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F.A.Q. Construction Thread


What magic are forum moderators capable of? :star2:


…well ok then. :sunglasses:



I don’t mind, but which one of you fine folks made this request?


Do sentinels in their untransformed form count as tokens?


I’m pretty sure they do. They progress the Vanar trial as well.


Can this thread die?


Only when it doesn’t cross your mind anymore…then yes, it will be the same as dead…to you. :wink:


Who had the bet with Isbee about this thread?


Some wise guy


Ohh… what was the bet then?


That the first faq draft would be made by december this year


What’s a ping? I keep hearing combos referred to as ping Deso or ping Punish, so I can infer that it means Cassy’s BBS, but I don’t understand why it’s called a ping.


Ping: An instance of a low amount of damage, typically 1, or maybe 2

Often used more for the benefits of having something be ‘damaged’ rather than put on a meaningful amount of damage itself. (Though not always the case)

It is possible to chip people down, or have the actual damage values be important.

So when you ping someone to break an artifact, or ping a minion to damage it to be eligible to punish, this sort of thing.

Mostly it’s just slang for a small amount of damage.


That makes so much more sense. Thanks.


Are cards burned by Mnemevore considered as being drawn?


Intended or not, at the moment yes they do.


Tfw this thread been waiting so long that even Eurasian is answering questions.




Is Bloodtide Priestess good in a swarm deck?