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Faction concept: The cult of Difex'Ae (finished)


Hi, I am back with my second Faction concpet, this time it’s: The cult of Difex’Ae

I wanted to make another faction with the theme of “Acient cult”. But i also wanted to add a little twist or some other element and ended on a flashy and colorfull visual and elemental creation theme.

Color/ visual

The Color theme is Teal and pink as primary colors and black and red as secondary.

It is for the most part humanoid looking creeatures, with the mix of some acient or otherwordly beasts. They mostly wear long pieces of cloth that dances in the wind and wears light armor beneath.

The thought was an Acient cult that has lived since the beginning, and have gained knowledge through the ages. As such they command acient creatures of old. They uses Original magic and wields the most acient of artifacts. As so their focus is often to draw cards, play a lot of minions and ruin the day for the other faction.

Introduction Lore

Thousands of years before the dawn of the modern age, a stellar alignment sent a star seed from the depths of space colliding into the planet Mythron, forever transforming the world and it’s inhabitants. Mythron’s single supercontinent shattered into seven new ones, each torn into a new terrain of jagged mountains, crystalline lakes and storm swept islands.

Sounds familiar? That’s because this is the story all the parents in Mythron tell their children as how life as they know, came into reality.

Stellar alignment?
How naive.
They’re all so ignorant.
Unable to see the truth.
But we know.
We’ve always known.
All the mysteries of this world.
We know them all.
And we have recived the sign.
Now It is our time to make a move.
Watch and you will witness.
Listen and you will follow.

Difex’Ae is comming.

The generals of this faction brings out (hopefully) a unique feel to the faction and inspire for creative deckbuilding.


Curoxus, The Acient One
BBS - Arcane mastery: The next spell you cast cost 2 less this turn

No one knows how old Curoxus is, only that he has been one of the higher echelon of the cult since everyone can remember. Some says he even is one of the founders, but thats impossible right? It’s been a long time since anyone saw his face since he has been hiding it beneath his cloak and obsidian mask. He is also the wielder of the cults greatest artifact: The sword of annihilation. As the Acient one he has mastered all forms of arcane magic and wield it with elegance and ease. He has come out from the shadows and commands the Cult of Difex’Ae to the comming of their Creator.

Anqul Faithwielder
BBS Inspirartion: Give all friendly minions +1/+0

Anqul was an orphan as a child, she experienced a lot of tragedies through her life. The death of her of her parents, The robbery and arson on the orphanage and the frequent nightmeres of a mysterious being. She later realized that all these things were sings, ment for her. She belived that she was ment for a higher purpose. She was later recruited be the Cult of Difex’Ae, where her passion and seemingly clarvoyance inspired and sharpned the other followers. At the age of 15 she was now appointed as a general for the cult, and glory she will bring.
For she knows.
That Difex’Ae is watching.

I wanted this faction to support swarm, control and a Disrupt archtype. their creations is great for swarming and other shenanigans, and Worhisp gives so much more lategame power. Disrupt is an archtype that puts the opponent at a disadvantage and tries to disrupt their rythm.

Keywords and Tribes

This faction is one of faith and worship, and they belive that this will grant them strenght and certian victory.

Worship: Your General gains Worship through different means. AW (Accumulated Worship) is used to cast powerfull spells and creatures.

The AW you gain is gained and lost by the cards you play. AW will be kept track of in the same way as shadow creeps ect. hover your general and it will show how much AW you got. This can not be dispelled. It works as a secondary mana source, it goes from 0 to 9, you can’t have more. If you do not gain more after reaching 9 AW

Example of gaining Worship:
Devoted servant
3 mana - 1/4
Provoke. At the end of your turn gain 1 Worship

Example of using Worship:
Go forth!
2 Mana
The next minion you summon from your action bar gets Flying. Consume 1 AW: the minion also gets +2/+2

This spell, after it is cast, will try to consume 1 AW from your general. If the spell does consume 1 AW the spell will activate it’s second part.

I wanted an ability that build up as the game goes on, that have an effect on the minions and spells you cast. As a reward for your ‘devotion’, prayers get answerd. This is an ability that gets stronger as the game goes on, but it is not just limited to late game-plays as will be shown in some of the cards.

Creations tribe and the Reform ability
Creations are colorfull orbs. The creations can not move, attack or be attacked and have a stat of 0/1. The reform ability interacts only with friendly Creations and reshape them into minions/ spells/ artifacts. The minions are tokens, the spells can’t be replaced.

