F2P Experience from an actual F2P


Alright, let me start this by saying i just got S rank and i want you guys to know something.

first of all i’m currently an F2P player and this is my very first season, i’m 3 weeks into the game and i’m seriously thinking of investing in the game since it’s an amazing game that love the community, doesn’t milk us for money and are extremely F2P friendly.

i love how the game care for it’s player and even basic cards are enough to get you through to S, they give us amazing cards like repulsor beast, primus shield master and everything else.

i just want you guys to know that the top 3 most important things in Duelyst imo.

  1. Positioning - might sound mediocre but really, it’s amazing how it can change the course of game depending on the way you pick your position.

  2. Deck Consistency - having one offs are bad, yes it can win you games but your deck aren’t consistent and you rely on luck, in Duelyst that won’t work every single time.

  3. Chill - there’s zero need to rush your move, think it through take as much time as you need, sometime it just pops into your mind that there actually is Lethal, or better position trust me, relax.

honestly, it’s okay to experiment decks, so many decks are underrated and guides won’t make you better, try it out yourself. building a deck that is a counter to the popular deck is also very smart imo.

so yeah, GL everyone. if i can do it, you can do it too.

Is the current expansion pricing model bad for new players?

Gz on getting to S in your very first season, that’s quite an achievement imo :slight_smile:


thanks man that means a lot to me, also at freaking last i can gauntlet as much as i want. at least untill the season ends which is in 2 days :((



How many hours/games did you play?

Saying that basic cards are enough kinda leaves the impression you only ran basic cards which is not really true when I remember you decklist correctly from the other thread. Maybe you can post your decklist.


basic card is indeed enough, yes i don’t run only basic cards but how do i get those cards? by playing with basic cards and win things since i haven’t invested any money yet so it simply proof that yes you can survive with only basic cards.

i don’t know how to check how many hours or games i’ve played :frowning: i can only see how many wins and it’s 186 that counts the game in S rank too.

thanks for the congratulation man, it means a lot.


“Basic cards” means something very specific, which means the cards every player gets in the game, that have no rarity, the “rarity” below common, rare, epic, and legendary.

A basic-only deck going to S will be an amazingly tough journey.


apparently nobody gets what i was saying :frowning: what i was saying is that you can survive with it.

i survived with it, and with it i gained my other cards. that’s how you do things right?


Well done! May I ask what decklist you were using? Could help several new players who are struggling to move to the next level… :slight_smile:


You are a hero for all of us. May your replays give me the insight I need to reach S and be one of the cool kids :pensive: :smile:


until i got to diamond rank 3, i just use a combination of whatever i got from packs, but remember try as best as you can to put 3 of things into the deck, 2 is fine too but if you can try to put in 3 to increase the chance of getting it.

when i got into diamond 3 i started trying out some decks i’ve seen but i can’t tell you which deck i use because every few games i change faction and deck, i tweak things a lot of times.

at diamond 1 i got a prismatic legendary Paddo from 10 win gauntlet run and it changed a lot of things, i can afford fancy stuff and i completed 3/4 of a perfect magmar deck from pro’s but then again i still don’t have everything so yeah. it’s not so much about the deck but getting some pointers do help.

edit: forgot to mention that, crafting 3 dancing blades boost me to gold instantly. such an amazing card but the higher you go, the more people starts playing around it.

@eternamemoria you can absolutely do it, infact everyone can do it since you don’t really need “perfect” deck for it. XD come on join the club we got kool aid.


This is really awesome, good post and congratulations to you.


thank you man, i really appreciate it :smiley:


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