Gravel Assault
2 mana Spell
deal 1 damage to all enemies, if a minion dies, summon a large boulder on a random space.

4 mana Spell
destroy an enemy minion near a friendly minion, give it +1/+1

5 mana Structure
change minions tribe nearby this into battlepet.


2 mana Battle Pet
friendly minions near this move with it.

Sonokinetic Shaman
3 mana Minion
while on the field friendly minions near echoing tunnel may attack enemies near an echoing tunnel, enemies counterattack unless your minion has Echo.

3 mana Spell
give a friendly minion ‘at the end of your turn nearby friendly minions nearby get +1/+1.’


0 mana Spell
reduce the cost of a golem in hand by 1 and give it +2 health.

4 mana Minion
when this minion moves add a Large Bolder to your hand.

Diamond Giant
4 mana Golem
this minion ignores the affects of Opening Gambit, Dying Wish, Provoke, and Barrier.


Heavensfall Axe
3 mana Artifact
your general gains +1 attack.
whenever you attack an enemy, deal half of your attack to all enemies around it.

Resonance matriarch
6 mana Minion
while on the field your general cannot be targeted by or take damage from enemy spells.

Grandiose Rockslide
8 mana Spell
fill either your or the opponents back column with large bolders, they may move immidiately, destroy all large boulders your next turn.

Bloodbound Ancients

Excavate Power
2 mana spell
place a echoing tunnel near your general, your general gains ‘your general has +1 attack when near an echoing tunnel.’

2 mana minion
Blood Surge: add +2 to your healthpool permenantly.

Earth Shaper
3 mana Golem
Bond: add a copy of this into your action bar.

Live Burial
5 mana Spell
destroy a minion, place an echoing tunnel on that space.


1 mana Spell
choose an echoing tunnel to remove from the field, draw 2 cards at the start of your next turn.

Shale-Break Habergeon
2 mana Artifact
whenever this artifact is damaged on your opponets turn, summon a Large Bolder nearby.

5 mana minion
Opening Gambit: your generals bbs costs 1 more and includes ‘prevent the next 2 damage you take.’


Fools Gold
3 mana Spell
teleport an enemy minion onto an echoing tunnel, it cannot counterattack.

Clay-Armor Guardian
4 mana Golem
Dying Wish: prevent the next 3 damage your general takes.


8 mana Golem
this minion cannot be targeted by spells or be attacked.
all damage your minions or general takes deals damage to War-Bearer instead.

Unearthed Prophecy

Voice Suppresor
1 mana Spell
Give an enemy minion next to your general ‘cannot attack.’

Echo Distorter
2 mana Spell
turn a random space into echoing tunnel, when a friendly minion moves onto it, give that minion Echo.

Maddened Sculptor
3 mana Minion
Sentinel minion summoned.
Change the tribe of the minion that transformed this into structure. if it was a structure destroy it.

Amp Bat
4 mana minion
Echo Flying
when this minion is on an echoing tunnel tile this minion has Frenzy


Battle Drummer
3 mana Minion
Sentinel spell cast.
Give all Friendly minions (including itself) +2 health every time your opponent casts a spell.

Vengeance Seeker
3 mana Minion
Sentinel general attacks.
when this is transformed teleport it next to the enemy general.

Mineral Deposit
4 mana Spell
summon 3 Mineralite’s near a friendly golem.


1 mana Spell
destroy a friendly structure, it deals 3 damage to an enemy near it.

4 mana Structure
deal 1 damage to all enemy minions at the end of your turn.

Victory Ballad
3 mana Spell
friendly minions and your general gain +1 attack every time a friendly unit attacks this turn.


Pacifying Jewel
1 mana Artifact
when you attack an enemy, they do not counterattack.

Manacrystal Crush
5 mana Spell
your opponet has 5 less mana till the end of his turn.

Mountain Carver
6 mana minion
Summon an enemy Mountainbuster Golem Core near the enemy general.
when mountain Carver attacks it, turn it into a friendly Mountainbuster Golem.

Mountainbuster Core

can be attacked by Mountain Carver,is destroyed if mountain carver is destroyed.

Mountainbuster Golem

cannot be affected by enemy spells or enemy minion’s opening gambit.

Immortal Vanguard

Pebble Lob
1 mana Spell
deal 1 damage to a minion, move it one space.

Plunder Cashe
1 mana Spell
discard a card from your opponets deck, turn a random space into echoing tunnel, when a friendly unit moves onto it, add it to your hand.

Mound Former
3 mana minion
summon a large bolder next to this minion

Trench Driller
4 mana Minion
Build: (2)
Dig Echo


2 mana Mech
Opening Gambit: give your general ‘whenever your general moves it progresses MECHAZoR build by +5%.’

5 mana Spell
move all enemy minions around you back 1 space, they can no longer move.