Earth infuser
4 Mana - 2/4
Opening gambit: Summon 3 Creations nearby each other.
When this minion takes damage Reform a random Creation into a “Earth creation”

Creation tokens

Earth creation
3 mana - 2/5

Fire Creation
3 Mana - 4/2

Air Creation
3 Mana - 4/3

Water Creation
4 mana - 3/3
At the end of your turn, draw a card

Light Creation
2 mana - 2/1

Shadow Creation
4 Mana - 4/4
This minion can’t be counter attacked

Star creation
5 mana - 5/6
Flying, Provoke, Forcefield

Reform is not an keyword ability, the idea is that you create the creations and can then interact with them in a unique way. I wanted an ability that represented this “Creator” worshiping cult and at the same time was simple to understand and fun to explore. More types of Creations are a work in progress.

Here are the cards!

Core set

Core set:

Basic cards

Basic cards

Devoted servant
3 mana - 1/4
Provoke. At the end of your turn gain 1 Worship

2 Mana - 1/1
Opening gambit: Summon 2 Creations nearby your general

5 Mana - 5/5
Opening gambit: Your general gets: “at the start of your turn restore 1 health”

Basic spells

3 - Mana
Gain 3 worship

Change of heart
0 Mana
Both players Replaces a random card in their action bar.

The first sign
1 - mana
Reform target friendly Creation into a 2/1 Light creation with forcefiled

4 - mana
Summon 4 Creations on random spaces

3 - Mana
Give a minion +3/+3

Staff of the faithfull
3- Mana
Whenever your general attacks, draw a card, it can’t be replaced

Common minions

Common Minions
Tealblade scout
2 Mana - 2/3
This minion deals double damage to enemy minions, Can’t attack generals

4 Mana -3/4
Whenever you cast a spell, Gain 1 worship

Life artist
3 Mana - 2/1
Forcefield. Opening gambit: Reform target creation into a “Blessing” spell and put in in you hand

Laughing preacher
1 - Mana 1/1
Dying wish: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy

Rare Minions

Mesmerizing bladedancer
4 Mana - 3/2
Airdrop. Nearby enemy minions can’t move during the next trun.

Passionet shaper
6 Mana - 4/5
Whenever this minion deals damage reform a Friendly Creation into a 4/2 Fire Creation

Reborn Beliver
2 M - 2/2 - dying wish: gain 1 Worship, If you gained Worship this turn, summon a copy of this minon near your general

Epic minions

Reveling servants
5 Mana - 2/2
Opening Gambit: Summon a copy of this minion in front of each friendly Creation.

Blind Tombkeeper
6 Mana - 5/7
This minion cant attack minions. The enemy general can’t attack

Legendary minions

Avatar of Difex’Ae
9 mana 10/10
Enemy minions and the enemy general can’t move. The enemy cant replace cards from the action bar.
Consume 7 Worship: Restore 15 health to Your general, friendly minions get +2/+2

Sin’gor, Starcaller
6 - Mana 2/4
Opening gambit: Reform target Creation into a Star creation.
At the start of your turn Reform a random Creation into a Star creation

Forgotten Sister Si’aira
4 - Mana 3/4
Opening gambit: Your general gets “The first minion you play each turn cost 1 less”


Common spells

Secret following
2 Mana
Ad a copy of a minion cast from you action bar this game into your hand.

No rest
2 Mana
Target minion get: if this minion does not move during that minoin’s turn, destroy it

Greater blessing
4 Mana
Give a friendly minion +3/+5, Fully heal that minion.

Reading the stars
3 mana
The next card you draw is a 5 mana cost card from your deck

Rare spells

Hear my prayer
2 Mana
Restore 3 health to your general and deal 1 Damage to all enemy minions nearby your general. Add a copy of this card to you hand, it cost 3 worship instead. If worship was used to cast this spell remove it from your hand at the end of turn

5 Mana
Teleport ANY minion, with 5 or less in attack, in the same row as your general to the space infront the enemy general, it attacks the enemy general.

Obscure visions
2 - Mana
Draw 2 cards, they can’t be replaced
Consume 2 Worship: The enemy general can’t attack the next turn

Epic spells

Spit on the nonebelivers
5 Mana
Deal 5 damage to an enemy. Consume 3 Worship and deal 3 damage to all nearby enemies

To the skies
4 Mana
Reform a Creation nearby your general, and one target joined creations into a 4/3 Air Creation

Mass sacrifice
3 Mana
Destroy all friendly minions, restore 3 health to your general and gain 1 Worship for each minion destroyed this way.

