F.A.Q. Construction Thread


Good, but only if you don’t see some things often…

  1. Thunderhorn + Assassination Protocol
  2. Thunderbomb
  3. Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Fire and Phoenix Fire :fire:

… or simply Songhai :wink:.



Well, you forgot rebuke and plasma. Which are both seen often irregardless of the current meta.


Won’t say forgot. Was just a bit lazy to stick a full list of removals. You just have to make me type tons of text :angry:.
Also wanted to show how useless Priestess is against Songhai.

The combination of Rebuke and Plasma does make it hard to play Priestess against Magmar. When it was just Plasma things hurt but you could still play Priestess. Plasma cost more than Priestess and you can play around with a buff from say Shiro. Then came Rebuke. Don’t forget Lavaslasher as well.

Vanar has Frostburn too.
Thunderhorn seen everywhere hurts too.

The sheer amount of answers these days makes Priestess much more risky to play.



Would Thumping Wave progress Hatefurnace Trial?


I guess it should if you cast it on a friendly minion?


I was just wondering if the Trial was progressed even if enemy minions got +Attack. The text of Hatefurnace doesn’t specify friendly or enemy minions.