Symphony Gauntlets
4 mana Artifact
friendly minions gain +1 attack and may move an additional space


3 mana Spell
Choose a friendly minion, it gains +2 attack and fights a nearby enemy minion.

Escape Artist
4 mana Minion
Blood Surge: give your general Dig and your general may ignore Provoke this turn.

Psyche Up
5 mana spell
give a minion attack equal to what your generals healthpool is over its original healthpool.


Barberic Rite
0 mana Spell
cannot be played till you have 6 mana, the next spell you play that costs 4 or less mana costs health instead.

Stone of Life
4 mana Structure
Build: (3)
every turn your minions and general gain 5 health.

WorldBind Worm
9 mana Minion
summon a joined worldbind body and worldbind tail.
cannot be destroyed until all parts are destroyed, all parts move with this minion.

Worldbind Body

cannot be destroyed until worldbind tail is destroyed, cannot attack or move, when this minion takes damage, deal 3 damage to nearby enemies.

Worldbind Tail

cannot move away from worldbind body, enemies do not counterattack this minion.

Trials of Mythron

Voice of Valdr
7 mana Minion
Trial: placed 10 echoing tunnel tiles on the field.
Destiny: each turn (including the turn its played) add a Song of Ruin to your hand

Song of Ruin

4 mana Spell
choose a minion near an echoing tunnel, its tribe changes to structure, put 1 copy of it in your hand for 0 mana, if your hand is full it is summoned on the field on a random tile.


From what i read the idea is cool but there are cards that sound op if played with the right combo and some that sound op even without the right combo, so i say “hmmmm”


Update: Shim’Zar set complete :>


How does Echoing Tunnels work exactly? So can friendly minions attack enemy minions on Echoing Tunnels even if they are out of range? Do friendly minions gain Ranged while on Echoing Tunnels? I can tell it’s a cool idea, but the explanation should be clearer.


Echoing tunnel
minions with the echo keyword may use these tiles to redirect there attacks to targets that are out of reach.

heres an example of it


basically it extends echos range allowing you to hit targets out of reach.
there are also cards which interact with the tile but at its base thats what it does.


So the Echo minion can attack enemies on the yellow spaces? Minions can only attack nearby enemies unless they have Ranged…


units with this keyword may attack the first enemy unit in any direction.

the yellow spaces on the example show a minions range with echo, basically it is a limited range ability, as it can only hit a target and only the first target in said direction, with echoing tunnel it allows you to hit targets that you may not have been in range to hit.

hopefully i helped clear up any confusion.


I see now. Thanks for the clarification! It would be very helpful if you included the diagram in the main post.


and with that the diagram has been added to the main post under mechanics :v


Update : Added the Common and Rare Bloodbound Ancient cards.


Excavate Power seems like a cool card. Given how grand the name and ability of Heavensfall Axe is, I think it should be a legendary. Songstress seems a little too strong because it’s kind of a makeshift Falcius on a BBS. Maybe you can nerf its stats?


made modifacations based on your suggestion, moved heavensfall axe into the shimzar expansion to make it legendary and moved shimzars artifact into bloodbound since bloodbounds a rare artifact.

do you think making songstress into a 2/4 would be more acceptable?


Yes, that sounds fine.


Update: Added the Epic and Legendary Bloodbound Ancient cards, set complete.


Update: Added the entire Unearth Prophecy Set


I think this is too oppressive. You should nerf its stats and take away the spell resistance.

I think this is a little too strong. It’s a superior Bloodtear Alchemist, and I think it should cost at least 4 mana.

This is just Malicious Wisp on steroids. There should be a way for your opponent to regain those mana crystals.


for vengence seeker i could probably remove the spell resistence but i feel statwise it needs to be large enough to make up for being mostly a ball of stats and not actually have an ability like other Sentinels.

for lithobolos it could probably be changed to 4 mana

and finally for manacrystal crush, i feel that if compaired to wisp (4 mana steal 1 mana and has a body) or more easy to compare to Saurian ( 8 mana to remove 3 mana crystals and heal 10 health and stun the enemy general) its actually quite a fair cost as if your playing this then its likely to be your turn just to weaken there turns not really having played anything on your turn.

i could make it an effect that the opponet could dispel of there general though.

Edit: made edits to the cards.


But Malicious Wisp gives the mana crystal back when it is killed, while Manacrystal Crush’s effect is permanent. Saurian Finality is a 8 mana spell, and a 5 mana spell should nowhere be as powerful. Yet, Saurian Finality decreases mana for both players while this only decreases it for the opponent. I’d still use it if it cost 8 mana like Finality.


in case you didnt see, i changed it to be Dispellable so its not permenant.


Not many decks run dispel though, and even if some do, it’s unfair to force them to waste it on their General. I think it should cost 7 mana and only destroy 2 mana crystals.