Legendary spells

Joy of discovery
7 - Mana
Summon 2 Creations in random spaces, Reform all creations into 3/3 Water creations

Decent into madness
8 - Mana
Put 3 “madness” spells that can’t be replaced in your opponent’s action bar

8 mana
draw a card. Can’t be replaced.


Epic artifacts

Scripture of secrets
4 mana
Your general gets +1 attack. Whenever you draw a card you may replace an additioinal card this turn.

Legendary artifacts

Blade of annihilation
7 Mana
Your general gets +4 attack. Whenever your general kills a minion destroy all joined minions.

Dienzens of Shim’zar is “bring your pet to work” day and also a time to put a little more effort into their Worship

Deinzens of Shim'zar



Fireborn Hound
4 mana - 4/6 Battlepet
Opening gambit: Reform target Creation into a Fire Creation

1 mana - 1/1
Airdrop. Dying wish: Draw a card, it can’t be replaced.


Spiked Worm
2 Mana -3/2 Battlepet
Whenever this minon deals damage, it deals 1 damage to all nearby enemy minions

Hyming warrior
3 M - 1/5
When this minion kills another minion you gain 2 Worship.


Shadowclad mirror
4 mana - 0/5
Forcefield. This minion can’t move.
At the end of your turn Reform a random Creation into a Shadow Creation.


Scripted Enforcer
5 - mana 6/6
Whenever your opponent cast a spell, your general gains 2 worship




Acient call
4 - mana
Summon a random battlepet behind all Creations

1 - Mana
Dispell a friendly minion and give it “this minion can’t move” and Provoke


1 - Mana
Your general gets: “May move an additional space”


5 - mana
All enemy minions move as they were battlepets next turn.

Twist of fates
4 -mana
Destroy a firendly minioin to summon a shadow Creation


Shaken beliefs
8 - mana
Destroy target minion, and deal it’s attack to the enemy general. Consume 5 worship, add a copy of this card to your action bar it cost 5 Worship instead of it’s original mana cost.



Ring of temptation
2 - mana
Your general gains +2 attack. When this aritfact breakes your general gains 2 worship

Rise of the bloodborn brings forth the devotion to BBS and The cult of Difex’Ae is no exception. Their creations are gaining in power.

Rise of the bloodborn

4 mana - 2/3
Bloodsurge: Draw a card.

3 Mana - 2/5
If your opponent did not replace a card during their turn, this minion gains +5+5.

Spirit invoker lux’Ae
5 Mana - 4/5
Blood surge: Reform a random Creation into a Star Creation


Surge of faith
5 Mana
Gain 1 Worship for each friendly minion on the battlefield.

Acient chains
4 - Mana
The enemy general gets: Can’t move

Temptation of power
6 Mana
Put 1 Blessing into your action bar. Put 2 “Currupt blessing” into your opponents action bar.

Currupt blessing
3 mana
Dispel a firendly minion, deal 2 damage to that minion. Can’t be replaced

I did arcanysts in my last Faction concept and wanted to give it a go on golems. The cult of Difex’Ae were the original creators of golems and have dusted off their old creation and are ready to deploy them.

Ancient Bonds

Gravestone golem
3 Mana - 4/5
Bond: Dispell this minion.
Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 2 damage to your general.

Stoneforge golem
4 mana - 4/4
Opening gambit: Reform all nearby friendly creations into Earth Creations

Original golem
7 - Mana 5/9
Provoke. Dying wish: Add “the original core” to your action bar

The original Core
3 Mana
Transform Target golem into “Original Golem”

Radiance of Faith
2 mana
During the next turn, Enemy minioins that moves to a space nearby your general is destroyed.

Rare artifact
Staff of Unmak
4 - mana
Your general has +2 attack. Whenever a friendly Creation is reformed, reform it into a Water Creation instead.

Time for truths has come and with that The cult of Difex’Ae will move even swifltier around the battlefield spreading their following. Enter the the Twilight zone

Unearhed Prophecy

New tile: Twilight zone
When a friendly minion moves to a Twilight zone tile, teleport it to another target twilight zone.

How it works

How this works: This effect does only activate on your turn, and you must “walk” to it, teleportation won’t activate ect. After the minion have stept on the tile, you can choose any other Twilight zone tile to teleport to.

