F8's September Tier List 30+ Decks


This took a lot longer to put together than my older videos.

Decks are included on the youtube description. Happy netdecking! :wink:


I never spected titan to be #T1.
About Zirix… How much thunderhorn affects pax? Lot of people on reddit told me not to use it, but im still confortable playing it as a first turn drop.

Edit: looking at Obelysk Zirix - Why do you use x3 Inner Oasis and no x2 Allowmancer/Nimbus + 3 Reassamble?

Arent Wish + Wind + Reassamble enought draw? And Inner Oasis its easily countereable, no?


Do you use statistics or opinions


Don’t listen to reddit/other people in general. Test yourself, decide yourself. Progamers might be progamers but that doesn’t mean they know the absolute truth about everything. 80% of the people on reddit just repeat what others (usually one of those progamers) told them without ever trying things out for themselves.

You only have a good chance of seeing Thunderhorn when you face Vanar and potentially against midrange Kaleos. No other general/faction is really using him, atleast not in diamond/S-rank. So you can already make a decent guess about whether or not you have to play around it. Playing around it can mean 2 things. 1) Just replace pax later in the game (you usually do that anyway with 2 drops to look for something bigger) 2) After playing Pax position your general and minions away from it so that you opponent can get at most 2 hits with a thunderhorn. Depending on boardstate you can even prevent it entirely from hitting more than the battlepet.


Yeah, thats my experience too, i just summon it far away of my other cards and works fine, but since some srankers told me not to use it i am curious about the general opinion of Tjunderhorn on higer ranks.


The general aka most common opinion is most likely to not use them. I don’t really agree with that though. If Thunderhorn was played in every deck ok, but he is not. I think i played 6 games yesterday using pokemon starhorn in diamond and i saw 1 deck with thunderhorn and that was your typical vanar control deck.

I also think that there is more than just thunderhorn that prevents the formerly common ooze and pax from seeing play. And that’s the simple fact that Obelysk Vet, especially slower midrange versions, don’t see as much play as they used to because of Aggro Cass and her Phantasms and in case of ooze because nobody is playing Creep atm. Pseudolukian posted his creep deck on reddit last week and he had ooz in it. Not that you have much choice if you wanna play creep anyway. There is only Ooz and Crawler and imo Crawler sucks even more due to the abundance of 1 damage pings.


Stats, Tournament Decks, S-Rank Ladder top 15, Opinions from top players.


Artifacts at T3
Garbage tierlist IMO

Looking good, keep it up!


That Obelysk deck is a fast variant. It’s supposed to win fast and hard. It’s supposed snowball early on and use that advantage to rush a win. It doesn’t run anything past 3 because it’s not needed for this kind of strategy, you should be winning by the mid game already. You run Inner Oasis since it lets you snowball your board state and you should win before AOE dispel hits the field.


Where would you guys place a Thunderhorn Combo/ Luminous Skorn combo Vanar deck? Is it Control? I am confused. Can you guys help me?


Most builds are control decks with a combo finisher but I guess it’s possible to build a more midranged version if you want to.


Every time you say “Aperion’s Claim,” it sounds like “Kripparrian’s Claim.”

Otherwise the tier list looks pretty good. One thing that I found problematic with Bagoum’s Tierlist is that the decklist rarely matches the deck described in the description. Your description, on the other hand, is justified by the lists.


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