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F.A.Q. Construction Thread


It was hard to compare in the early days, difficult to tell if really strong or cheap when you’re the first :wink:


this is currently the best version of the tutor effect in the most played eternal formats of mtg


Want one ? :wink:


i dont even play magic but i want one


Oof I am beat…but at least I own 2 Infernal ones. I am a modern player for about 5 years.


Booooooo…white border cards were a mistake.
Still playable, but ugly as hell.


have you got an online picture of it? 'cause I can’t make out any of the words on the screen



the big difference is that you either get a copy of another card you have in hand or if there is no other any card from the deck. It is a very good card in the Legacy storm combo deck in combination with Lion’s Eye Diamond:


Looks like a lame Black Lotus :wink:
(I think I found a prupose for this thread)


I noticed…


What’s a Sabotage deck?


It is a deck that relies on stealing enemy minions to use against them. Examples of cards
for a Sabotage deck include: Psychic Conduit, Dominate Will, Mirage Master, Superior Mirage, Thunderclap, Zen’Rui, and Grapnel Paradigm.


Don’t forget spinecleaver, the best sabotage card




No they get zir


PADDO and SERPENTI and anything else thats trash but looks fun. (Like orbo)

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There’s no rest for a Isbee is there?

There’s no rest