Abyssian had damage tile, Lyonar had healing tile, magmar had buff tile, vetruvian had summon tile. So i wanted to make an utility tile and what i wished shonghai would get before sentinels were introduced.


Crater monk
3 Mana - 3/3
Opening Gambit: Turn the space in front of your general into a Twilight Zone

1 Mana - 0/2
Whenever you draw a card this minion get +1/+1

5 - mana 4/5
Whenever a friendly minion destroy an Enemy minion, turn that tile into a Twilight Zone

Forgotten Campion
4 Mana - 4/3
Dying wish: Give your general + 2 attack

Forge creator
6 Mana - 3/5
Reform target Creation into an Artifact with the same attack and ability into your hand.

(if it is a light creation you get +2 and forcefield. while with a shadow creation you get +4 and can’t be counter attacked. If the minion is buffed, you also gain the buff. The cost, is the minions cost. See token list)

Grandmaster Shagoon
7 Mana 6/8
The enemy general can’t draw more than one card each turn. Consume 3 Worship This minion gets: “Can’t be targeted by spells”


2 mana
Turn target space into a Twilight Zone

Visions of the future
1 Mana
Both players summon a random minion from their action bar that cost 3 or less.

Mana storm
3 Mana
Deal 1 damage to all minions. Gain an empty mana crystal.

Lurking shadows
5 Mana
Turn all corners and the center space into Twilight Zones. Draw a card

Awaken the mountains
6 Mana
You loose a mana crystal. Summon a 7/7 Acient with Provoke. At the end of your turn summon a creation on each space avaliable nearby the Acient.

The true Prophecy
6 Mana
Summon a 10/10 Avatar. Consume 9 Worship: Your Bloodborn spell becomes "As foretold"

As foretold
2 Mana
Consume 2 worship: Summon a 10/10 Avatar


Robes of the masses
5 Mana
Your general has +5 additional Health. Whenevere you summon a minion from your action bar restore health to your general equal to the cost of the minion summoned.

Immortal vanguard means it is time to showcase the new general to The cult of Difex’Ae and he wants to take the disrupt archtype to a whole new level.

Immortal Vanguard

The new general is here!
Here to put the final nail
In your…

Danalius, The silver tounge
BBS: Put a “Silver nail” into your opponents action bar

Silver nail
1 Mana
Deal 1 damage to a friendly minion. Can’t be replaced


Deepsea operator
2 mana - 5/5
Build (2). When this minion is built draw an artifact from your deck.

Scarred kanju
5 Mana - 4/6
Whenever your opponent cast a spell, this minion gets +1/+1

Slim hogbot
4 mana - 3/4 - Mech
Opening gambit: Progresses MECHAZOR by 20%. Consume 3 Worship: Progresses MECHAZOR by 40%.

Tealcladded monk
6 Mana - 5/5
Bloodsurge: Put a “Madness” spell into the enemy action bar.

Moving sanctuary
7 Mana - 0/12 Structure
Build (2), When this minion is building restore 5 health to your genereal at the end of turn.
Whenever you reform a creation, Reform it into a Star creation instead.

Humble carpenter
6 mana 0/2
Invounerable. At the end of each players turn deal damage to the egenral equal to twice the amount of cards in that players action bar that did not originate from their deck.

(token cards such as Fiend and Silver nails ect)


Hidden agenda
0 Mana
The next card you replace will have a higher mana cost than the replaced card.

Secret message
4 Mana
Draw a card. Consume 2 Worship: Draw a random minion from your deck that costs 5 or more.

Blooming thorns
4 Mana
Reform target creation into a Earth creation. All Earth creations deals 1 damage to all nearby minions. Those minions can’t move the next turn.

Whispers in the woods
6 - Mana
Put 2 “cryptic code” into the opponent’s action bar

(Cryptic code)
4 - mana
Destroy target friendly minion. Restore 4 health to both generals.

Punish the unfaithfull
1 mana
Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions nearby your general for each worhip your general have.

Acient ritual
4 Mana
All friendly minions get “At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy genereal”


Silver hammer
3 Mana
Whenever a enemy minion take damage on their turn. Deal an additional 2 damage to that minion.

It is time for the Trails of Mythron, The cult of Difex’Ae got some powerfull lategame cards and is ready to intensefy their destruction.

