F.A.Q. Construction Thread


Excellent work as always, @F8D
Hope you don’t mind me linking it here. :grinning:


and still we wait, only been a third of a year :^)


Oooo, sassy. :kissing_heart:
I thank you for the encouragement. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reference for … later :slight_smile:


Sumo bump. :wink:


Still waiting Isboo


Wait…keep waiting…

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It’s been loading for 5 whole months now…

Jk isbee we all appreciate you


We need a fixed post for continuous FAQ thread bumps😜


Maybe …


Nah, I still have big plans…and I want this to remain open so when the big push comes folks can chat about ideas here and give feedback here. The actual FAQ thread will be closed to comments right after it gets published.


Feedback #1 : FAQ complete when?



Bump Race 2000
Mystery Bump Theater 3000


It’d be much more impressive to bump it on day 14


At some point there is going to be more bumps message than informative ones and that’s gonna be really awkward :smiley:


Why not get someone to make this a fixed post?


If by fixed you mean do the compilation and build teh FAQ, I think @isbee would be happy because he don’t have time that, just propose yourself :slight_smile:

If it’s “fixed” in the sense of “pinned” … last time I had a chat with a dev, they explained that making fixed post is not something they do. Maybe worth to try again …

Edit : Found it


I had asked if it could be made into its own category.
We’ll see.
I would love if folks would link more stuff in to this thread, especially from outside the forums since I don’t really read any other sites.


The wiki’s guides collection is to be found here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Guides

New players who are feeling overwhelmed by the choice can find a good selection here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides


Thank you! Keep up the good work, and maybe I’ll get there with this…someday. :wink: