F.A.Q. Construction Thread


The confusing interaction aspects of Duelyst have been brought up a few different times on the forum, and I will work to gather all that data together. See above post.

It depends on what is exactly meant by disenchantment guide, but my idea would be to make that another “advanced subsection f.a.q.” topic. Maybe divided into factions. A solid idea and very useful, but a little beyond the scope of the more technical and base f.a.q. we are compiling right now.

Others can feel free to work on that kind of stuff (and many have already) in the mean time and post on here at their leisure. I can sort all that out for later addition.


variax’s effect on non-abyssian generals
multiple arclyte regalia + forcefield interaction
a link to t2k5’s scripts
when heal effects trigger
ordering of interactions -i once had an enemy warbird me and a gor, the gor died and got resummoned, then meltdown smacked that same gor for 7 damage from the bloodsurge, then the gor got resummoned again
also, how “damage” effects work and order of trading dying wish minions (like ironclad or revenant vs aymara)


I simply meant that a question I’ve seen very often is ‘I just got (insert legendary here), is it worth keeping or should I disenchant it?’ Even though this isn’t as relevant to your FAQ as other questions, there are several disenchantment guides out there and it wouldn’t hurt to put a link to one in the FAQ.


I figured, and yes that is the general plan concerning that type of info. Links will be plentiful.


Updated opening post to include some guidelines. Enjoy!
I’m going to rest for a while and let this thread build some momentum.


Hey, mates!

I think some glossary will be nice. The following deck types should be described:


I believe the descriptions should contain both the general idea behind deck type and faction/factions, which excel at it.

Also, maybe should add popular deck names to glossary. Like Dance of Memes. Can’t think of anything else to be honest. I don’t think however that there should be descriptions of what meta deck names mean, these could be seen on bagoum tierlist, so we can just post a reference to there.


it does. Didn’t test it myself, but I believe I have seen a hillarious picture of obelysk being buffed by puppydragon and smth else and having over 30 attk when Stone-to-Speared.

Also by monthly quest currently.

About DE guide. We can just provide a link to Grincherz’ DE guide. It is regurally updated. The link could be found here: GrincherZ’s Updated Budget Decks & Disenchanting Guide For Ancient Bonds


Obelysks keep their attack value, although it doesn’t show. When you Stone to Spears suddenly it all appears and you can Astral Phasing an Obelysk in for victory (I’m the one who posted the pic :wink: )


For a long time I didn’t even know about crafting, spirit and the whole thing, so I can picture questions newbies may have like

-I see a card I liked that I want, how can I get it?
-How can I tell what set (or expansion) a card game from? (So they know what orbs they should be getting)

There should also be some input about unexpected interactions, cough dispel cough. Also,

-What happens with a chain of ability procs? (not sure how to phrase)
-Healing while a general hits 0 (they still lose, but players may be surprised because they expected the healing to bring them back above 0)
-2nd bodies verse remove cards, what takes effect? (like Dark Transformation or Vetruvian’s new (Blood of Air?) card)

Just trying to think of all the things that surprised me when I learned to play; all dem “loophole” feelin things.


Where to get help would be good to include too.

  • How the forums work
  • What the important threads to check out are
  • What the discord is
  • Some big name streamers and what factions they play a lot
  • YouTube channels

Also, if we make this F.A.Q., does that make us F.A.Qers? :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the forum welcome thread could be updated to include more about forum functionality. Of course references to outside portals will be included in the main F.A.Q.


What can’t i dispel? (Stun first mention, abyssian awesome bbs, artifacts)

How does walls work?
(Walls are minions that cannot move by themselves and dies when dispelled, they can be teleported or moved by effects of other cards.)

A bit of random information:

  • Dispelling a freshly summoned rush minion exaust it immediately
  • dispelling a celerity minion before the second activation exaust it immediately
  • wind dervishes disappear at the end of the turn even if dispelled
  • if you use (i don’t remember the name, the 5/12 lyonar who becomes your general) your actual general on death counts as a minion (it procs effects like spinecleaver)

How does artifacts work?
(Each artifact has 3 usages and is “attached” to your general, each time your general gets damaged all the “attached” artifacts lose one usage. When all the 3 usages are lost the artifact/s disappear)

How does the game handle multiple interaction? (Like double thundeclap, all the effects procs even if they are the same)

What effect procs first?
(The effect of the player who has the turn procs first)

How does backstab works?
(Backstab comes with a number written next to it,
Ex. Backstab(#), this number is the amount of damage added when attacking an enemy from the space directly behind it, when this happens the enemy’s counterattack will be negated.
Backstab is stackable, if a card gives backstab(2) and the minion already has backstab(#), the existent # will be incremented by 2.
Backstab can be paired with frenzy, in that case only the enemy directly behind will take backstab damage.)

I’m on phone,
i’m tired but i’ll probably add something.


Wait, so the general death counts as a minion death with Zir in board? How does that interact with Thunderclap? :thinking:


SInce none of the other summon dead minion cards work that way, I would presume that thunderclap does not summon a dead general.

Also @edward4244 The effect proc order has a few weird interactions with Daemonic Lure, with Nimbus appearing to summon the Obelysk then move, and Taygete seeming to move, then damage.


Please, @Ryvirath can you explain to us the interaction @johnbob78 wrote?

It could be useful
And, you’ll probably end up doing it anyway :slight_smile:.


I think the most common and most obvious question has been missed so far.

“Where can i find good decks?” And it’s little twin “Where can i find good budget decks?”


If he has time to…:sweat_smile:…someone could set that up in a friendly game to test. And record the result, perhaps.


But these have already been tested,

if i remember correctly there was a thread were this things have already been discussed…



Then we are good to go. :+1:Thanks for linking it in.


I don’t know if these have been addressed, but here are a few questions I could think of off the top of my head.

  • Chain/loop interactions (ex: Taygete vs Taygete , sunriser interactions)
  • death effect order (ex: Spinecleaver vs rebirth minions/Rex, Amryra vs Amryra on 5 or less health)
  • Kara’s bloodborne spell (admittedly easier to use with the latest patch, but may be a bit confusing to newcomers who believe it works like when order mattered for it)
  • Unlocking prismatic generals
  • Obtaining MKII generals (craft using spirit, buy with cash for ~$9.99, or by opening any rarity crate).
  • Info about the armory
  • Summary regarding each of the expansions, such as what it introduced, new keywords/tribes, etc. (including seven sisters)
  • possibly info about which expansion suits what faction/general best
  • how to change profile icon (forum and in game)
  • what to look out for in upcoming months in Duelyst (example: expansions, new game modes, mobile platform)
  • info about boss battles and boss crates.


I only have a general advice on the FAQs themselves: keep them simple! New players do not want to learn about specific, confusing interactions, but rather about the game basics, the economy model, etc.

I would recommend to keep aspects of different importance and complexity well separated.