Faction concept: Polani fleet


Howdy y’all, I guess it’s my turn to try my hand at making a new faction. Without further ado, here’s the Polani fleet


Due to the vast distance between the fleet and Mythron, the Polani cannot directly interact with the land of Mythron. The otherworldly terrors we see around us are but a shadow cast by their vast interstellar fleet. All the factions of Mythron can hope to do against this force is disrupt their navigational technology, to delay, or even prevent, Polani invasion. Even a loose assortment of probes has the military might of an entire nation, what chance does Mythron stand in the event of a full invasion?

With the impending invasion, some Mythron inhabitants worship the Polani as gods. A certain sect of the Alcuin go as far as to believe that they were the ones who sent the star seed to Mythron to grant it mana. Still others aim to reverse-engineer Polani technology to creat weapons capable of damaging the main fleet.


Due to the nature of this faction, no Polani individuals have been sighted. Polani probes usually take the form of geometric cores surrounded by a gelatainous forcefield. As the game progresses, the Polani May feel the need to pull in greater components of their fleet. These stronger vessels are composed of a silvery metal, with concentrated, solid force fields.


Cannot be counterattacked or provoked. Moves through units. Nice and simple movement based ability.

The Polani employ structures with subtype beacon that have a third stat called charge

  • Charge increases by one at the start of your turn.
  • Charge appears in the same bubble as attack would have
  • Charge cannot be used to attack or counterattack, but acts as attack for all other purposes (plasma storm, grapnel paragon)
  • Discharging sets Charge to zero to activate an effect, with X being equal to current charge.

Some Polani cards allow you to discard other cards for some added effect. Discard always happens on our own turn. You may choose which card(s) you discard

The probe tribe has very poor stats, but a strong tribal ability. When a probe dies, it is resummoned to the tile it was first summoned at the end of the turn. If that tile is occupied, the probe is permanently destroyed. The probe ability cannot be destroyed. This adds value to movement abilities as a probe counter.

Late game focus:
In the late game, the Polani send in more resources from their fleet, with many overwhelmingly powerful threats.


As the Polani invasion advanced, the Polani tasked with overseeing probes sent to Mythron gradually started adopting the Mythronian culture, and even discussing preserving Mythron life. It is unknown whether this was done as an attempt of integration, or a show of force, but the Polani has sent champions to compete in the tournaments of Eyos. These champions are constructs controlled by high-ranking Polani. To appear more familliar, the Polani gave their champions what they believe are “normal” mythronian names.

In fact, many of the Polani spells and units appear to be (poorly) renamed to fit with Mythronian languages.

Jieke, Tower holder
Bloodborn Spell: Electric Eye Draw a card. Discard a card.


A great card filtering Bloodborn Spell that has synergy with cards that benefit from discard. A “jack of all trades” general that happens to have a bit of discard synergy.

Qoa’lang, Seed Elder
Bloodborn Spell: Distort: Give a friendly character +1 move.


A powerful repositioning tool. An excellent defensive ability for your general if you stack it up. Overall, this is a late game defensive payoff ability that allow you to survive and use he Polani’s powerful lategame.


Planar probe
2 mana, probe

Ringing Crescent
4 mana
Damage delt to this minion is reduced to one

Null fabricator
6 mana
0/1/8 beacon
Discharge: summon an 3X/3X hologram with provoke

Maelstrom pulse
5 mana spell
Deal 5 damage to the first enemy in front of your general, and 2 to all enemies around it.

2 mana spell
Deal 1 damage to all enemies. If you discard this, cast it for free.

Ecological cycling
1 mana
Draw 2 cards. When you play or replace one, discard the other.

Beam me up
1 mana
Return an friendly minion to your hand. It costs 2 less.

Fusion engine
1 mana artifact


The core set lays down the groundwork of the Polani Fleet, with powerful Probe synergies, discard support, and lategame powerhouses that reward patience. Discard cycling ensures that the Polani excel at getting a combo together. However, I chose to keep the focus of the core set on support of the core mechanics, and leave the powerful combos for later expansions.


Silent Bell
3 mana, probe
Flying, Dying wish: Draw a card.

