F.A.Q. Construction Thread


More on one-offs.

Most notably card draw. So far a single Spiral Technique you can use Heaven Eclipse to try finding it easier.

Remember reading something on Cryogenesis.
A deck having a single copy of vespyr A (snowchaser) and a different vespyr B (some big vespyr). So when Cryogenesis is used there will be a 50% chance on getting what you want. When one of the cards is already drawn, then Cryogenesis is 100% guaranteed to get the other card. So the single copies of each vespyr makes what is drawn from Cryogensis quite consistent but with variety controlled to a certain degree.

Then more stuff read somewhere :slight_smile:.
Having a one-off card as a similar “4th copy” of a card.
So for example having 3 Tempest and 1 Skorn. Tempest being the “better card” and Skorn being the similar card. Here thinking 3 AOE cards is not enough, you want 4 AOE cards. Since Tempest is “better” you want more Tempest and less Skorn.

PS: @isbee If not already, your FAQ should explain common abbreviations like AOE = “Area Of Effect” and FAQ = “Frequently Asked Questions” :smile:.


A glossary of terms. Good idea! :+1:



How about listing order of interactions?

Minion combat:
(I think I got this the order for this right)

Attacker, attacks and deals damage to defender
Defender, retaliates, deal damage to attacker
Defender activates on-hit effects, if any
Attacker activates on-hit effects, if any
Defender, dies, if hp is 0
Defender triggers dying wish, if any
Attacker dies, if hp is 0
Attacker triggers dying wish, if any

2 Aymara engages in combat, defending Aymara would die and trigger dying wish BEFORE the attacking Aymara’s dying wish. Something worth watching out for.

Note: I put “Minion combat” because I’m aware of a few other odd interactions. Generals can kill each other simultaneously. Theres also stuff like Spinecleaver and White Asp, which I don’t remember well enough.


To add on, if you kill a minion with Spinecleaver, white asp, or (on a rare occasion) horn of the forsaken onyour turn, than you will activate the artifact’s effect first. If done on your opponents turn (I. E. Rex), your opponents dying wish will activate first. Which unit is summoned is dependent on which effect activates first (Spinecleaver will summon a totem on your turn against a rebirth minion, but rebirth minion will spawn their egg and not the totem on your opponent’s turn.




i thought the on-hit effects are activated before the defender retaliates. like sunstone templar dispelling a sojourner so the counter attack doesnt give the defender a card.


It’s somewhat inconsistent, most do work that way, except for iceshatter gauntlet.


Yeah, but ice shatter gauntlet is also worded differently so it activates a destroy effect before the counterattack



Something new since patch v.1.83:
You have to be careful about your playing order with Flash Reincarnation now. You have to play the minion directly after Flash otherwise you lose out on the mana discount
It is easy to forget I think.



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Does Twin-Strike work on Mechaz0r? The effect sounds like it targets, but you don’t specifically target using it, so does it work on Mechaz0r? Can it be played while Mechaz0r is up? And can it be played if the only possible targets, are un-targetable.


twin strike can effect mechaz0r. since the effect is random it doesn’t count as a targeted skill. its easy to test if you have a chassis of mechaz0r since they have the same spellshield. for example mechaz0r can be damaged by holy immo, chrom cold and tremor, but not phoenix fire, egg morph, or flash freeze