F.A.Q. Construction Thread



If a forcefield minion (whose forcefield is already diminished) has prism barrier cast on it, does it regain the forcefield or does the field stay diminished?


I just tested it in the sandbox with Peacekeeper and Prism Barrier. The results are that Prism Barrier doesn’t refresh Forcefield.


The directory of Duelyst guides is pretty outdated with some stuff and managlow is unfortunately down :frowning: but I found J’s article on decision making there which hasn’t been added to the Duelyst Wiki guides section yet. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know…lol!

I’ll get some basic useful info out of all that when I filter it…somehow. :wink:

Best of luck with the wiki, as always.


Best of luck with your F.A.Q!
Everybody needs something to keep themselves busy, right? :wink:



With the new expansion coming and my immediate future booked, going to need some time. :wink:

In the mean time, keep the posts coming!


(all bets are still open, mine is December 2018 for the first FAQ draft ;))

With all the time you spent in Meme thread and clicking :heart: everywhere, I’m sure you would have already wrote 2 or 3 full documented FAQs :laughing:


Well, I do that on my phone. I spend 4 hours on the road every day. Weekends tend to be taken by family and rest. I will be a camp counselor for the next 2 weeks solid. I have a bad habit of wanting to complete my work in one sitting, even though I know better. Of course, if I took my time and did a little bit here and there, I think I would just be stuck doing that for a long time because of the changes that are probably coming down the pike.

I suppose if you have enough time to take bets, you could also work on sections of the F.A.Q. yourself, That was always an option that I suggested in the OP. :kissing_heart:

I actually don’t mind you poking fun at me. It humors me…and reminds me of myself.


Sorry, I can’t, I have a game to play (guess which) and already maintaining useless UI Compilation :wink:


Gwent, Hearthstone, maybe even shadowverse. It’s probably one of those right.

What game was this forum for, anyway?


Nope, guess again :wink:

Hint : it would be totally moronic and a waste of time to post and maintain thread on forums of a game I don’t play :stuck_out_tongue:


Did I detect some passive aggressiveness towards the people who don’t play this game but are on the forums anyway.

is it duelyst? I would be surprised.


On noooes, can only speak for myself.
Trust me, the day I stop playing Duelyst, I’m not posting here anymore.
If I don’t do that, I’ll be still posting on EQ forums, would be unproductive and stupid (for me, again). :stuck_out_tongue:




I place my bet for September 2019. If you don’t finish this by the time I’m in Uni…


just waiting for the next expansion, don’t mind me