Charge coil
2 mana, beacon
Discharge: deal 2X damage to the nearest enemy

5 mana, minion
Opening Gambit: put three probe that died this game into your action bar.

4 mana minion
Forcefield, Provoke, Opening Gambit, discard a card.

Death ray
4 mana spell
Deal 6 damage to a minion. If that kills it, deal the remaining damage to the enemy general.

2 mana spell
Return a friendly probe to your action bar. It costs 0. Draw a card.

2 mana spell
Reduce the attack of all enemy minions to 1.


Helix Dart
4 mana probe

Tower of Joy
3 mana beacon
Discharge: Draw a card that costs X. That card cannot be replaced.

3 mana minion
Phasing Deals 3 damage to enemies this phases through.

5 mana minion
Forcefield. Whenever this attacks or is attacked, all friendly beacons Charge

Positron flow
4 mana spell
Steal 3 health from target enemy and all connected enemies. Discard 2 cards.

2 mana spell
Charge all friendly beacons. Draw a card.

Vacuum Energy
3 mana spell
Draw 3 cards. At the start of each of your next 3 turns, discard a card.


Extinction Chime
5 mana minion
Whenever this takes damage, summon a Planar probe on a random nearby space.

Mirror Entity
4 mana minions
Provoke. When this is attacked, counter with an identical attack.

5 mana spell
Put target minion into your action bar

Starless void
0 mana spell
Discard your hand.

Radiation drive
2 mana artifact
Ranged, Flying, At the start of your turn, discard a card. If you can’t, break this.


The Tower
9 mana minion
Can only be played if you discarded 9 or more cards this game. Invulnerable. You May play cards from your opponent’s hand.

The Seed
8 mana minion
Invulnerable. At the end you turn, deal 5 damage to the nearest enemy and summon a planar probe nearby

Starmother Pleione
4 mana minion
When you discard a spell, you may cast it if you pay its mana cost.

Alternate timeline
5 mana spell
Return the game to the start of your last turn, except this card is a random Polani minion.

Punica Curse
3 mana spell
Add an Oracle Seed to your hand

Oracle Seed

0 mana spell
When this is discarded, return it to your hand and restore 1 health.

Singularity drive
3 mana artifact
Plus 3 attack. Spells only affect characters and tiles within their caster’s movement range.


After drifting through space for so long, the Polani are in awe at the freedom that life enjoys within the confines of Mythron’s gravity. Living samples were a rare luxury, and many Polani were eager to pay large sums to get their hands on a Mythron pet. In the hull of Polani ships, evolution took hold, and twisted the descendants of these creatures to reflect the void they call home


1 mana battlepet
If you discard this minion, summon it

Etherial Comb
2 mana minion
When you discard a card, gain +1/+1

Galaxy in a Bottle
4 mana spell
Add 3 random Polani spells to your hand. They cannot be replaced.

Probe Dive
2 mana spell
Destroy target probe to deal 5 damage to a minion


2 mana battlepet
Flying. moves to and attacks the furthest enemy instead of the closest.

4 mana probe
Dying Wish: deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.

3 mana spell
Choose a space. This turn, friendly characters may fly to that space.


4 mana minion
Whenever a friendly probe dies, add a 1 mana copy of it to your action bar.

7 mana beacon
Charges whenever your opponent replaces a card. Discharge: deal 2X damage to target enemy. Draw 2X cards.

Chromatic Sphere
4 mana spell
When you draw this, transform it into a coloured sphere

Red Sphere

4 mana spell
Deal 4 damage. Add a random coloured sphere to your hand.

Blue Sphere

4 mana spell
Summon a 3/3 hologram with provoke. Add a random coloured sphere to your hand.

Green sphere

4 mana spell
Restore 6 health. Add a random Coloured sphere to your hand.


6 mana minion
Provoke Dying wish: take control of the enemy minion with the most health.

Mirror universe
8 mana spell
During your opponent’s next turn, whenever they play a card, play a copy of that card (targets of Opening Gambits, Spells, and Discards chosen randomly)

Curvature Drive
7 mana artifact
Friendly characters may pass through the edges of the board. If they do, they permanently gain +2 attack, +1 movement range, and Phasing

Bloodbound Ancients

Some Mythronian scholars believe that a civilization as advanced as the Polani must be all knowing and all good. Therefor, letting their invasion proceed will allow these benevolent rulers to redeem Mythron from its bloody past. Arcanysts from the Boundless chapel, lead by Brother Black, gave the Polani probes a twig of the weeping tree, empowering them with the power of the Bloodbound.


Nebula harvester
3 mana minion
Rush, Phasing When this phases through an enemy minion, add a copy of it to your hand.

2 mana arcanyst
Bond: add the last card you discarded to your hand. It costs 2 less.

Stirr the Abyss
0 mana spell
Discard a card. The next spell you cast this turn costs 3 less.

Space Pants
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+3. If you discard this, cast it instead.


Neutrino Pump
4 mana beacon
Bloodsurge: Charge
steal 2X health from a random enemy.

Magnet sphere
5 mana spell
Deal 2 damage. Add a 2 mana, irreplaceable version of this spell to your hand.

1 mana spell
Restore 1 health, draw a card. Shuffle a 0 mana copy of this card into your deck.

Antimatter drive
3 mana artifact
When this breaks, destroy ALL minions.


Stellar forge
6 mana
Summon a random 4 mana Polani minion on target space and deal 4 damage to enemies on its column.

Faithless Bishop
6 mana arcanyst
Provoke Whenever you cast a spell, add a random Polani spell to your hand.


Grandmaster Ku’Naxi
9 mana minion
Opening Gambit: You take 2 turns but your turns last only 10 seconds.

Brother Black
3 mana arcanyst
Whenever you cast a spell from your action bar, you may discard a card to cast a copy of it.

Unearthed Prophecy

As a response to the mysterious sentinels or environmental manipulation used by Mythron nations, the Polani fleet deem it necessary to employ portal technology to combat these threats. The fleet now considers Mythron a threat to its colonization efforts, rather than a planet with particularly rebellious natives.

Portals are a blend between sentinels and tiles. Minions or spells with Portal come into play as a Mysterious Portal token tile. When some effect triggers the tile’s Portal effect, the original minion is summoned on the tile, or the original Spell is cast on it.


3 mana minion
Portal: unoccupied at start of your turn.


So lore wise the polani fleet is just every gainax ending ever


You should make it Polanyi, in honor of the economist and the philosopher of science.


I like this. Phasing is a neat keyword, and it’s nice that there’s a lot of movement-based effects in this faction overall. Discard was initially underwhelming, but cards like Voidstorm and Chromatic Sphere really made it interesting. (I don’t know if the Duelyst UI allows you to target a card in your hand though.) Probes are nice, but I feel like you can get a little more creative with them. It’ll be cool to see the Probes being transformed into something stronger, or assemble themselves into one giant robot, or something like that.


he could if the cards are random on discard, and then add a card or two that have effects that make them the target of discard effects. :>

also from the read everything looks nice so far, look forward to seeing more stuff in the future.


Seems like @halcyon98 and me are driving this meme trend pretty far. As he said, I too love the high movement-based mobility instead of effect based mobility, which Duelyst already is in abundance of. I am in wait of more powerful Probe support and some wacky combos in the future. The one big thing you, my awesome creator, did right, is that this faction is EXTREMELY simple in concept. Exactly what a Faction should be based off. I am proud of the legacy the forefathers of the Fanfaction Fever have created, may our journey walk along history.


Thanks for the feedback y’all!

@loliconartist let’s hope we don’t get another End of Evangelion ending. I don’t have the yogurt to spare!

@winsome they are named after the word for “night sky” in the Hawaiian language. Making it a double-pun does seem like a good idea, and adding a “y” is the Duelyst way.

@halcyon98 @limango hoooOOOooooOOOooo boi! you don’t even wanna know what I have planned for drone support! It won’t be a Duelyst faction (even a fan made one) if there wasn’t an under-supported mechanic in there.

@cold52 I know targeted discards would require changing the UI, but I prefer my MTG discards to my hearthstone ones. Just personal preference.

Starting work on Bloodbound Ancients!


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