Trials of Mythron
Mythorn card

Quan’ilo, Protector of Eyos secret

6 mana 6/6
Trail: Attack and kill 5 minions with your general.
Destiny: Your general can’t take more than 4 damage on each turn


4 Mana 3/4
Intensify: Reform 1 random Creation into a Light creation

1 mana - 1/1
Dying wish: summon a creation

3 mana - 3/3
Opening gambit: Give your general +1 attack until end of turn. Consume 1 Worship: Add a copy of this minion to your action bar.

5 mana - 5/4
Flying. Whenever your general takes damage, reform a Creation into a “To the skies” spell and put it in you action bar.

7 mana - 7/7
Opening gambit: Summon Creations on all the spaces nerby this minion
Dying wish: Reform all Creations into Air Creations

2 Mana - 2/2
If this minion survives damage, transform it into “Dago’wd

2 Mana - 4/5
Forcefield. Whenever this minion deals damage to an enemy general add a “Corrupted blessing” to the opponents action bar.



Accumulated worhsip
2 Mana
Intensify your genereal gains 1 Worship

4 mana
Destory an enemy minion. Put a copy of the last spell your opponent played to their action bar.

5 Mana
Friendly minions around target minion get +1/+1 and has: “If worship was used to cast a spell or minion gain +2/+2”

2 mana
Teleport target minion to target corner. It can’t move or attack the next turn

A sign from below
7 mana
Your genereal gets “when you draw a card, deal 1 damage to all nearby enemy minions”. Draw 3 cards

True devotion
9 mana
Consume 6 worship: Destroy all minoins, restore 25 Health to your general. Teleport your genereal to target space nearby the enemy general.


Orb of knowladge
2 Mana
Whenever you draw a card gain +1 attack until end of turn.

And with that the Faction is up to date with the other factions. I had a lot of fun making this.
Give me your thoughts and criticism!

Whats your favorite card?
Would you like to see a new faction in the game? (this one maybe? he said shamelessly)

Anyways, thanks for reading and hope you make yourself a wonderfull day!


I really love the idea of worship but there’s absolutely no reason to have it be such a high number. Treat it like secondary mana which goes up to 9 like normal mana, but because it’s a secondary resource which could be hard to generate you can discount cards accordingly.


Nice ideas! The Worship mechanic opens up so much more design directions. Card design is also really solid overall, but I have a question: how is reforming any different from transforming? Creations are a very interesting idea, but I don’t feel the need for an entirely new keyword.


Thought about it, but I tried to make the numbers feel more powerful by using bigger numbers :slight_smile:


yeah but, it’s super weird to have to calculate how much something is worth when it’s going up to huge numbers like 500, it’s fine that the numbers are arbitrary here I guess but in an actual design situation they’d need work out a whole new system, which i was I was saying I think making it more in line with regular mana would make more sense.



Reform is not a keyword, I think I mentioned that in the text.

The reason I went with reform instead of transform, is because I wanted to do more than just transform it to another minion. I want it to also include reforming the card into a spell or even artifact :open_mouth:


I see your point, that would be simpler indeed :slight_smile:


I really like scripture of secrets, it reeks of combos.


Right, I must’ve skipped some parts. Thanks for clarifying!


I have added the Dienzens of Shim’zar expansion. Difex’Ae got Battlepets and worship support as well as some utility.

Tell me what you guys think!
Something that needs to change (too weak, too strong, too wierd?)


Reworked the Worship ability to now follow a secondary mana format
Addet acient bonds and Rise of the bloodborn.


Unearthed prophecy now added with the Twilight Zone tile.

2 More expansions and its done!


3rd Genral is up with a new archtype?

Last expansion will be added tomorrow!


Buahaha it is done! finaly XD

The page is updated. Trails of mythron is added.

What do you guys think of the faction?


The faction looks interesting with its new mechanics however, i’m noticing power levels are higher without drawback for some of your cards.


Witch cards do you think are too powerful?


I can imagine how much time it took for you to come up with all this! I can’t really say much in terms of critiquing cards or stuff, but the fact you came up with a whole new faction with a lore and everything is great!

I’m looking forward to any developments you might make to this if any c:


I might adjust some of the cards if they seem unbalanced and add future expansions ect.


My favorite card idea has to be Original Golem. I personally think it should cost at least 7 mana, but great design nonetheless.


I was so sure i raised the Mana cost for that one. Original golem was ment to be 7 mana. Initial idea was to have a weaker golem that gave a spell that could like upgrade it. but i ended up with that one :slight_smile: glad you liked it!